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How to sell a pen during the interview: 7 steps

How to sell a pen during the interview: 7 steps

People, которые желают получить место торгового представителя, employers at the interview, they often offer to take the test – job: to sell a- product. It can be handle, stapler, Notepad, a chair or some other object, in sight of the head.

This simple task will allow the recruiter to identify Your level of knowledge, to understand how quickly You are targeting in the situation and see, as You conduct a dialogue. To abandon this task – so not to be interviewed.

The main goal of the applicant – to demonstrate its capabilities. No one is forcing You to start work immediate. Can be a little bit to think of the situation, prepare for the dialogue with the employer.

As in the interview to sell a pen

This idea recruiters borrowed from any all of the movie “the Wolf of wall Street”, where one of the characters propose to demonstrate sales skills, selling the handle. It seems the job is not difficult, but there are applicants for the vacant position, which such an unusual request just confusing. Feelings of confusion can be avoided, if you prepare for this test in advance.

Not so important, which method You choose, to complete the task. Most importantly how You do it, if I can impress the Manager.

How to sell a pen during the interview (example of dialogue)

To perform the job, you can choose the standard and trivial method of sale. Which one to choose, Вам должна подсказать Ваша наблюдательность. Note which type of personality can be attributed to sitting in front of You man, what position he occupies and what would impress him. All this is done before, as You will be asked to sell a pen.

If the face of Your interlocutor, Вы нашли серьезного человека, interested only in selling skills, то воспользуйтесь стандартным методом. Show off in this illustrative example, the selling skills and show, what you competently negotiate.

In the case of communication with creative, smiling and positive person, which sets a lot of original issues and maintains a friendly dialogue, you can resort to unconventional solutions to the problem of selling pens.

Not in a hurry. Consider, how will engage in dialogue. Read the subject of implementation, think: to whom and what good is he, make a plan for the sale, breaking it into sub-items. Now you can start the task.

7 steps for the successful sale of pen in the interview

При стандартном способе необходимо придерживаться ключевых правил осуществления сбыта товара потенциальному клиенту.

Step 1. Начните общение с приветствия и знакомства. To the other party, should also be approached, as he introduced himself to You. Between You should contact.

Example: Hello, my name is Andrew, I am a representative of the company “Parker ”, introduce yourself, please, that I could apply to You.

Step 2. You need to find out what the client wants. This information will be the Foundation of Your dialogue. During the conversation, build the questions so, so the listener can respond to them positively. After receiving each affirmative answer, можно вести разговор в выбранном Вами русле.

Example: Vlad, I'd like to offer you the best for the both of us a deal, but first, I'd like to answer a couple of questions I'm interested in.

  • I noticed, that such business person, You need to work during the day a large number of documents. Какие на Ваш взгляд детали могут создать образ делового человека и произвести благоприятное впечатление на партнеров по бизнесу?
  • Do You make notes for important business meetings where You prefer to store information?
  • Do You have the organizer, and in any case you need to make important information?
  • How often during the working day You happen to receive visitors?

Step 3. The performance of the product sales. To probe the soil and identifying, what is the need of the potential consumer can proceed to the presentation of the goods. But don't fully focus on the subject of sales. The handle is just a resource, which will solve All the problems of the consumer. Do focus on the benefit, the client when the purchase offer of goods..

Example: Thank you, Vlad. After listening to Your answers, I guess, what You need

  • handle, which will give You the opportunity in any place and at convenient time for You to record the necessary information or make important notes.
  • one additional handle, which will be useful, if Your primary pen suddenly stops writing;
  • stylish pen, which will help to create a business image in the eyes of business partners;
  • special handle, You ask the candidate when completing the survey to them;
  • party pens, which you can distribute to conference participants as mementos.

Step 4. Working out of contradictions. If Your partner, is not configured to offer the purchase of its goods, You must learn to customize it in the desired fashion, after working with it.

Example: I already purchased a pen and the other I don't need!

Sure, You enjoy a good pen, and a man like You could not opt for the cheap stuff. However, there are moments, when the situation gets out of control and at an important meeting of the pen refuses to write. Agree, You will feel much more confident, having a spare ballpoint pen. So I recommend You to buy my product, which will prevent an unpleasant situation and will raise Your and Your company's reputation in the eyes of partners. Remember, You've repeatedly been there.

Step 5. Additional arguments, encourage to make a purchase. Push client, уже изрядно « разогретого влиянием Ваших аргументов» к действию можно, playing on his greed. This trait is common to all people in varying degrees, therefore, this method almost always works flawlessly.

For example:

  • Only today there is a special offer: every client, who acquired the handle will participate in the draw for a "surprise".
  • When you purchase this item, You receive a discount for up to two months for the purchase of other stationery.
  • This ballpoint pen comes at the price of last purchase, the next batch of handles, will be in connection with the growth of the dollar, cost more two times.

Step 6. The final stage is cross-selling. Seeing the willingness of the client to purchase the product, invite the customer to buy another product, дополняющий этот. For example, это может быть блокнот с 5% скидкой или еще три ручки по цене старой закупки, которую Вы можете преподнести коллегам в качестве подарка к наступающему празднику.

Example: Каждый покупатель, который приобрел у нас товар может на выгодных условиях купить… .

Step 7. Расставание с клиентом. Обязательно поблагодарите покупателя, прощаясь «не рубите канаты», and make connection for future business meetings.

Example: Vlad, thank you. Your choice, no doubt, right. When we get a new range of products , I'll let You know, and You will be able to buy the products that interest You on favorable terms. Goodbye!

So there is a traditional method of sale. It can be demonstrated at the interview when applying for a job. Let's see, какие альтернативные варианты прохождения тест-задания можно применить.

Creative ways of selling pens at the interview

If standard methods of test-tasks do not work or You took human, which tests among extraordinary people, you need to go to a non-trivial options. Stop trying to sell the product in the traditional method, once You understand, it did not work.

  • Put the handle to your purse, and then leave the room, where is the interview. If the pen is expensive, this method, immediately encourage the employer to action, and he wants to buy You an expensive thing for a small fee.

Example: If You don't need it, stick me will be useful.

No one wants to part with his thing, the more, if it has a decent cost.

  • Wrap the situation in their favor. If the employer says, you didn't convince him, and doesn't want to make a purchase. Ask the recruiter to buy You a pen, to show, how does professional. Предложите ему заплатить за нее низкую стоимость и перепродать ее гораздо дороже, тем самым получив прибыль.
  • Попросите его подписать Вам какой либо документ. The employer will have to buy You this important subject back, if on his Desk that handle the ball only in one instance.

There are many non-standard ideas, how to encourage the employer to buy. To realize their own solutions to this problem. So You impress the recruiter and call him interested in Your candidacy.

Навыки реализации такого рода пригодятся не только на собеседовании, но станут важным элементом для последующей работы. Никакая нестандартная ситуация не должна настигнуть врасплох менеджера по продажам.

Those candidates, having successfully completed the test of selling pens, will have a large percentage of the trade and earn a good salary.

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