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A job interview at Zara

A job interview at Zara
Автор статьи
Александр Юрьевич
Время на чтение: 3 минуты

Zara – is a trademark of Inditex, whose shops are scattered in almost all major cities as our, and neighboring countries.

In the high rate of turnover, вакансии на должность продавца-консультанта, а временами на administrator и другие должности, almost always open.

Специфика собеседования зависит, directly, from office, but there are a few simple rules, that will help you not to fail, passing a job interview in the Dawn.

In the world of fashion with nice appearance

Since you will have constant contact with people for future work, you just have to have a pleasant and well-groomed appearance. To do this, before the interview tidy hair, hands and make easy daily makeup (if, of course, you are a girl).

Используйте неброский лак для ногтей и сдержанную, but stylish clothes.

В Заре не используют никаких уловок на собеседовании и не задают неожиданных провокационных вопросов.

Как пройти собеседование в Зара

Be ready, what to pass the first interview stage, you're not alone. Get ready for this psychologically. Хотя вам придется всего лишь заполнить анкету с набором типичных вопросов относительно вашего education, goals in life, experience и других данных.

If you call me in for a second interview stage:

  • You must be friendly and polite.
  • Stay confident, leave your inhibitions and shyness.
  • Get ready to sell, and, you may sell as beautiful blouse from Zara, and a Cup, ручку или блокнот Manager.

How to sell

Постарайтесь сразу же найти положительные стороны этого предмета. Even if you are selling a pen and this idea seems stupid, still don't give up. What can we say about the ordinary pen, to convince people to buy it:

  • This pen is very reliable and it does not flow, so you can wear it even in the pocket of his jacket.
  • It has a black beautiful color, therefore, by signing this pen, you will look more noble.
  • This pen is not “smears” and draw fine lines, therefore, even written in haste, you will always be able to easily disassemble.

In General, remember, that you can sell any thing, and don't get lost, if this thing will be absolutely ridiculous.

Рейтинг автора
Автор статьи
Александр Юрьевич
Директор кадрового агентства
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  1. Olga

    I was at the interview, only then I realized, it is not necessary to spend your time in vain. I was then invited to Wednesday. People 50 came in for an interview, and what is most interesting, during the day they spend 4 interview, and it was not the first day, as they themselves said, conducting interviews since the beginning of the week. In General, take only the elect and they have huge delusions of grandeur, so vypendritsya. In General, if you t really want to try, goodbye. But a big chance of disappointment is, unfortunately.

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