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Interview at Yandex

Interview at Yandex
Автор статьи
Александр Юрьевич
Время на чтение: 2 минуты

To get a job at Yandex, probably, the third is the dream of every programmer. However, such a task, does, not easy. And if you leave a request on the official job site of Yandex, you will have to undergo more than one circle of hell.

The first stage is filling out the application

To do this you must pass a test on the page of a specific job and submit an application for employment. If you show good results and recruitment service you are interested in, you will receive an invitation for an interview at Yandex.

The very worst to come

Трудоустройство состоит из нескольких этапов, для разного уровня сотрудников их может быть разное количество, но точнобольше одного.


Make a good summary, augmented free story, why choose you.

Designers and developers provide portfolio. It is worth making before or immediately after, as you apply, ведь вам могут позвонить в любой момент и потребовать предоставления summary в течение двух часов.

Talking on the phone or Skype

If possible, even to him it should be carefully prepared. So in this interview you have to show your knowledge. For example, if you are applying for the post in Video section, готовьтесь отвечать на вопросы о bash, algorithms, *nix, shell-scripting, Python, awk, the version control systems and all kind. Also at the end of the interview you can get homework.


A real interview in the office of the company will consist of two parts: greetings with banal questions and directly testing your skills.

In the interview in Yandex does not work to get rid of stories about their knowledge and demonstrate their oral. You will be asked to solve several tasks, relevant to your potential job.

If you are going to do programming, then be prepared to prescribe codes etc. Also be prepared to act in unusual and unknown situations – for example, to write a code marker on paper, and even on the wall, without a computer.

What advice will be useful:

  • Yandex not to take his charm, therefore, to achieve knowledge and skills, before you apply.
  • Tune in mentally for a long and exhaustive interview.
  • A good night's sleep before the interview, since you have the solution to hard problems.
  • Do not exaggerate your hand and say, that will solve the problem for half an hour – better, on the contrary, give yourself a head start.
  • A hundred times to recheck and reread it, what did, since half of the contestants "flying" because of carelessness.

To get to the position in Yandex, you'll need a long preparation and a lot of knowledge. And care, a good portfolio and willingness to dedication.

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Автор статьи
Александр Юрьевич
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