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An interview at the store

An interview at the store
Автор статьи
Александр Юрьевич
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Work in a clothing store many girls think is a very good option. First, she is not dusty, second, you can constantly be surrounded by beautiful things, and thirdly, often shop staff discounts on products.

Работа в магазине одежды хоть мало чем отличается от обычной профессии продавца-консультанта, but it still has its own specificity:

  • You should be aware of the European, the Russian and the international size table.
  • You must be neat and have good taste, to maintain order and beauty in the trading room.
  • You should be interested in current manufacturers and trends in fashion.

But in General, the employee of a clothing store have such requirements:

  1. Communication skills – this quality, without which work the seller simply unrealistic. You have to find the approach to each client, to be able to understand their needs and convince them of the need to buy.
  2. Competent oral speech.
  3. Знание техник продаж и умение владеть ими.
  4. Stress resistance.

And as you know, the main thing – to convince the Manager, что вы всеми этими qualities обладаете.

How is the interview at the store

  • The first stage: profile.
  • Try to answer all the questions, let's get honest and clear answers.
  • The second stage: interview.

First, you may be asked to tell a little about yourself, ask about previous jobs, and your Hobbies. Try to take a positive note, don't be shy and tell us a little about yourself. This sixpence is better to prepare even at home and a couple of times to say it in front of the mirror.

Then you can follow the questions:

  • How do you imagine an ideal seller?
  • Who would you never took on this position?
  • What personal qualities allow you to be a good applicant for this position?
  • What kind of salary you want?

Answering these and other questions, try to sell yourself more expensive. You should not speak, you agree on any salary, because you have no money. Better raise the bar, assessing thus in the eyes of the employer itself, as a prospective seller.

Stress test

It is done rarely, but still it happens. In this case, the Manager starts to behave inadequately in relation to you – reaching to rudeness or some completely unexpected behavior plan.

So you can just test for resistance to stress and ability to navigate in unusual situations.

Don't get lost, try to behave calmly and confidently!

Sell the handle

To have an interview in store, практически каждому претенденту приходится что-то продать. This can be a pencil, and maybe a beautiful dress. In any case, remember:

  • Each product has its own advantages – your job is to find them and show.
  • A customer wanted this product – prove it.
  • Be convincing, but not Intrusive.

You may be asked not just “vtyuhat” something, and Vice versa, to pick up a client something most suitable. Don't get lost, and just ask leading questions and listen to answers.

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Автор статьи
Александр Юрьевич
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