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The interview at the hotel

The interview at the hotel
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Александр Юрьевич
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Taking you to work in the hotel, the employer must first make sure, you will be able to fully meet the requirements for service personnel. Because that staff is the connecting link, creating a General picture about the hotel.

He wants to see the employer?

Although more specific requirements depend on the position, for which you are applying, still, there are a list of General requirements for employees of hotels:

  • A member of staff should be hospitable and polite, no matter what.
  • He must have high stress tolerance and ability to smooth over any conflict.
  • Вы можете не иметь опыта работы в этой сфере, but it should show, that is easily trained and Executive.
  • And finally, knowledge of foreign languages.

Foreign language – what you need to know:

  • If you decide to have an interview at the hotel with 1 or 2 stars, you just need to show the employer, what do you normally speak English.
  • For hotels 3-4 stars need to know at least 2 language.
  • For a 5 star hotel must speak three languages.

Подготовка к собеседованию в гостинице

Кем бы вы ни устраивались на работу – a waiter, maid, портье или администратором, first and foremost you need to familiarize yourself with service standards (find for this reason the required information and remember, how you should behave in certain situations).

She came to the interview, try to be as polite and calm. Also don't forget about their appearance: on the day of the interview it has to be perfect. With the emphasis do it is on accuracy, restraint and elegance, and not causing revealing outfits.

The interview questions

Most often, these interviews may not ask about your interests, victories, achievements etc. Be prepared for such issues:

  • Возникла конфликтная ситуация – как вы её разрешите?
  • Have you had any experience in other hotels?
  • Владеете ли вы foreign languages?
  • Whether or not to disclose information about the tenants of the hotel to other people?
  • As you meet the new tenant of the hotel?
  • Also be prepared for the fact, that the recruiting agent will ask you to tell and show, how will you communicate with foreign guests.

Заранее подготовьте ответы на собеседование отеле по поводу различных конфликтных ситуаций и их решений.

With a pick:

  • Work book.
  • Medical book.
  • The document on education.

Sometimes, руководство отелей не хочет брать на работу человека, who is trained in a different school. Much easier to take on a new employee and train it from scratch, starting from the principles of this hotel.

Не столько experience, how much elementary knowledge of generally accepted customer service standards, the ability to maintain residents ' privacy, to learn, to be friendly, well-mannered and listen to customer requests – this is the, what the employer is looking for in the future subordinate.

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