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Interview at Google

Interview at Google
Автор статьи
Александр Юрьевич
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The interview at Google is a process, which is overgrown with legends about the incredible issues and their endless number.

Google is that company, which is not only looking for smart, but also creative employees, поэтому будущему участнику команды нужно обладать такими qualities:

  1. Вы должны действительно хорошо обладать skills программирования.
  2. Candidate should be easy to learn. And here it is not about intellectual development, and the ability to process new information almost instantly and with the same success to use it.
  3. Leadership is, what especially pay attention to Google. But the company sees leadership in a different, unfamiliar to us banal perspective: leadership is the determination to interfere with its decision at the time, when the team encounter a problem and, possible, doesn't even realize it.
  4. Intellectual modesty and humility – you must be willing to learn from their mistakes and not to dwell on that, I already know. That is, you should not feel, you've reached the maximum.

How is the job interview at Google

An interview in the company multi-step managers can take to six stages of interviewing. Interviews can be in person, and remotely via Google Hangouts.

The whole interview is divided into two parts:

  1. Interview General questions (work experience, life beliefs, etc.)
  2. Interview with the decision of practical tasks and abstract tasks (especially, if you are applying for the post of technical specialist).

In the interview at Google is used by a lot of standard questions, who remade again and again. Such questions can find the whole list.

Unexpected questions from Google

  • Develop an evacuation plan in San Francisco.

Be prepared for such issues, as they are designed to find out, how do you approach problems. You can respond easily and ironically, for example: "What specifically do we plan a catastrophe?".

  • How many Golf balls you can cram into a school bus?

This question is designed to determine, how do you find the approach to solving problems. Then you are not so much to announce the exact number, how to Express your thoughts regarding the counting process.

  • Explain to your 7 year old nephew, what is a database.

Probably, this question will help to understand, how well a candidate can explain complex ideas in simple words.

Be original, modest and resourceful, well, of course, skillfully place their knowledge.

Google made a whole sea of similar questions, therefore, in the interview to get rid of trivial and uninteresting answers will not work.

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Автор статьи
Александр Юрьевич
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