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Собеседование в Билайн

Собеседование в Билайн
Автор статьи
Александр Юрьевич
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If you decide to be interviewed at Beeline, you should know, the important thing for you is to show the desire to be useful. Because here the employer expects from you the desire to put the needs of the customer and the company as a whole in the center of attention.

Чего ждет от вас данный работодатель

  • The desire to be useful.
  • Customer orientation (for example, you have to be ready, you'll have plenty of time to explain to the client the simplest procedure of checking the balance, to deal with misunderstandings, but still, calmly and tactfully to continue the explanation).
  • Consent to work more than the norm (as in a Beeline in fact have to work more than the norm, and not always in accordance with the labour code).
  • Intelligible speech, good diction.
  • Confidence and focus on the team result.

What should be the summary

Для начала вам нужно составить резюме. According HR-s company, they prefer not boilerplate summary with a long excerpt from job descriptions. The recruiter expects from you a succinct and truthful summary, written with knowledge of the matter.

Составляющие хорошего резюме:

  • Good photo.
  • Experience.
  • Skills.
  • Your desires.
  • Contact details.

From Beeline to their future employees one requirement for appearance – clean, well-groomed and presentable.

The interview questions

Beeline conducts interviews-interview. This communication, which lasts approximately half an hour and allows you to get all the necessary information about you. Questions to ask, like, banal, but sometimes a trick:

  • What are your Hobbies (answer seriously, even if you think this question is a bit stupid).
  • How quickly you will be able to develop working programs?
  • Are you ready to get to work tomorrow?
  • How would you like to earn? For some reason this question is very important, as, according to recruiters Beeline, people should have an objective financial expectations, relevant labor market. "To refer to their own needs – not wisely" – according to the company.
  • How many percent are you sure, that will be able to perform the plan of sales?

The second part of the interview

It deals with various tasks.

  • If you are applying for the post of engineer, be prepared to solve a mathematical or physical task.
  • Marketers can deal with the solution of logical problems.
  • Consultants also first asked to listen to the, as employees work, and then try to do the same thing yourself.

Настраивайте себя на проверки заранее, try to stay confident and enthusiastic approach to set tasks.


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Автор статьи
Александр Юрьевич
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