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Interviewed for admission

Interviewed for admission
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Александр Юрьевич
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To interview graduates of secondary school may enroll in high school in that case, if after the entrance test the same results were shown by several students.

В целом существует три вида собеседования при поступлении:

  1. Interview “for show”, which in the end solves nothing and is a formality.
  2. Interview, where the applicant conduct a conversation on different topics.
  3. Interview-exam, in the course of which the applicant goes through various trials and tests on the topic, associated with the future profession.

Вопросы на собеседовании в ВУЗ

You should not frantically learning the material, since the examiner is unlikely to seriously test your knowledge. Questions when receiving – this is not the entrance exam, tests etc. In the first place, they are intended to, to understand, what kind of student you can be and if you really need this place more, than your opponent.

Заранее следует подготовить ответы на стандартные вопросы, which help to give at least some assessment of the future of the student.

What questions to ask at the interview for admission:

  • Why did you choose this University (can find history of the University in advance and to determine its advantages and benefits in advance)
  • Why did you decide to study this specialty (this question has come up with a good impressive response).
  • Do you know something about the history of our University.
  • How do you imagine your profession.
  • Do you have achievements in the field of the profession (can bring a portfolio of your awards, etc.).
  • What traits of your character will help you to achieve this goal.

Interview in College, University – General rules

  1. Pick clothes semi-formal style.
  2. When you come into the office, be sure to politely say Hello to the admissions office and introduce yourself.
  3. Sit back – do not take awkward positions, to not fidget then, as the interview may take more than 20 minutes.
  4. Listen carefully to questions and answer clearly and as briefly.
  5. Keep calm – nervousness will be accepted by the Commission as the norm, but hysteria will make you think, that you will be not resistant to stress student, which is unlikely to reach the end.
  6. Speak confidently, so it is now your task – to convince the Committee members, what exactly are you worthy of a place in their school, you and I don't doubt.
  7. Commission thank you for taking the time after the end of the interview.

If you are confident, I chose the right profession, and will try to stay confident and calm – you all will definetly work!

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Александр Юрьевич
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