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Interview pharmacist

Interview pharmacist
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Александр Юрьевич
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To get a job of a pharmacist, you must have the higher pharmaceutical education, to have system knowledge of pharmaceutical technology of drugs, chemistry, organization and Economics of pharmacy, pharmacology and pharmacotherapy.

Если вы уже получили должное education и обладаете всеми необходимыми навыками, you can safely go for a job interview of a pharmacist.

The most valuable are your documents on education, recommendations and employment history, в которой прописан ваш experience. Since the profession is quite serious, good grades and experience in this field, no doubt, сыграет на пользу.

Equally important

To stand out against other candidates with equally good documents and recommendations, you need to show, you are a good seller and a psychologist, than pharmacist. Among the qualities, which will be appreciated by the employer, it is possible to allocate such:

  • Communication skills and the ability to get along with people (the ability to find common language with each client – this is the most important task of any pharmacist).
  • Quickness (you have to catch all: and product make, and maintain internal documentation, and customers to serve).
  • Physical endurance (you can come 12 spending hours on my feet).
  • Precision and accuracy (working with medications, you definitely need to be accurate, and to maintain a positive image of the pharmacy can only a neat and skillful employee).
  • Humanity (humane attitude to each client can make the pharmacy popular faster, than anything else).

Note the set of these qualities, try to find them in yourself and show the employer, that you conform to this list.

Какие вопросы зададут на собеседовании

You understand, that in addition to issues, которые раскроют ваши personal qualities, you will be asked professional questions. They need to respond quickly, clearly and confidently.

Перед собеседованием повторите актуальные законодательные акты по охране здоровья, regulatory documents on the activities of health care institutions etc. Вас могут также проверить на knowledge латинского языка. There is a possibility, I will ask and the rules of rendering first aid.

During the interview, you should be open, friendly, as well as confident in their knowledge and skills.

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Автор статьи
Александр Юрьевич
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