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Cover letter driver

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Александр Юрьевич
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You decided to try to find a driver. Writing a CV you need a cover letter. In this letter, you should respectfully appeal to the employer, then describe your work experience in this field. Everything should be brief and about the main! Then you should thank the person for taking you time.

Read more: https://workking.ru/doc/pisma/kak-napisat-soprovoditelnoe-pismo.html

Examples of letters to the summary of the driver

"Good day!"

I saw an ad on the website, you need a personal driver with experience. After reading all of the instructions on the driver, I think, that will suit this job. I have a driver's license to drive B, C and D categories. Have extensive experience and good references from past jobs. During working hours not distracted. I am sure that you are interested in my candidacy, I will be glad to interview.

With respect, Nicholas.

Example No. 2


My name is Vladimir, I saw the vacancy for the post of driver trucker. Has extensive experience driving various types of car and good experience. Ready for any trips and transfers. I will be glad to cooperation, thank you for your attention!

Example No. 3

"Good day!"

I was interested in the vacancy for a driver. After reading your requirements, I will be perfect for you. I recently got the rights, but have no experience in this field of work. But a lot of times drove a car. As a beginner in this business would like to work for you, so ready for learning and professional development. I hope you are interested, I will be glad to answer!

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