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Download CV with a photo

Download CV with a photo

It is always better to send CV with a photo, since this creates a more complete impression of the candidate, ceteris paribus the selection is summary, in which there is a photo.

What are the requirements for photos for the summary

  • When a recruiter sees a picture, he is the man, which he will have to work. Say, that looks can be deceiving, but it gives about 80 percent of information about a person's personality. Some heads, first, look at the picture, and even after you decide to read them the text of the summary. So you need to say no to a photo with low quality, pictures, made with mobile phone, group and cropped photos. Unacceptable photo about cut body parts of other people or pictures of flowers, toys, Pets. About the pictures on the beach or in the restaurant and can not speak. Such images pushed You away from the desired position at the maximum distance.
  • Closer to the long-awaited employment only the presence of the correct photos, You will need to load in withstandard resume form. You can download it below.
  • In the pictures for summary stick with the classic business style. Possible casual option. Not allowed peas, cells or colors. Would look better plain fabric. Observe moderation in jewelry. The shoulders should not be exposed. Вашу аккуратность сможет оценить любой работодатель. Лучше всего использовать портретные фотографии, чем те, где вы изображены в полный рост.

Классический черно-белый стиль summary always will be more relevant the other.

Download CV with photo

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