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Download a simple summary

Download a simple summary

In order to download a good CV, suggest to follow the principle of selectivity. Weight are two factors: the post, for which You are applying and Your professional experience.

Types of resumes

Often in the Internet you can find the forms summary with the semantic names of "Practical", "Engineering", "Short", "Office", etc. Actually, under these intriguing titles are various variations of forms to fill summary.


professional resume

The hallmark of a professional resume is the presentation of information units. This form filling is the most suitable for men with a broad range of experience.


functional summary

If the track record is not great, the most acceptable variant will be a functional resume. Here no emphasis on specific employment experience, and there is no need to respect the chronological order of the process of its accumulation.

The importance of education, special knowledge and skills. This form is convenient for people, which had to interrupt the experience with a degree or they radically decided to change the scope of activities.


chronological summary

For historical forms to fill typical summary listing of all jobs in sequential order indicating the names of organizations. Download summary to populate based on the chronology recommend specialists, who devoted themselves to only one field of activity.

Chronological and functional

chronological and functional resume

In chronological and a functional resume is convenient to highlight special achievements and not to deviate from the chronological order of the description of professional experience and education.


target summary

Target summary focuses on specific positions and reflects knowledge and skills, meet requirements.


academic summary

Under academic understand summary aimed to describe teaching activities. It is helpful to list the scientific work and achievements, publication, titles and awards.

Download summary

Sometimes recruiters want to see the questionnaire in the Ukrainian or English language. Some specialties assume two identically filled in different languages, copies of the summary to work. To download free summary for the device to work on our website.

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