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Download the application form summary

Download the application form summary

Employers upon receipt of applicant for the vacant position, ask him to fill out a form resume to the job. When searching for a new position, that just does not have to be filled out by applicant: summary, the form of the candidate, short biography. Stage device to another job is very stressful. Creating a questionnaire, there is a need to download the form or the form of the applicant, but sometimes the company takes applications only on their own letterhead.

What should a questionnaire of the applicant for employment

A particular form of filling of the questionnaire does not exist. But still need to adhere to certain rules:

  • to observe the structure of the text;
  • to ensure readability, stick to logical skomponowane;
  • highlight skills, which are of particular importance;
  • to focus the employer on professional experience;
  • denote by reference the projects and company websites, in which You were involved;
  • include recommendations, if there is.

What are the different types of questionnaires

When You getting a job download the application form for summary, remember: it is important to describe professional experience and responsibilities, that had to be done. No need for fuzzy phrases. Pointing company, where were You before, necessarily designate the scope of its activities. Just here it would be appropriate to add existing links to the corporate website of the organization.

Summary can be of three basic types:


Download the questionnaire need depending on the specifics of the position, on which it is served. If Your experience meets the profile free job, you will have to work hard and describe it step by step, ie. to respect the chronology of events. This form will carry the chronological order.


For those, whose work experience was in another professional direction, you must fill the functional resume. Its content is to focus on the professional skills and the ability. The column "experience" it is better to overshadow, adhering to the limit of brevity of this section.


The combined sample of the questionnaire tends to contain details of the areas of professional experience, and reflect the skills, supporting data completed projects.

If the employer has not advanced any- specific requirements to the form, you can download any profile summary at their own discretion.

In most cases, recruitment agencies want to see are already filled the application form, which can be downloaded on this website. This will facilitate Your job search and will prepare the document correctly.

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