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Summary of student, no experience

Summary of student, no experience
Автор статьи
Александр Юрьевич
Время на чтение: 6 minutes
What do you think: What must be in summary or attached to it?
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Мнение эксперта
Наталья Молчанова
Менеджер по подбору персонала
Без опыта работы занять хорошую должность – difficult! Но благодаря грамотному резюме можно рассчитывать на должное внимание работодателя.

Student without experience (or without experience for the position you are applying) it is not necessary to lower hands and to think, that won't work. In the labor market a lot of offers, for this part candidates. Many companies and businesses are willing to hire talented young professionals. In the industrial practice, internships or part-time work You have every chance to prove itself from the best side.

Many students are involved in voluntary movements, propeccia. Often the first rung of the career ladder for a young professional to become the assistant (for example, for lawyerassistant attorney, for economist – assistant accountant).

To successfully find a job without experience – hard! But the experience you have, just need to submit the information, because student life is full of events and rewards experience, which won't get anywhere.

You did an internship or worked part time while studying? Decide, what You have knowledge, ability, what are personal qualities and traits required to work on jobs.

How to make a resume with no experience

Summary should not exceed one page (a sheet of A4). Pay special attention to literacy. Summary Your business card, therefore, errors in punctuation and spelling can play in Your favor. You can check, for example, in the program orfogrammka.ru

  • Photo a candidate for a vacancy is not always required. If the specifics work, for which You are applying, does not require direct communication with clients, the photos do not have. But if a photo is needed, make fresh, professional and quality photos. In any case, when the design work photos are required for registration of a personal business, the extract of the admission, the badge.
  • Goal – here You need to prove to the employer, You are the best applicant for the job. Poreklamirovat yourself without false modesty. Enter your best qualities, backed by concrete achievements (for example, have leadership and organizational skills – was the head of the class, President of the school, member of Parliament for the University).
  • Education – will napishite what You got/get an education. Enter the UNIVERSITY, faculty, specialization. Peracidity all courses regulated by an additional, workshops, training. Certificates, certificates – all this will tell the employer about Your education, and desire to develop.
  • Experience – in this paragraph mention Your possible experience, the internship, internship, part time job. Describe the position, Your responsibilities, additional instructions, what You got the skills, and some gained practical experience. In the full capabilities, what is Your previous job it was not in the sphere of national economy, in which You are now a contender for the vacancy, but still it will show Your life experience, Your seriousness and responsibility.
  • Achievements – even the student with no experience can be achievements. Known cases, when young professionals with “focused eye”, immediately gave excellent results in the work, improving the processes. List Your suggestions for improvements, proposals for the introduction of innovations, measures to optimize work or cost (materials, time). Perhaps You have managed over time to improve their skills.
  • Personal qualities – describe yourself, show as Your personal psychological qualities can help You. For example, Do you play any sports, lead a healthy lifestyle – so You hardy, ready to overload, have a good physical form.

A sample of the finished summary

As a student

Summary of student, no experience

The Name

  • Date of birth:
  • Marital status:
  • Home address:
  • Contact phone:
  • El. Mail:


To take a position (Student)

  • Competent oral and written speech.
  • Presentable appearance.
  • Communication skills.

Achievements and skills

  • Experience of direct sales.
  • Its customer base.
  • Participation in international student conferences.


200_ – 200_ gg. National University of Economics and law. Management of enterprises. Master's diploma with honors.

Training in the UK. Worked as a seller. Got sales experience.

Additional education

200_ g. Course 1 With "Enterprise".
200_ g. Training "Successful seller". School of business.
200_ g. The course of profound studying of English language. English business.


Without experience.

Personal qualities and traits

  • Easily find common language with people.
  • Persuasive.
  • Without harmful habits, lead and active and healthy lifestyle.

Additional information

  • Advanced PC user.
  • Knowledge of office equipment.

Knowledge of foreign languages: fluent, Ukrainian, English. Now a self study of Italian.

Examples of CV format

Below the right to make summary, you need to specifically and clearly define the desired position in the company, then you need to know what makes the person occupying this position – his responsibilities, schedule, speed etc. (well, if you really need this job)

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Автор статьи
Александр Юрьевич
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