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Summary choreographer

Summary choreographer
Автор статьи
Александр Юрьевич
Время на чтение: 3 минуты
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A sample of the finished summary

For the position of choreographer

Summary choreographer

The Name

  • Date of birth:
  • Marital status:
  • Home address:
  • Contact phone:
  • El. Mail:


To take a position on the choreographer

  • Expert in setting up and processing choreography performances.
  • Knowledge of most dance styles.
  • Organizational skills. Creative.
  • Communication skills.
  • A large circle of friends.
  • Successful experience in distribution of tickets, there are "your audience".
  • Enjoy authority among colleagues.
  • Have recommendations.
  • Impeccable reputation.

Achievements and skills

  • Own project on production and training wedding dance. Individual approach to every couple.
  • Conducting master classes in the preparation of the participants of the Vienna ball.
  • Preparation of annual charity ball.
  • Experience in preparing children's plays.


200_ – 200_ gg. State University of culture. Manager of socio-cultural sphere.

200_ – 200_ gg. The school of choreographic art. Teacher, choreographer.

Additional education

200_ g. School of the arts. Berlin. A course of modern choreography. The certificate of the expert of the choreography.

200_ g. Refresher course for choreographers. Moscow. Methods of teaching improvisation.


200_ – 200_ gg. Operetta. Choreographer. Staging and treatment rooms.

200_ – 200_ gg. Founded the ballet Studio Adagio.

  • Director.
  • Director.
  • Choreographer.

Personal qualities and traits

  • Creative nature.
  • Sociable.
  • Know how to rally the team.
  • Follow the latest developments in the field of dance.

Additional information

  • Advanced PC user.
  • Know how to mount videos and music

Knowledge of foreign languages: fluent in English.

Examples of CV format

Download CV of the choreographer

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Автор статьи
Александр Юрьевич
Директор кадрового агентства
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