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Summary of the clerk

Summary of the clerk
Автор статьи
Александр Юрьевич
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Мнение эксперта
Наталья Молчанова
Менеджер по подбору персонала
Делопроизводитель – человек, отвечающий за документацию компании работодателя.

Every day the technician passes through their hands on tons of vital information, that you want to read, select, to perform, processing and, if necessary, to send the desired recipient.

  • Some organizations integrate this work with the post Secretary clerk. This implies the personal decrees of the authorities, answer calls and communicate directly with customers, and in very rare cases, even have to translate documents into another language, so knowledge of English there will not be extra.
  • Vacancy economist the clerk also requires certain knowledge in the field of economy and awareness of the essence of economic issues.

When applying for this position, it is understood, what this profession is promising only in large companies, where the position of Secretary drops a really big responsibility.

Professional skills, which should have the resume and high-quality work:

  • to be able to document the firm's,
  • conduct telephone conversations with a client base,
  • time to formalize the documentation,
  • to archive,
  • to know the main points of the unified state system of the clerk.

Often have the following requirements to the applicant:

To personal qualities needed to work you need to include: of course, communication skills in the first place, then responsibility and care, efficiency and cleanliness, as well as honesty and restraint.

A sample of the finished summary

For the post of clerk

Summary of the clerk

The Name

  • Date of birth:
  • Marital status:
  • Home address:
  • Contact phone:
  • El. Mail:


To occupy the vacancy of clerk

  • Professional with 10 years of experience in the field reference document.
  • Logical thinking.
  • Accuracy, care, perseverance.
  • Constructive criticism.
  • Communication skills.

Achievements and skills

  • The ability to engage in communication with clients.
  • Knowledge in work with documents (design, registers, sorting, archiving, systematization, cataloging).
  • Experience in translating business correspondence and documentation.
  • Experience in preparing materials and rooms for business meetings.
  • Knowledge of working with confidential documents.


200_ – 200_ gg. National University of Economics and management. Management of enterprises. Master's diploma with honors.

Additional education

200_ g. Courses for records management "Electronic document management and electronic archive". The training center.
200_ g. Training on "archiving". Training company.
200_ g. In-depth English language course "business English".

200_ g. Training course 1C "Enterprise".


200_ – 200_ gg. International financial company. Account Executive.

  • A document management company;
  • Work with correspondence;
  • Communication with customers and partners;
  • Control of execution of documents.

Personal qualities and traits

  • Organization, punctuality;
  • The ability to learn;
  • Literacy speech and writing;
  • Stress resistance;
  • Lead an active healthy lifestyle, sports, without harmful habits.

Additional information

  • Advanced PC user.
  • Knowledge of office equipment.
  • Rights and own car.

Knowledge of foreign languages: fluent, Ukrainian, English.

Examples of CV format

The easiest way to find a place to work in the archives, cultural and educational institutions, reference services and of course in large firms.

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Автор статьи
Александр Юрьевич
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