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Summary the bartender

Summary the bartender
Автор статьи
Александр Юрьевич
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Мнение эксперта
Наталья Молчанова
Менеджер по подбору персонала
Бармен – человек, работающий в баре и обслуживающий посетителей напитками находясь за барной стойкой.

The bartender greets guests, interested in their flavors, talks about the range, takes orders and advises on the.

You must know the combination and origin of drinks, to be able to select appropriate snacks for them.

The bar waiter – takes and prepares customer orders. Bartender cashier – in addition to normal duties, he performs a variety of technical areas. Participates in the inventory and submits necessary reports at the request of the head of the institution.

This vacancy is widely circulated among young people, seeking a part-time job for the summer. For a job often requires experience and well-developed communication skills with visitors. Sometimes you need to own foreign language – English, to understand the attractions of his native city, good to know the variety of wines.

Duties include maintaining a light and pleasant atmosphere of the institution and direct service of visitors.

From personal qualities it should be noted:

  • goodwill,
  • openness,
  • honesty,
  • talkativeness,
  • efficiency.

A sample of the finished summary

For the position of bartender

Summary the bartender

The Name

  • Date of birth:
  • Marital status:
  • Home address:
  • Contact phone:
  • El. Mail:


To take a position on the bartender

  • 5-years of experience of working as a bartender at a major chain of restaurants.
  • Excellent knowledge of ingredients and proportions more 100 cocktails.
  • Pleasant appearance.
  • High customer responsiveness.
  • Good physical shape.
  • Communication skills (verbal and non-verbal).

Achievements and skills

  • Well versed in alcoholic beverages.
  • Knowledge serving.
  • Experience in conducting bar to recovery environment.
  • Developed formulation more 10 new cocktails (knowledge of molecular Mixology).
  • Participated in the competition show-the bartenders.
  • Mastered the technique of juggling (flair) and fire-SCHOU.
  • The availability of medical books.
  • Member of the regional Association of bartenders.


200_ – 200_ gg. State Institute of hotel and catering business and tourism. Hotel and restaurant business. Masters degree.

Additional education

200_ g. Sommelier courses. Sommelier school. The certificate.
200_ g. Master class. "Blind tasting". Sommelier school. The certificate is issued.
200_ g. Master class. "The special effects during the show the bartender. Пирамиды.» Авторский курс. The certificate is issued.

200_ g. Courses of profound studying of English language. 260 academic hours.


200_ – 200_ gg. Club. The bartender.

  • Taking orders.
  • The preparation of cocktails and drinks.
  • Cooking coffee.
  • The calculation of customer.
  • Preparation of applications for replenishment of stock.
  • Work with cash register

200_ – 200_ gg. Restaurant. The bartender.

  • Maintain inventory and assortment.
  • Preparation of bar accessories, dishes.
  • Formulation and development of new cocktails.
  • Adjustment of routings.
  • Taking orders and customer service.

200_ – 200_ gg. Restaurant. Bar Manager.

  • Recruitment.
  • Work with complaints and customer requests.
  • Mapping bar.
  • Work with suppliers.
  • Verification of correct storage of alcoholic beverages.
  • Training bartenders.

Personal qualities and traits

  • Creative thinking.
  • Physically strong, sports.
  • I have no bad habits.

Additional information

  • The presence of the sanitary book.
  • Knowledge of the cash settlement apparatus, the Bank terminal.
  • Competent PC user.

Knowledge of foreign languages: good command of English.

Examples of CV format

The job details are discussed with the owner of a restaurant or cafe.

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Александр Юрьевич
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