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Summary of auto mechanic

Summary of auto mechanic
Автор статьи
Александр Юрьевич
Время на чтение: 8 minutes

Опишите свой опыт, what kind of machine you know best, indicate on some chips, not everybody knows, prove your competence and punctuality.

The requirements for auto mechanic

There are several areas of work in this area, depending on the place, where you chose to settle and work experience. So, what are the basic requirements of employers?

  • One of the first – this experience! You should be well versed in this area, know what situations can be, and how to solve them, such knowledge can come only with experience
  • Knowledge of car devices – one of the important requirements. If you want to get to a good dealership – so we should understand many things in cars, collect them for parts.
  • The possession of those. knowledge – work with different equipment, to diagnose the problem, the debug engine etc.
  • Special education – Without education, as no experience to get a job in a normal company very difficult, but nothing is impossible!


  • Disassembly of assemblies and functional parts of the machine, subsequent Assembly
  • Car diagnostics
  • Identifying problems, Troubleshooting
  • Car service – as a full, and partial
  • Maintenance and adjustment mechanisms

Write, как хорошо вы владеете этими qualities, personal experience to help you. If you are best versed in a particular brand, send the summary to the dealership, perhaps they are looking for a mechanic.

Quality, which should have a mechanic

  • Responsibility – useful quality, anyway.
  • Patience – it does not always work the first time, we need to have patience and in addition perseverance.
  • The challenge – the work involves this quality, the employer will pay attention to it.
  • Observation – need to be more alert, that would be for all to follow, this quality is seen with age.
  • A good memory – many techniques of memory development, but you have to have.
  • Quick response – the need to respond quickly, in this case, delay is dangerous.

All the qualities are developed with experience, besides, they can develop in different conditions, not only at work.

Additional information about the applicant

  • Write, what sports, so, as for profession, you need a developed muscles, as well as the sensitivity of the muscle.
  • Also good to have some recommendations from previous jobs.
  • If you have a car, be sure to write – it adds to your credibility, in the eyes of the employer

Sample resume

For the post of mechanic

Summary of auto mechanic

The Name

  • Date of birth:
  • Marital status:
  • Home address:
  • Contact phone:
  • El. Mail:

Goals and achievements

The most important part in a resume, should be as informative as possible and reflect your life and career achievements. Show how experienced you are in your field and you like the profession mechanic. You need this part – to maximize the interest of the employer!


200_ – 200_
  • School (Faculty)
  • Specialty
199_ – 200_
  • School (Faculty)
  • Specialty

Additional education

200_ – 200_
  • School,
  • The name of courses or seminars.
  • Obtained qualification
199_ – 200_
  • School,
  • The name of courses or seminars.
  • Obtained qualification.


200_ – 200_
  • The name of the company,
  • Position,
  • Responsibilities and achievements.
199_ – 200_
  • The name of the company,
  • Position,
  • Responsibilities and achievements.

Achievements at previous jobs

Section where you should describe your experience and prove, that you are the right candidate, which is needed for the post of mechanic.

Knowledge of foreign languages

In specify the degree of knowledge of foreign languages

Skills of work with computer and office equipment

Here, specify the degree of computer skills, office equipment and software relevant to your post

Driving license (Optional)

Enter information about your driving license and own car, if they are.

Additional information

In this section, specify any additional information, which may affect management's decision regarding your candidacy. It is necessary to describe achievements of, examples of successful transactions and all, that can relate to pretendemos posts.

Examples summary:

Download resume mechanic

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