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Summary of student, no experience
Студенту без (or without experience for the position you are applying) it is not necessary to lower hands and to think, what ...

Samples of resume filling

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Pick up a similar profession of the following examples and complete the summary for sample. Try as clearly as possible to describe their experiences, skills and information, which will help the employer to make a choice. Recommendations for completing the next:

TitleDo not invent the superfluous header, all just! Or write your name, or label it "Resume for the position…".
PhotoMust be presentable, no Amateur! Photo, passport, further relevant profession.
Personal dataPrinciples: normal e-mail address, readable phone number +123 (456) 789 -10-11
GoalThis graph, which are browsing all employers. Give it maximum attention! Write about the purpose of deployed specifically – see the examples↓
Achievements, skillsThere is only about, with regard to the post: seller – know how to sell, Builder – to build, driver – led, etc.
ExperienceWork experience you should not lie! Enough – describe in detail the existing (From the last job to the first).
Additional education Brief training associated with a vacancy. If it is not – try to draw from life experience: courses, in-depth study of any object, practice…
Personal qualitiesStand out in this graph! Её пишут все, и пишут банально и однообразно, try this: Sociable (Easily get to know people, you can laugh and draw attention).
Additional informationAll, what you need to know about you additionally – here! A car, rights, knowledge of computer, languages etc.