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Hobbies, interests and Hobbies in a resume

Hobbies, interests and Hobbies in a resume
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Александр Юрьевич
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Do I need to specify in your resume interests and Hobbies?

Perfect resume – return the path to success when searching for a prestigious job. Its main purpose is the manifestation of the employer's interest to your candidacy. But how to stand out from the crowd, and present their best side?

Primarily interested in Your head professional experience, но порой личные качества сотрудника представляют для recruiter, much more interesting, than his education, for example.

If you want to fill in the Hobbies section in resume, treat it with the same responsibility, as to other items, which, in Your opinion, представляют вес.


Why employers ask employees about their Hobbies and interests

Hobbies in a resume not only characterize the person from the professional side, but also reflect his personality facets. Don't blame future boss in excessive curiosity. The head of a large company has the right to inquire into whose hands giving an opening.

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Наталья Молчанова
Менеджер по подбору персонала
Stable operation of the firm depends on, how to spend your free time employees, though many of us never thought. Experienced leaders seek not just to keep your company afloat, but also predict its rapid development.

If the staff will be recruited employees, who prefer alcohol and dissolute life, to expect from these comrades fruitful work would be long. So how do you present future boss interests for resume?

What a hobby to indicate in the summary

Hobbies, interests, hobby in the summary should correspond to the chosen specialty. The most important thing, to properly submit the employer information for thought, in fact it, can play a crucial role in achieving your main goal – to wrest from rivals vacancy.

При подаче заявки на должность учителя физкультуры удвоит его заслуги в пункте «интересы и хобби для резюме» увлечение велоспортом на профессиональном уровне.

This information best meets the requirements of the desired position, and qualifies the applicant as a person, have reached heights in the field of sports. The impression, what kind of person not only will not work in a slipshod manner, but also be able to instill in the children a valuable quality.

What mistakes applicants in the graph hobby

  • To choose interests for resume need with extreme caution. Consider in advance, it does not cause the information You entered at the head of the surge of negative reaction.
  • Do not write of, what is actually there. Hardly anyone will want to have in his team an inveterate liar. If deception will be revealed, the applicant will not only be in an unenviable position, but will forever say goodbye to the opportunity to work in this company.
  • Not less common mistake is to list the paragraph thoughtlessly standard hobby. Sometimes they just do not respond to the features of this post, but on the contrary, deny it.

Example: a candidate for the position of presenter of programs about love and compassion, pointed out his passion for Boxing. It is unlikely that such a fact would have caused the recruiter a positive reaction. Bruises are simply incompatible with a job in television.

  • Don't be carried away by the description of extreme sports as Hobbies. Strong and brave people undoubtedly go ahead, but it is worth considering, want to see the boss next to such a person. Appropriate hobby will be, if you are applying for the position of head.
  • Avoid the topic of politics, if she, of course, not associated with a new profession. Against the backdrop of political differences broke up many families, and at employment it is generally not worth mentioning.
  • Having a wide range of interests, specify in the column Hobbies of not more than two occupations. The chief may come to mind, You won't be able to work full time.

What Hobbies indicate in the summary

The supervisor will look for some connection, the proposed p hobby. And if this thread will combine Your passions and work for the benefit of the enterprise, complement and reveal the professionalism of the applicant, then the position you choose correctly and the look of the head will stop on You.

Win-win options of Hobbies in a resume examples of steel:

  • occupation sports,
  • foreign languages,
  • professional literature,
  • the development of useful computer programs,
  • needlework or sewing for the girls.

How employers use information about a hobby

Tell hobby to the employer

Every employer is a bit psychic, though some companies match Your aptitude determine what specialists, thoroughly versed in matters of psychology.

To probe, what man spends all his free time, it is possible to determine with accuracy the peculiarities of his character.

The point of Hobbies in a resume talk about the candidate much more, than all sections together. In terms of such knowledge, experienced professionals can tell you about the abilities of the candidate and even to predict his career, to unleash its potential.

Вышивка картин атласными лентами – в разделе увлечения и хобби для женщин в резюме, tells about focus, patience and perseverance. Such traits are ideal for the accountant position. This fine example of Hobbies in a resume for girls! From the point of view of psychology it will affect the performance of duties, and in the future will lead to career growth.

Пользуясь простыми психологическими ассоциациями легко определить соотношения personal qualities человека с определенной должностью:

  • sports Hobbies talking about strength of character, endurance, the desire to win;
  • team sports reported on your willingness to work in a team;
  • the arts and crafts lesson, for example a sewing or knitting will tell you about the zeal, perseverance and hard work;
  • the hobby of painting or music determines the artistic and creative potential, and impeccable taste of the applicant;
  • extreme Hobbies, tell of self-confidence and determination;
  • interest in psychology inherent in communicative, stress-resistant and communicative people.

If a hobby is irrelevant to the work?

We highly recommend you anyway to use the summary, if it is certainly not contrary to the requirements of the position. Better to describe yourself, as a fully developed personality, than to show their mediocrity, leaving it blank.

  • Ideal for office employees will be the fascination with sports. Because physical stress relieve mental stress and regulate the balance of life, help to cheer up. Such information will benefit You when applying for a new position and distinguish from a list of candidates.
  • Well, if the passions of time is not at all, then specify the occupation of the house, cottage and family. The answer, no doubt, You characterize the positive side.

Creative activities to fully disclose Your talent and creativity to fulfill the assigned tasks. Hobbies will give the answer, if You can be useful to achieve a common goal.

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