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The reasons for the layoffs and job changes in a resume

The reasons for the layoffs and job changes in a resume
Автор статьи
Александр Юрьевич
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For what reasons have you had to change jobs?
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Мнение эксперта
Наталья Молчанова
Менеджер по подбору персонала
The reason for the dismissal in the summary is necessary in order, what would convince a new employer in a serious approach to their duties and loyal to the company with which you cooperate, regardless of external factors.

You must anticipate possible questions a human resources specialist and submit information on why finding a new job, how profitable, what would make your image positive.

Rules for writing reasons for leaving in a resume

  • Honesty – the main factor is the veracity of the information specified in column. No need to lie about the real factors in the dismissal from the last workplace, even if it was noisy, because provides information in large companies is often checked by the security service, this especially applies to managerial and senior positions. Example:

The company prefers old-fashioned methods “business”, in consequence of my potential and suggestions for optimization of production is not they are claimed to adequately.

  • Short – not worth much to paint the circumstances of the job change, especially, if there is nothing to write! Description of the care must be short, concise and real, for example:

It was not possible career growth

  • Clarity – let's clear statement of the circumstances! Do not write in General terms, for example: “for family reasons” or “in its sole discretion”, because the cause of misty, and it will cause additional issues. Example:

Moving office influenced the time to get to work

It should also pay attention to the spelling! It is very important to write without mistakes and correctly punctuate, because. any self-respecting employer will not employ an illiterate employee.

TOP 10 reasons for dismissal

A survey among applicants – told, often the worker is dismissed because they are not satisfied:

schedule of reasons for dismissal of employees

The most common wording

Often in summary, the applicants can meet similar reasons job search, we have selected for you a sample, you can use in your resume:

  • the closure of the company, the elimination of the Department of the company, change of scope of the enterprise;
  • the lack of career ladder, the search for more suitable positions;
  • the expiration of labour contract, the end of work visa (to work abroad), informal employment;
  • the change of residence, moving office.

The above variations are most succinctly describe the reasons of dismissal for summary, but it is not always given to understand HR agent fully the desire to change the company, so the reasons for the dismissal are often listed in greater detail.

Record about dismissal in the workbook

entry of dismissal

Мнение эксперта
Наталья Молчанова
Менеджер по подбору персонала
By law, the record in the workbook reflects the actual basis of the dismissal of an employee, therefore, the interpretation of the reasons must reflect a valid excuse in the normative document.

There are a number of possible reasons listed in the labor book:

  1. The resignation – in this case, just need a reasonable and concise explanation of your desire to change jobs, otherwise there may be suspicions about the dispute with former boss.
  2. Dismissal by mutual consent of the parties – the most preferred entry, characterizing the mutually beneficial cooperation and mutual, a civilized parting. The reasons should write a simple explanation.
  3. Dismissal at the initiative of the company – the situation is ambiguous, on the one hand you might get laid, or eliminated the company or Department, and on the other – to suspect the actions contradict the Charter. But desperate situations do not happen! You should specify the standard excuse, and after explaining the situation at the interview.

If the workbook record does not exist – why specify a standard, either best for you.

What to write in the reasons for the dismissal

Correct examples of causes of dismissal for the resume should present you as a diligent and reliable employee seeking a company, with which to build a lasting relationship.

Сформулируйте выгодную для себя позицию, используйте следующими вариантами:

  • Local cause – place of business is located in an inconvenient location and have to get long and costly, perhaps you moved and this resulted in the necessity of finding a new job. Permissible grounds for dismissal, which will not cause a negative reaction, especially, if you mention about their punctuality and the reluctance of late.
  • External factors – this can be the closing of the company, seasonality or change of activity of the company, in General, circumstances beyond your control. In this case it is important to provide only truthful information!
  • The lack of prospects – often help for further is the inability to advance my career and make a successful career. This cause works for you, as an emerging specialist, ready for long and fruitful service.
  • New opportunities – search for more high competence and capacities in the new company – is the place to be. His place in could not find at once, a faithful interpretation of the wishes to try it, for the employer, seems a good chance to buy a decent worker.
  • Regulatory background – the completion of the employment contract, the expiration of a work visa – a logical motive for leaving work in summary, which will not cause suspicion.

Think of this section, as an additional chance to pay attention of the personnel on your resume and use it to the fullest!

What are the reasons cannot be reported in summary

Reading summary “between the lines” – the recruiter is able to understand the true motive for the job change. Be literate and delete the following wording hints section:

  1. Conflicts with management, rigor and criticism of the authorities, fines and any other difficulty with an employer.
  2. Conflict team, the absence of a working atmosphere, does not work.
  3. Downsizing, the irrelevance of the post, long internship.
  4. Low wages, processing, irregular schedule, overtime.
  5. The personal circumstances of life not related to work (decree, disease).

The real reasons for the layoffs из настоящих приказов

Вопросы на собеседовании о предыдущей работе

Заранее подготовьте ответы на возможные вопросы отталкиваясь от информации указанной в резюме, дайте развернутый и максимально выгодный для вас ответ.

Важно сохранять спокойствие и не вызывать недоверия обсуждая прошлую компанию.

Никогда не высказывайтесь плохо о прошлом работодателе, даже если хорошего сказать нечего, просто аргументированно расскажите о минусах, а затем о плюсах предыдущей вакансии.

Мнение эксперта
Наталья Молчанова
Менеджер по подбору персонала
Если у вас действительно были проблемы при увольнении, то следует акцентировать внимание на нежелании руководства отпускать вас и поэтому прошлый работодатель может дать не субъективную рекомендацию, если такая потребуется.

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