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What to write about yourself in a resume

What to write about yourself in a resume
Автор статьи
Александр Юрьевич
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Some of the summary topics you consider most important?
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Your resume will interest the employer, if made correctly. The filling of each box is accompanied by specific requirements and subtleties.

Мнение эксперта
Наталья Молчанова
Менеджер по подбору персонала
For the applicant for the vacancy in the information about yourself is an additional opportunity to attract to his candidacy the attention of the Manager and highlight your CV from the rest.

Section on her resume is relatively small, по отношению к блокам о «навыках в работе» или «обязанностях, функциях и достижениях". However, in spite of this, it is no less important, than other points. This fact is particularly true of those applicants, which have not yet gained professional experience and have little knowledge.

How to write about yourself in a resume

It is important in this unit to be concise and achieve meaningfulness. The amount of text should have about 5 proposals. Will resort to a little introspection

This is the plan we will write "information about yourself" in summary:

  • what skills and personal qualities are Your strengths (something, what You surpass the other candidates, or any special benefits),
  • in what sectors You have reached the best results;
  • think about your professional achievements;
  • for what services You provided for the award of;
  • contact a diplomas, certificates and other documentation, which indicates Your competence.

It is better to write summary about yourself

Use this column in their order. Fill it with valuable information, которые позволят Вам выделиться среди других кандидатур и убедят recruiter, you are the best applicant for this job.

about yourself in a resume example

Перед заполнением раздела перечитайте требования к вакансии еще раз. Who the recruiter prefers? Some job advertisements specify, что нужен торговый агент с наличием собственного автомобиля и водительским стажем 5 years. Или требуется переводчик с наличием открытой визы. If You fit the criteria, vested in the employer, then report it in details, in summary.

Мнение эксперта
Наталья Молчанова
Менеджер по подбору персонала
Графа должна отражать требование вакансии, вызвать интерес руководителя к Вашей кандидатуре и склонить его выбор на Вашу сторону.

Соискатель на должность продавца-консультанта в магазин спортивных товаров в качестве дополнительных сведений может указать:

  • do cycle race, cross-country running, skate, like swimming;
  • organizer Hiking on weekends in the sports section of "the globe";
  • tested sports equipment company "Vityaz";
  • master of sports in karate-do.

And here is what they write in summary about yourself, for example, sales managers:

  • are able to find common language with people, regardless of their age and profession;
  • driving license and personal car;
  • willingness to travel;
  • learn English, passed the probation period 3 month in England;
  • work with MS Office programs, skillful handling of office equipment.

Если Вы accountant, tell us about yourself in a resume, example:

  • designed annual subscription to magazine "Adviser of the accountant", to be aware of innovations;
  • sometimes published in the electronic newspaper "Interactive accounting";
  • knowledge of automated accounting systems ASBU "Phobos";
  • short trips are welcome;
  • married, daughter school age.

Претендент на вакансию водителя может написать о себе следующим образом:

  • married, a son 8 years;
  • 9 years of driving experience;
  • a positive attitude to the irregular mode of operation;
  • the practice of passenger transportation by bus.

Common mistakes

Most job seekers put an end to his career, again, when writing about its virtues in the column of additional information in summary "about myself". It would be wrong, if You write:

  • initiative, responsibility, honesty;
  • resourcefulness, care, punctuality;
  • communication skills, flexibility, courtesy;
  • organization, honesty, reliability;
  • hard work, energy, the ability to persuade.

Such information should remain exclusively in the "personal qualities", and in the "about yourself" employer deem it inappropriate.

In the section "About yourself" should not be written

  1. Do not repeat. Information from other sections summary should not re-appear in the specifications for the summary about yourself.
  2. It is a mistake to imagine autobiographical facts.
  3. Use personal pronouns "I", "I" should be avoided.
  4. Don't use complex sentences.
  5. Don't try to cheat the employer, providing false data. All the information regarding the knowledge of foreign languages and computer programs recruiter will be asked to demonstrate during the interview.

How to enter information

about me in summary

Own version you can make such designs:

  • married, have a son 8 years and daughter- 3 year;
  • consent to departure up to 7 days;
  • ready for long-term work away from home;
  • own car, driving experience 4 year;
  • trips to Europe are welcome (the presence of the passport);
  • focus on the move if necessary;
  • experienced user of MS Office programs;
  • are members of the Association of computer clubs (the community of programmers, journalists, a member of the center for accounting services);
  • attend specialized courses of foreign languages;
  • speak Spanish in German (French, German) the language at intermediate level;
  • recently graduated from the English course at Pre-Intermediate level;
  • study programming 8 hours per week, write professional literature;
  • willing to work during holidays and weekends and extra time.

Among these options we can arrange collection, which is right for You. The employer is of paramount importance, of course, is Your professional experience and experience, but knowledge of foreign languages and a positive attitude to travel can bring You extra points.

For more information

  • Do not use templates. The text should not be same. Imagine in your summary itself, as an outstanding personality. Allow the recruiter to see the uniqueness of Your professional experience and see in You a valuable professional.
  • Mention, what You repeatedly awarded for his professional achievements, if such event was the place to be. Example:

The accountant can write: " 2016 year, he was awarded honorary railwayman for the quality of the setting of accounting and internal control at the enterprise".

Engineer on labour protection additional information for the position of "leading engineer on labor protection" indicates: "Participation in the national contest for the best organization of works in the field of conditions and labor protection "Success and security – 2017".

Let's review the most successful formulation of information "About me" summary of the Deputy Director for Economics and Finance:

  • The ability to organize the work of financial and economic division, financial services, commercial service, the accounting Department and other departments of the company.
  • Achieving a high level of knowledge in financial planning, the calculation of the budget, accounting and management, the control over the financial condition of the company.
  • The ability to successfully negotiate and enter into contracts, contract, agreement, to properly assess the risk.
  • Focus on the development of a device company, the situation on wages, planning staff, the motivation of employees to work on income of the company.
  • Ability to organize workflow of the company and monitoring internal reporting.
  • Ability to interact with supervisors.
  • MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint , Internet).
  • The opportunity to work in the regime of intensive working schedule, availability of business trips.
  • Strong focus on documentation.
  • Responsible approach to work.
  • The successful solution of the diverse tasks and work in a fast paced.

На должность главного engineer, head of production Department and chief engineer tell the following information:

  • Management staff in the amount of 326 people.
  • Leadership workshops and business activities.
  • The modernisation and overhaul of traction substation.
  • Meetings with partners and transactions.
  • Organization of Commission inspections and technical audits.
  • Maintain administrative and production tasks.
  • Control of supply of materials.

Here's what you can write about yourself in a resume for the position of office Manager, administrator:

  • Knowledge of MS Office, work with office equipment.
  • Ability to organize workflow, to develop regulations and guidance.
  • Paperwork, business communication skills.
  • Ability to build relationships and resolve the dispute.
  • Control over the work of structural units and organization of their activities.

Commercial Director assumes:

  • Organization of sales and leadership after-sales service.
  • Skills in personal transactions involving the sale of goods.
  • Work with client base.
  • Conduct various talks.
  • Preparation of pricing policies.
  • Conclusion the expenditure and revenue contracts.
  • Sensing the competitive environment.
  • Economy. The extension of market field product.

The information in the resume for the position of senior electrician for the commissioning of electrical equipment can be:

  • Married, have two children.
  • Have the skills to work with all tools.
  • 5 group on electrical safety, a compilation of outfits.
  • Perform welding works.
  • A PC user, Exsell, Internet, Outlook, AutoCad.
  • Reading and development schemes.
  • Planning and organization of work.
  • Such technical training to large audiences.
  • Scheduling planning of production work.
  • Experience with equipment of transformer substations, KTP, lines of longitudinal electric power supply, lighting masts, service partition posts, adjustment of the protection devices of the traction substation.
  • Serious approach to work.
  • Bad habits do not exist.

Remember, write only truthful information, in which do You understand. На the interview рекрутер попросит не только наглядно продемонстрировать Ваши умения, but to tell, how they contributed to Your work.

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