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Professional skills in summary

Professional skills in summary
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Александр Юрьевич
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Which skill do you consider most important in their profession?
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Filling the box skills – people often point standard, boilerplate information about their abilities, because they do not know, how to present yourself in a favorable light and not paying attention to the position of the employer. This is usually – dedication, interpersonal skills etc. Let's take a closer look in this issue and learn how to write your skills!

What skills?

It is a learning experience, the knowledge obtained in the process of working on a specialty, or you often had to deal with certain situations and you have learned to bend circumstances to suit your needs. For example:

  1. In the process – You have been instructed to check the documentation, to calculate an estimate, to fill in a tax return or invoices…. Should, you helpful people, meticulous and you can safely consider it a skill.
  2. In the process of life – what you praised, or gave letters? In this area you have the superiority, and possess certain skills. Remember, what do you turn to friends for help, what problems – this is an area of competence, you must specify in the summary

A common mistake

All confused two different paragraph, you need to write: skills and qualities. If professional skill – this ability to work with documents, the quality, this is a personal characteristic – thoroughness, care. Such data must be entered in box: personal qualities.

Rules for writing section

  1. A key criterion is honesty.
  2. To meet the requirements specified in the vacancy (see below).
  3. Specifically, to understand – what you can and know.
  4. To have experience of these skills
  5. The ability to apply their knowledge and experience

Let us know more on the important details, for example:

Skill sales – 8 years in sales, of them 5 years, the head of sales.

If you have no experience for any duties, write about your theoretical knowledge, example:

Knowledge of the principles of negotiation – Passed special courses.

Размещается данная графа после указанного experience, thus confirming what skills obtained. But for a more successful outcome, it should be placed at the beginning – so Manager selection will immediately see your qualifications and will accept resumes for future consideration, example:

sample resume

What knowledge and competencies important to the employer

Need employee – suited to assigned responsibilities. And that would match the performance of the authorities on a candidate for your chosen position – quite carefully examine the vacancy and submit a skills summary for relevant queries in the ad.

Example jobs to a managerial position:


Your key skills have to quietly repeat the requirements specified by the employer, starting from responsibilities, that need to be made. For example:

  • Ability to organize and optimize work process.
  • Skill strategic planning.
  • Knowledge of and ability to work with “any” types of documentation.
  • Skill capital investment management.
  • How to create flow of customers in new industry enterprises.
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Наталья Молчанова
Менеджер по подбору персонала
In fact all you need to do, to populate the graphs – this is a paraphrase of the employer, of course considering their own abilities.

Related videos:

Compliance knowledge desirable position

Depending on the profession – appropriate competencies are different from each other! Filling this section – be aware on the importance of jobs, after all, professional skills suitable for a lawyer, does not work for the seller.

Переписывать графу необходимо каждый раз, when you change activity.

Skills for managers (leadership)

  • The ability to allocate your time (the time).
  • The skills of selection and personnel management.
  • Business communication skills.
  • The negotiation skills.
  • Skill strategic planning.
  • The ability to sell.
  • Ability to organize workflow.
  • Skills staff motivation.

Skills for sellers (communication)

  • The ability to persuade.
  • Skills direct, telephone sales.
  • Effective communication skills.
  • Ability to work in team.
  • Skills handling objections.
  • The ability to write commercial proposals.

Skills for professionals (technical)

Knowledge of this field is individual for different professions, specify a skill based on experience and requirements in jobs, but there are a few factors unifying technicians

  • The ability to bring work to the end.
  • Skills necessary appliances.
  • Knowledge of the necessary programs.
  • Skills data processing.

Skills for lawyers (right, document)

  • Skills of work with documentation.
  • The ability to solve complex problems.
  • Skills to work with regulatory authorities.
  • Knowledge of the legislative framework.
  • The ability to defend the position.

Other skills and abilities

  • Ability to budget;
  • skills reference Boo. accounting;
  • skills commercial letters;
  • skills to maintain the client database;
  • planning skills;
  • analytical skills;
  • skills certification;
  • skills оформления;
  • programming skills;
  • skills of work with office equipment;
  • skills document;
  • skills of drafting contracts, tax returns, claims, complaints;
  • skills for promotional activities, banquets;
  • skills in diagnosing equipment;
  • skills monitoring systems;
  • skill business process;
  • skills of work with large amounts of information;
  • ability to set priorities;
  • the skills of working with electronic databases;
  • the skills of working with computer;
  • communication skills;
  • ability to work in various fields;
  • skill in multitasking work;
  • the ability to adapt;
  • ability to work with suppliers, procurement, product;
  • knowledge of inventory.

Skills and abilities for resume, a real example


In these examples it is clear, each competence of other proven facts from experience, поэтому сомнений в достоверности информации у работодателя не возникнет. If you specify, they know how to work with document management, write:

Ability to work with documents (Experience filing of primary documentation, treaties, reconciliation of tax returns, etc.)

What to write, if you have no experience

Often graduates scratching their heads, what to put in summary, when experience has not yet received sufficient. But it is necessary to perform their activities and to highlight the facts, which led to this, specific jobs, after all, if you want to post – it will appear by itself. Pointing professional skills in summary – students have to be creative, examples:

  • Practice and theoretical knowledge.
  • Part time job in similar fields, sales fields.
  • The ability to use modern and innovative methods.
  • Speed of processing and learning information.
  • The possession of similar skills.

And you should always pay attention to the stated requirements in the job, only a qualitative approach to resume writing will help to get to interview with no experience.

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