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Personal qualities for resume

Personal qualities for resume
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Александр Юрьевич
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What do you think: If the employer pays attention to the quality ukazannye in summary?

Sociable, responsible, blah-blah-blah… Who said, what are you? Former employer or mother?

You need to prove, who you are! No one will believe you at your word. To do this, write the specific examples of their qualities from the past experience, life or relationships.

Managers always appreciate employees, who besides his official duties still able to listen to others, endowed with a sense of humor, are the soul of the company, interesting in communication, всюду успевают да к тому же инициативны.

Good people are needed everywhere! So, in addition to the professional experience, education and additional information employer interested in personal qualities for resume. Your application will become much more attractive, if you approach this issue with the right hand and to observe moderation. Too much to go into detail your character should not be.

What qualities of a person to write in summary

The summary should include only Your strongest side. If the quality of the summary on the work to be described correctly, the employer will be able to highlight Your application among other applications.


Actually there is no good or bad qualities, there is a suitable or not a suitable candidate for the position – so prove, what company needs you!

How to reflect the personal qualities in a CV when applying for a job

Job searches can take a long time: someone months can not find a suitable option, other interrupted time-consuming and unstable jobs. To equalize the situation by using summary. It should, first of all, to be well-composed, adequate, memorable and extremely informative.

Как отразить личные и профессиональные качества для резюме, to make the employer notice You and gave You an opening? What do you think about this the experts and psychologists?

statistics summary

According to them, informative need to describe your personal qualities thus, to appear in the best light:

  • observe the document structure;
  • do not use template samples;
  • use a creative approach.
Мнение эксперта
Наталья Молчанова
Менеджер по подбору персонала
Before, how to get started, check the requirements You are interested in vacancies. Maximum adjust your profile under conditions, nominated by employer for the position.

Some of the applicants to mindlessly enter data in the column "business quality" for summary. No need to hope, is that the next boss won't even pay attention to it, although it often is. Highly recommend to take this point as seriously, as to the, which You consider important.

Sane leaders not only pay attention to Your personal qualities, but carefully studying them. On the basis of provided data the recruiter decides: to enroll the applicant to priority of candidates or write his request on the bench.

What to write in the personal qualities in resume

Чтобы список качеств для резюме имел презентабельный вид, you need to learn how to present themselves nicely. The standard collection of parameters simply does not exist. We are all different and accordingly select different activities.


Psychologists are advised to write only about those personal traits of a person, that sounds like You. Cunning is not worth it, since, once at the interview, the employer will certainly ask you to show them what – that specific example. Think about, what character traits can be considered winning.

Your strengths should be limited to five items – it will increase Your chances of getting vacant seats.

What qualities of an employee are important when hiring

The applicant, feeding summary, you need to carefully evaluate your professional abilities, to analyze and parse through all its character.

A template set of personal qualities in resume, an example might look like:

  • Balance, self-control, perseverance, hard work, discipline;
  • the ability to persuade, ambition, good diction, dedication;
  • confidence, the ability to adapt to change, ability to work in team;
  • accuracy, quick learner, good diction, perseverance;
  • public speaking skills, honesty, presentable appearance;
  • commitment to the development, result orientation, punctuality;
  • honesty, justice ,a sense of humor, energy, organization.

Many wonder: and whether you want to list the deficiencies in the summary? In those cases, when an employer asks you to stay on Your negative qualities, it is better to omit this paragraph and limited to only the strong traits. But what if, recruiter still insists it is to specify Your cons?

What are negative qualities to show in my CV

This is one of those items, where confidences will not be good for You. Describe only the neutral side of his character, which will not be able to affect the desired position or in this field of activity will be treated, as advantages.

Description of personal qualities in resume for sales Manager may sound, for example, so: excessive sociability, workaholism, the restless, distrust.

Here are some versions of the qualities, You painless can present it to the employer as a negative:

  • easy, straightness, intolerance rudeness, inability to lie;
  • pedantry, selfishness, self-discipline, excessive thoroughness;
  • excessive emotionality, a heightened sense of responsibility.

What qualities to write summary in accordance with the profession

A good Manager must have organizational skills, to be pleasant, be interested to find contact with people. Knowing this, you need to be able to determine which of these characteristics You possess.

Remember, specify only those qualities, which will meet the position, for which You are applying. Every activity has its own set of requirements.

Quality Manager

can specify the following personal and professional qualities in a resume, examples:

  • perseverance,
  • persuasion skills,
  • activity,
  • enterprise,
  • communication skills,
  • creative in solving problems,
  • good diction,
  • the ability to motivate.

Quality leadership position

When applying for leadership positions personal character qualities considered much more carefully, than regular employees. All the data, specified in summary, the applicant will be asked to confirm at the interview.

A description of the qualities of a leader, can be such examples:

  • the ability to send,
  • lead,
  • lead,
  • loyalty.

The Manager must have:

  • analytical skills,
  • a strong character and be fair.
  • This position requires flexibility of thinking,
  • consistency,
  • observation,
  • objectivity.

The recruiter will require You to:

  • ability to work in a team,
  • stress,
  • perseverance,
  • decency,
  • energy.

Quality Secretary

This is the right hand of the head. It needs not only to bring the boss coffee, but also have:

  • organizational skills,
  • competent speech,
  • to control the schedule of the head,
  • plan a business meeting.

In addition, the position demands the following qualities:

  • presentable appearance,
  • accuracy,
  • contact,
  • creativity.

The girl Secretary of the peculiar:

  • punctuality,
  • competent speech,
  • the ability to perform tasks.

The position of Secretary requires:

  • stable psychological state,
  • conflict,
  • patience.
  • Secretary must have good diction,
  • ability to work in a team,
  • to have creativity.
  • The profession is inherent quickness,
  • self-control,
  • the ability to engage in dialogue,
  • honesty,
  • flexibility of thinking.

Girl Secretary should be:

  • fair,
  • creative,
  • attentive to nuances,
  • committed to self-development,
  • to be able to organize the workflow.

The quality of the lawyer

The position involves communication with ordinary people. The specialists of this profession should be endowed with the following qualities:

  • the ability to understand people,
  • to properly conduct a dialogue.

The post peculiar:

  • mandatory,
  • the desire to constantly evolve,
  • stress resistance.

This profession requires:

  • logical thinking,
  • observation,
  • integrity.

A lawyer should be:

  • honest,
  • optimistic,
  • friendly,
  • to be able to win.

People, applying for this position, got the ability to defend a particular point of view, skills of working with people. They can solve complex tasks and have a strong sense of justice.

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