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How to send resume by e-mail

How to send resume by e-mail
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Александр Юрьевич
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Modern technology is rapidly making adjustments in our way of life. Now to send your CV for a job by email. This is a relatively quick and convenient way. However, not every applicant for the vacant position can send CV to e-mail the employer properly.

Statistics show, only 5 people from 100 unable to cope with this problem correctly. Let's see, how to send your resume via e-mail and to draw the attention of the employer to his candidacy.

The requirements imposed on the mailbox

  • Corporate e-mail is better not to use.
  • Losing option is also considered email hacker login. So, for example e-mail: "kokos_tebe_v_nos", will play for the applicant's evil service. A recruiter is unlikely to appeal to Your humorous Nickname. Possible, after reading it and writing the open will not, referring You into the category of frivolous candidates.
  • Do not use a box login type bublik33 @mail.ru, oTMorozsko @mail.ru, SVINOPAS @mail.ru, and t. d. With such nicknames do not see your good work.
  • As e-mail for correspondence with the prospective employer may be noted mailboxes, created for famous Internet sites: rambler.ru, yandex.ru, mail.ru. Alternatively, you can apply pisem.net or hotmail.ru and t. d.
  • For business correspondence, you should choose a more respectable name. So, for communication with the employer it is better to get a new mailing address. As a login you can use the name and surname of the applicant. Also suitable neutral options. Preferably, that they were short. Nick's better to write with Latin letters. For example: selena @mail.ru.
  • When setting up software e-mail request must specify your name and the name using Latin letters. It will be displayed Your details in the box to the letter FROM the recipient. The alias instead of real name to take is not desirable. It is not recommended to write the name in Russian letters because of possible faults in the encoding. The recipient will be confused, instead of seeing the sender not only readable characters.
  • Now, what about the file itself, containing Your resume. The employer will subsequently be difficult to locate Your document among a huge number of similar letters, if You call it just Резюме.doc . A file with a unique name among others to look for will be much easier. The document name should consist of Your name and position, You send a resume. It should look something like this, «resume­­_sopkovaAS_ingener». And personnel the employee does not have to rename Your file, and You can be sure, he will not get lost among the letters of other applicants.

How to fill out the field “MESSAGE SUBJECT”

Мнение эксперта
Наталья Молчанова
Менеджер по подбору персонала
Be sure to specify the subject of the message. Just write “CV” or “RESUME”, and then add the name of the position, for which You are applying. It might look like this (sample): “CV: manager” or “RESUME: office-manager”, or Russian: “Summary: office Manager”.

Recruitment agencies please enter this field code jobs. But comply with this requirement only a small part of the applicants. Allowed in the subject line, write the purpose of Your treatment. Example: "The response to the position…or Treatment on the job…". The recipient must be confidence, what Your letter does not contain spam, and carries interesting information. Такой ход повысит шансы резюме на прохождение спам-фильтра.

In which format to send your resume

It is important to send your CV to e-mail in this format, what wants to get his head.

  • Recruitment agencies want to see the formats, amenable to quick edit. This is due to the need to hide Your personal data from the employer, so he was not able to directly get in touch with Your CV. So a PDF would be inappropriate. However, it can be used for independent job searches.
  • The best format is considered to be RTF. It can be obtained in a simple way. Microsoft Word: the "File"button (located at the top) – "Save as...". Then choose "Other formats" – "File type" – "Rich text format". Information about the possibility of losing some of the formatting elements can be neglected. Check back, read a file, closing and reopening it. Sign the document in Latin letters, according to the principle described above.
  • TXT format is also allowed to use, but it can cause some problems. When you save it in old version of MS Word it is fine. The new version does not open can. We can only guess, which of these options is installed in the personnel Department.
  • DOC format – most popular.
  • To use other formats would not be appropriate.
Мнение эксперта
Наталья Молчанова
Менеджер по подбору персонала
To violate the requirements of the Director in any case can not. If in the ad the recruiter has indicated RTF, then send the document need only in this form. Despite this 90% of the applicants still, ignoring this request, attach a letter format DOC. The reaction of the personnel is difficult to predict in this case.

Don't forget, the file should weigh around 25 KB. For documents with photo, the volume can be up to 1 MB.

How to write a cover memo

The importance for the applicant can play cover note, the more that it occurs only 5% applicants.

Therefore, candidates, a competently written cover letter, will automatically go up a few steps higher in ranking applicants.

If You know, who will review Your resume, everything becomes so much easier. After all, it is necessary to begin with a greeting and state the purpose of delivery summary. The message should be short and contain an appeal to the employer when sending summary.

For example: "Dear Vitaliy Valerievich, please consider my candidacy for the position of electrical network .... send You CV...."

"Hello, on Your request...".

After a short time writing about goals, to which You aspire, and how, what are you going to wait on the letter. The letter should end with the words "With respect,...Andrey Ivanov."

A blank email with only a resume will be treated with strict employers, как акт неуважения. Even banal, template cover letter will look like compared to other better, what's the version without text. However, it happens, what some forget to attach itself summary. Managers may regard this mistake as a bad tone.

How to send your resume

Document, who is preparing to send email, не должен содержать сложных оформлений, inserts tables and images. As the most readable font are Arial and Times New Roman. Before sending your message, be sure to review the attachment. Pay attention to grammar.

Summary – document, который не имеет права содержать ошибки. To check spelling in MS Word. Make sure, that the attached summary is not obsolete and consistent with the position, which served. In identifying any flaws, the file you want to replace. Now a letter can be sent.

We should also touch on the subject of photography. Place it in the same file, as the text. Separately sent pictures often not considered.

When sending resume by email

Many job seekers wonder, when is the best time to send your resume. The perfect time – working hours. If You send a letter about 9-10 am, it is likely that, find yourself first on the list, that will allow Your resume to be noticed earlier than others.

Don't forget to keep control of the message Your e-mail. To view the new line daily. After all, You put so much effort in order, to get the desired position, what miss the long-awaited response of the employer have no right. Feedback should not be lost.

Whether to archive a file with a summary

Sending a summary email, archive file is not required! Archive files can be infected with spam and contain a virus. Therefore, there is a threat, that archive will be deleted by a mail filter and will not get to the recipient.

In some cases, experienced workers have difficulty unzipping files. It can be, first of all, caused by a shortage of time or discrepancy archiver, which stands on a PC in the personnel Department.

An email address to send summary

Many employers want to protect themselves from pesky calls applicants, so instead of a phone number they choose to leave the email address. Finding it is not necessary to rewrite it on a sheet of paper. Just drag and drop it into your letter in the "to" field by copying.

Do not send the summary email, without checking everything properly: if You put the file, the document was prepared for shipping, properly written the message subject and literacy cover letter. If everything is in order, copy the email address of the recipient and click "Send".

E-mail recipient to bring in the appropriate box before sending the letter need a reason. So You can avoid mistakes, accidentally pressing the wrong key.

Мнение эксперта
Наталья Молчанова
Менеджер по подбору персонала
У людей бывают совмещены несколько ящиков в один. Проверяйте с какого именно адреса вы отправляете резюме: рабочего, с правильным именем или другого. Важно что бы почта, с которой вы отправили письмо совпадала с контактами в самом резюме.

Finally, we offer you to watch the video and learn, how to send resume by e-mail to the employer:

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