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How to make a summary

How to make a summary
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Some of the summary topics you consider most important?
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For the eight-hour working day, the HR person has to revise more than a dozen, and even more than one hundred summary on the work of candidates for the vacant position.

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To view each document he spends two minutes, no more. During this time, You should be able to stand out from the stream of candidates and to attract the attention of the employer. Proper execution summary – the easiest way to achieve this.

How to draw summary

The employer will assess Your application according to the two standard parameters:

  • Content. It is important to truthfully and correctly specify the data.
  • Form. The emphasis is on the design summary “according to GOST” – a fair structure.


Download resume form

3 rules of registration

  1. Really appreciated, but not all. Focus on the positive aspects of Your professional activities. On the shortcomings is silent. Possible, the recruiter will ask about them the interview. Not to be confused, consider, what you want to say.
  2. Clearly observe the structure. The summary should not be too large. Present all information briefly and clearly, despite the large professional experience. Gently apply the text, adhering to its structure. Nobody wants to delve into the nonsense.
  3. Let Your resume comes optimism and cheerfulness. Luck always comes to successful and positive minded people. So, You will be able to get a good job.

How to make beautiful summary

When you often check and scan summary, one cannot fail to notice the multiple flaws in its design. The eye gets tired of hard to read information, trying to catch important moments. Properly formatted data will help to avoid it. Let's look at this issue in more detail.

There are various ways of reading. To put it simply, we can distinguish:

  • Reading by scanning. It is a cursory review with a delay of very important areas.
  • The consistent perception of. Information is absorbed from word to word, from row to row.

On scanning the text of books or other sources person spends in average 1,5 to 30 seconds. Written lyrics acidified cursory glance, and only then we begin to read it.

The employer will be easier to read and scan information, if Your summary is correct to place emphasis on significant factors. So, You will be able to reduce the time for job search and increase the likelihood of employment.

Rules and requirements summary

The structure of the summary has in its design the importance of. Your document must contain:

  • Name of the applicant, contact information (The header of the site).
  • The Item "Education" (written in chronological order — the last place of study is specified, the first item).
  • The column "Experience" (filled following a chronological order — last position indicated on top).
  • Раздел Skills and knowledge or Профессиональные достижения.
  • Other blocks you can fill in – request. In summary to reflect additional information, availability of courses and participation in trainings. If you boast a particularly nothing, these blocks can be omitted.

structure summary

What errors occur

Sometimes, a candidate for the vacant position is a competent professional in their field of activity. And a summary of its looks wrong and not readable. Sometimes people do not even think, that summary should get a nice. The most common mistakes, that catch the eye:

  1. The pun of styles and fonts (fat, bold, italic, and underlined, small, large, uppercase, lowercase). Many people manage to use a number of fonts with combined properties. The text becomes difficult to perceive for reading.
  2. Some summary no vertical padding. Blocks merge with each other. This document looks compact, but it is difficult to make out something.
  3. Many job seekers completely ignore indentation to the left and not bother, to align text.
  4. The section on responsibilities often written in one line. This design merges into a solid mess. The list would have looked much better.

How to make summary

Correct design summary, you can perform, adhering to the following recommendations. Remember, whatever option summary electronic you download You, to fill ready forms special requirements:

  1. The most important thing is not to overdo it. The first inviolable rule – watch, below the volume summary is not stretched more than two pages of A4 sheet. Key information should be placed on the first page. If the information does not fit on two pages, you will have- to compromise and remove the excess. The summary should be easy to read.
  2. When you migrate Your data to the second page, at the end of the first mark, the following list contains the continuation. All sheets, except the first is given a number and printed name.
  3. With a small amount of information, place it so, make it fit on one page.
  4. A good summary is written with the font Times New Roman or Arial. Compared to other variations they look the most readable. Treat summary, how to document. Observe rigor in its design. There is no need to demonstrate knowledge of Adobe Photoshop.
  5. Use for all text in General 12 the font size. It is a standard. The font color should be black. The variety of different colors distracting and does not focus on the candidacy of the applicant.
  6. Name need to allocate and place at the top of the sheet. Here you want to set the size, equal 14 size. This will help focus the employer on the personal data and commit them to memory. Name, written in large print are easier to find among other documents. Write words “Surname”, “Name” and “Middle name” in summary you should not. The post, for which You are applying, you also want to select a large font.
  7. Separate each unit from each other, to summary had presentable.
  8. To select the titles you can apply bold or underline to use. You can also use pale grey. The importance is only internal content of the sections, bright colors will only distract from the essence of writing.
  9. When applying for a job need to submit summary, decorated in the same style. If you are endowed with a rich work experience and You need to specify a list of jobs, make all list items equally. This also applies when displaying education. Example incorrect documentation summary: when describing work experience, use an italic font, as for education underlined. Sections, subheadings should also be designed in the same style.
  10. The field should contain a certain indentation: to top, the bottom and right their size should be 2 cm. For the left margin set — 1 cm. Mark fields will be convenient, to pin a document to a personal matter or to sew it into the folder. Use single line spacing. This will give a compact summary view, and will retain the structure of the text. Thus, all information can be accommodated on a single sheet.
  11. In the case of the necessity of providing some special information, take advantage of bold. To apply underline or italics is not recommended. This method of focus is going to look in the text easily and seamlessly.
  12. Summary – is Your business card. Do not use to form different frames and symbols. CV is a business document. To make it required, like all the official documentation in all seriousness.
  13. Present your data in the language of business communication, adhering to the plan and focusing on the main aspects.
  14. Just write, clearly and concisely. Your document should be easy to grasp and properly constructed. Summary, like all business documents, should not contain complex sentences and participial turnovers. Build simple and offers available.
  15. Don't need the text to jump to specific terms and specific wording, relevant to the position for which You are applying. Your knowledge in the field, You will be able to demonstrate at the interview. Complicated language will only overload the document.
  16. Error in summary – this is an unacceptable oversight, so several times, review the written or click F7 in Word.
  17. Only use white color of paper classic summary. It is better to use dense leaves. Summary look good printed on a laser printer. Brand of paint can give Your profile unpresentable appearance. With Your document you may have to take a copy, send it by Fax or pin to a folder. Need, so in all cases it retains a decent appearance. Summary, handwritten, already nobody reads.

sample resume

Some decent samples:

To download summary, click on the link: download

How to make

For people, in which there are no time, to bother design summary, there is a simple and affordable way out of the situation. It consists of two stages.

  • Stage 1. Create an account at one of the sites for employment, fill it with your information and download the resume in Word format.
  • Stage 2. Make the document minor adjustments. Maybe some information will seem superfluous, work with the font or get rid of the logo.

No need to go the hard way, just use the paperwork ready. And remember, proper execution – this is important, but far more important is its content.

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