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Additional information summary

Additional information summary
Автор статьи
Александр Юрьевич
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Some of the summary topics you consider most important?
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The final stage of resume writing – filling in optional information about yourself. Information, which the employer can gain from this item, may be the most important when selecting candidates. And the additional chance to Express themselves, can not be missed.

Мнение эксперта
Наталья Молчанова
Менеджер по подбору персонала
A blank section indicates the head about You, how about a gray and boring personality, which write something about yourself nothing.

Than helpful more information

Don't underestimate the importance of this section for more information. In summary, he is in last place, and is considered not so carefully, as professional experience and education.

The main objective of this paragraph is to cause the interest of the employer, to persuade his choice in your favor. So what is the benefit to eject the applicant, if you fill the section on additional skills competently?

  • Further focuses the attention of the employer on the winning aspects of his personality and his competence, that will lead to success on the new position.
  • Gets an extra opportunity to specify information, which does not refer directly to the professional experience, but harmoniously complements the already filled graphs.
  • Writes information, having a weight, but not related to any of the above items of the questionnaire.
  • Exhibits professional image in a favorable light.

Remember! Depart not from goal summary: report only information, concerning the desired position. Here You will be able to give weight to his candidacy, describing his best side.

What you can write in the additional information

This section is recommended for display:

  • Marital status. With this information, the leader makes conclusions about your lifestyle. So he better be able to understand, whether You decide to move or how to react to travel, to expect from your long-term cooperation and are You willing to work overtime.
  • Hobbies. Will create a representation of Your personality and Hobbies. Most likely, the recruiter will give preference to well-rounded candidate, than man, with nothing to write about themselves.
  • Driving license. If you are applying for the post of driver or taxi driver, the additional benefits can be described, what do you have driving license and own car. For a sales representative or a purchasing Manager such information will be extremely useful, since their work involves constant travel and trips.
  • Willingness to relocate. For the employer this can be a significant factor, especially if the position is associated with the itinerant nature of the work or required by the employee to the office, which is located in another city. In the presence of the passport do not forget to mention it.
  • No bad habits. If a company has such requirement, this fact will be useful when applying for a job.
  • Read out the mention of club membership, Association or any professional movement. Employers want to see candidates, who have business connections in the sphere of their activities.
  • As for the graduates, still not managed to acquire a wealth of experience behind, in this column they want to display their achievements: participation in competitions, various sports competitions, and public organizations. All laudable diplomas and awards should be written here.
  • In considering related jobs, except for the purpose, as mentioned in summary, column additional information about yourself you can specify a related specialty, where would You work. This technique will demonstrate, what do You intend to develop in a professional direction and demand in the related fields is less interest, than the post, specified in paragraph "Purpose".


example DOP. information

When applying for a job of chief accountant can be helpful following additional information in summary, sample:

  • Marital status: married, have a daughter 7 years.
  • Driving skills: driving experience 3 year.
  • Availability of business trips: Yes.
  • An active member of the all-Ukrainian accounting club “Balance”

Now imagine the additional information in the summary, example for the post sales agent.

  • Married, two children;
  • Driving experience – 7 years, category;
  • Own car;
  • Ready for short duration trips.

Any errors encountered when filling out the column for more information

Мнение эксперта
Наталья Молчанова
Менеджер по подбору персонала
The most common error, which lurks candidates when completing this section – to write that hit on his life.
  • One of the common mistakes is to describe non-professional Hobbies. For example: "breeding colors" or "going swimming" will not bring You a bonus from the employer, unless You apply for a position florist or instructor in gym. You need to be able to realize, it would be appropriate to inform future boss. Devote the employer of the details of his personal life at the stage of summary and to mention a hobby not related to a degree not even decent. Talk to the recruiter about Your additional skills You will be able to in person interview.
  • In the graph for the details on the form summary you can specify Your age, if it is not contrary to the requirements of the organization. Employers, often interested in the experience of the applicant much more, than many years old a potential employee. However, many recruiters will push the record " in marriage do not consist, no children, age-36 years". Such context bad impact on the reputation of men, and women. If you have a home life You do not get, then no mention. Staff treat everybody with suspicion and will immediately get suspicious. No one will find out the causes of Your failures. After all, there are other contenders for the position, summary which is much more positive.

What kind of information it is impossible to write

  1. Do not write in this section on motivations, prompted to work in this company. Such data is best reflected in the cover letter, which must attach to the application form. It, as it is impossible, suitable to specify their long-term goals and important moments, for future posts. It is possible to report any desire to hone your skills, and how, than you surpass other candidates. Moreover, the attached letter, about the candidate give the impression of a professionally Mature and serious personality. The probability, you will be invited for an interview, increases significantly. This is especially true professionals, who just finished College.
  2. No need in summary to notify the employer, that among Your documents missing something, for example, military registration documents. About the loss of indication of the room, passport or pension certificate also should not be reported. No mention of compulsory military service, if that does not require vacancy. Summary – this is only demonstration to the employer of Your intentions to participate in the contest for the vacant position. If necessary, prompt You, which documents are required to have, she came to the interview.
  3. Do not write too much. Personal information, about religion, criminal records, and housing conditions, if it carries a negative, only hurt. As mentioned, if the employer will need such data, he will ask about them.
  4. Section summary the "more information" should not cause doubts on the part of the recruiter about Your candidacy. So, better not to mention his place of residence, if You will be far to get to the office.
Мнение эксперта
Наталья Молчанова
Менеджер по подбору персонала
Making a resume, always remember the rule: you need to write something, what applies to jobs, which is formulated in the query. Your professional skills will find their application in the appropriate section of professional achievements.

It is important: Your honesty and openness, where to get a job – the employer does not need. The recruiter wants to know only one – whether You throw it in the work plan. Show your diplomatic skills when dealing with employer. Do not write about, what not to ask. Present your skills in a favorable light.

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