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Profession welder

Profession welder
Автор статьи
Александр Юрьевич
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A welder is a worker, which deals with welding of metals.

The main purpose of the job welder is the joining of metal parts in complex structures.


The profession of a welder is usually divided into the following types:

  • the welding machines press welding;
  • diffuse welders for welding installations;
  • welder thermite cooking;
  • gas welders;
  • welders on electron beam welding installations;
  • electricians.

Also welders there 6 discharges, which are determined on the basis of professional skills of specialists and their skills.

History of the profession

Profession welder appeared in 1802 year. After all, while Petrov managed to open the effect of the electric arc, which is able to create very high temperatures. She was so high, this made even melt metal.

And even after a while, this method was revolutionary and remains a massive connection technology materials.

Professional holiday

The last Friday of may is the day, when welders began to celebrate their professional holiday. This day was chosen for a reason, it's the last day of spring, and ahead of hot summer. And in the summer and begin repairs and construction, which become possible due to the welding.

Day of the Welder is the unofficial holiday, it celebrated red day in the calendar, but in the soul of each welder it burns with a bright flame.

The pros and cons

To work as a welder quite profitable:

  • high wages, especially welders and higher categories with experience;
  • to obtain a higher education does not necessarily, after all this work and medium;
  • the profession in high demand in the labour market, and the demand for it falls, and this is due to the fact, what is the job of a welder is needed almost always.

But there are also negative sides of this profession:

  • dangerous and hard work, sometimes welders have to work at a great height, and in a variety of extreme conditions;
  • tired of its monotony;
  • strong eye strain, because welding occurs when high-brightness radiation;
  • perhaps the emergence of certain occupational diseases.

So to be a welder, must not have medical contraindications.

Requirements for the role

To work as a welder, you need:

  • have experience;
  • document, which confirms qualification;
  • to be able to read blueprints, to work with hand and power tools.

Welcome skills on machine tools.

Job responsibilities

The duties of a welder:

  • to manufacture and produce quality products;
  • work, as prescribed in terms of technological preparation;
  • plan the timing and scope of work;
  • analyze technology work;
  • to adhere to safety standards and strict welding conditions;
  • to make an order for products, material for further work;
  • to keep adequate accounting;
  • assistance in the organization of work, which can increase the level of productivity.

Also, these professionals can participate in research, aimed at improving techniques and methods of work.


Usually the responsibility of the welder is:

  • improper performance of their duties;
  • offences, which occurred in the process;
  • caused material damage;
  • violation of professional discipline.

The powers of the welder

The welder has the right to:

  • making suggestions to management, as well as suggestions, concerning the accountability of the employee, violated discipline;
  • request information, required for the performance of official duties;
  • familiarization with the documents, which determine its rights and obligations, in accordance with the position;
  • familiarization with the draft decision, which is approved by the organization's leadership, regarding the activities of the employee;
  • assistance in providing comfortable working conditions.

The features of the profession

Who is a welder? A welder is a person, worker. His job involves working in the welding industry. This worker connects all kinds of metal structures, details, products, tanks and pipes.

Therefore, the work of the welder must be very accurate and professional. Because of his professionalism depends on the quality of work and welds. Even one error in the work of the experts may lead to irreparable consequences.

To protect yourself and to protect your face and eyes, welders should always follow the safety precaution and use special masks with tinted Windows. This mask allows to suppress the bright flame and sparks, which face workers.

Our century is the era of new technologies, which is based on metal. It is used almost everywhere. Life, industry, construction and many other areas need it.

Industry experts are very valuable, after all welding work is always required.

Professional skills

To provide invaluable assistance in choosing a career can career guidance. But if you are already sure, what you want to become a welder, you need to know:

  • electrical engineering, technology the advent of metal;
  • gas properties;
  • methods and principles of operation of the equipment used;
  • instruction on labor protection and safety;
  • chemistry, physics.

Every day workers perform welding, and are subjected to various threats: injury, damage to the eyes, hearing, light, as well as the threat of electric shock.

Mostly welders injured, as a result of, my neglect of precautions. To avoid this, you must strictly adhere to safety.

The personal qualities of a welder

Each welder must be inherent in care, accuracy, diligence and resilience are the main whales, based on the profession.

Useful and physical endurance, after working as a welder can be carried out in dangerous and extreme conditions: at the height of, the fragile surface, during rain and snow storms.

And the ability to be able to focus is one of the most important qualities, because the work requires concentration and caution.

The specialist also needs to be endowed with the endurance, excellent eyesight and flexible hands and feet is required in order, what would the process work went easier and more efficient.

Profession requires balance and patience, after all, the situation can be very different, but showing these qualities, we can handle any problem.

The career of a welder

The profession of a welder is considered to be quite relevant and in demand today.

And though the prestige of it is no different, but the work of career growth.

There are plenty of opportunities, to move up the career ladder.

Young professionals, who purchase experience, already can take on more serious errands and work in this area.

Setting a goal, a specialist will easily be able to take leadership positions.


In the vacancies of welder in our time, the deficit is not observed.They can easily find work in:

  • private organizations;
  • areas of service;
  • housing and communal farms;
  • construction sites;
  • garages;
  • the organizations to secure communications;
  • industrial plants and factories.

Sometimes welders are asked to leave for a while, from 20 to 50 days, to work on objects, where there is a shortage of specialists in this field.

Almost all industries need welding: mechanical engineering, agriculture, refining industry.

Earnings, withколько зарабатывает сварщик?

The answer to this question depends on a number of factors: from region, experience, discharge level, and from the place of work.

In Russia workers, без опыта работы получают около 350 $ .

Well, if, they are experienced professionals, with high discharge, the earnings varies from 500 to 800 $ .

In Ukraine, the average wage of a worker of this sphere is about 400 $ .

If the specialist is hardworking and constantly improving their skills, the decent income he secured.

Education, как стать сварщиком?

To become a welder, enough to secondary vocational education in: College, school or College.

Sometimes all you have to undergo training directly at the workplace, as probation. The fit and specialized courses.

Hard work, irresistible desire, valuable experience and absence of medical contraindications, will certainly help to achieve considerable success in this area.


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