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Профессия супервайзер

Профессия супервайзер
Автор статьи
Александр Юрьевич
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Supervisor – a person, which coordinates the activities of employees. Being a link between the customer and the contractor, the supervisor directs the work of about three dozen people.

The primary responsibility of the profession of the supervisor is to monitor and implement new trends in the work process.

Varieties of profession

Работа этих людей имеет свои особенности и определенную специфику.

  • Супервайзер промоутеров -работает над раскруткой и продвижением продукции, организовывает рекламные мероприятия, refers to the place to conduct them, and tasting, advice on advertising campaigns, teaching staff the finer points of sales. Controls the appearance of the employees entrusted to him, the presence of a promotional printing products, is recruiting staff, is documentation on its activities.
  • Supervisor of merchandisers – solves organizational issues, monitors the quality of work of subordinates. Responsible of receipt of goods, advises the customers on all characteristics of the products. Track damaged goods and the scheduling of new supplies.
  • Supervisor of sales agents– recruiting staff, looking for clients, develops sales, taking orders, controls the delivery of the goods at the outlets. In addition, he should be able to resolve the conflict situation, to organize marketing campaigns, to work on efficiency, to analyze the consumption of the goods to reflect sales of products documented.
  • Supervisor of sales Department – leads the planning and analytical activity, directs the staff to increase sales performance, discussing customers ' needs with the managers of outlets.

Each supervisor specializiruetsya on a particular activity.

History of the profession

The position of supervisor came to us from the United States of America, where it appeared. In 70-e years actively began to develop the technology, there is a need to reduce costs and increase profits. To achieve such results, needed to teach new methods and monitor their implementation. Thus arose the need for supervisors.

Professional holiday falls on the third Wednesday of every September . On this day celebrate their professional holiday people, working in the field of personnel management.

The whole enterprise rests on the specialists of such level. They have the crucial role – train staff, to organize the work, to monitor its implementation, to tie together the interests of the company and employees.

The pros and cons of the supervisor's position

Enjoyable part of the job is the prospect of career growth. The supervisor can apply for the vacant position of sales Manager.

Other side of the coin is tension throughout the working day.

And discompose You can not only superiors. Dissatisfaction with the work of subordinates, unwillingness to make concessions to promoters causes emotional irritation.

However, if you well-behaved zarekomenduete and will be able to find a common language with clients and with suppliers, the position supervisor will bring You pleasure from the results.

Requirements for the role

In order, чтобы Вас приняли на должность супервайзера требуется:

  • иметь высшее образование с психологическим или социальным уклоном,
  • владеть основами маркетинга и техники сбыта,
  • to be able to compare and analyze the changes in marketing and sociology,
  • to possess organizational skills.

The candidate for the post appreciated:

  • basic economic knowledge;
  • the people management skills;
  • understanding what specializiruetsya enterprises, and based on what technological processes;
  • computer literacy, knowledge of basic office programs;
  • the ability to choose staff according to their professional qualities;
  • navigate labor laws, the norms and rules of labor protection, the requirements of labor regulations.

In connection with the itinerant nature of the work,welcome driving skills, presence of own motor transport and the presence of a driver's license. Preference is given to people aged 25 -40 years.

Job responsibilities

Debt duties supervisor:

  • recruits and forms employee groups, in accordance with the task, keeps under constant control of their professional activity;
  • monitors the implementation of the planned works in accordance with the schedule, checks the quality of their performance;
  • leads documentation, in accordance with the established forms;
  • resolves conflict situations, solves the issues, associated with the circle of his duties.

The responsibility of the supervisor

People management – not an easy task. Specialist have to answer not only for their actions, but for the actions and professionalism of the entire, under his command the team.

The supervisor is required to follow their job description, without exceeding their powers and limits of responsibilities.

So, supervisor elementary personnel management, нет необходимости брать на себя ответственность больше, чем того требует круг его компетенции. Иначе придется понести наказание, за чужую деятельность.

However, нужно четко дать понять подчиненным, that they run it is You and the team from the outside to perform illegal. So You will gain authority staff and will be able to control which You bear responsibility.

Полномочия супервайзера

Управление средним звеном сотрудников дает право на:

  • работу с личными делами персонала;
  • получение бухгалтерских сведений по оплате труда людей, subordinate to supervisor;
  • the filing of nominations for the awarding of proven employees;
  • participation in the organization activities of the assigned Department, drafting of work plan regarding its scope of activities.

The Manager is obliged to demand from senior management improve working conditions for their employees and providing them with all necessary materials for their productive activities.

The features of the profession of the supervisor

Willingness and ability to perform tasks, the implementation of which it requires of its subordinate people.

Professional skills supervisor

Ideally, the profession should be able to plan work and to predict the situation.

A Manager needs to master the technique of negotiation, to understand the specifics of sales and market structure.

The supervisor is first and foremost a leader, who should teach the team to listen to him.

Personal qualities of a supervisor

Managing people is an art.

  • You must have, first of all, the makings of a leader, to have communicative and creative skills, and organizational skills.
  • For the post of supervisor typical non-standard approach to the situation, the ability to analyze, ability to plan workflow.
  • A Manager should be demanding not only to others, but first of all to yourself, knowledge of business ethics and foundations of psychology, to have a fast response, instantly receptive to innovation.

Work is connected with necessity constantly to be on my feet, so you need to be on top of that active and energetic.

Карьера супервайзера

Лидеры не могут остаться незамеченными, поэтому управленцев, которые отлично справляются со своими должностными обязанностями, always sees the higher management and promotes statewide. Successful employees will skyrocket up the career ladder.

If the prospects for growth in the company, where is the supervisor, just no, do not despair. The employment market is always a place for professionals, even if I have to go to the competitors.

Managers middle managers may offer to become head of the Department, and can provide even the vacancy of Director.

However, without a systematic training and awareness responsibility entrusted to the staff, not to build a career.

Efficiency and professionalism – two components, which will lead You to success.

Place of work supervisor

The professionalism of these people is appreciated in various fields, for example, production companies or advertising agencies.

Such specialists are in demand in organizations, engaged in wholesale and retail sales. Therefore, the supervisor will always be able to find a job in the field of trade.

Earnings supervisor

The amount of income affects the prestige of the company, as well as its belonging to a particular region. As you know, wages in large cities are much higher and range from 1200 to 2700 $ . In the suburbs, this amount is equal 500 dollars, and if you're lucky, you can find the place, where the pay 1 000 $ . But one luck hope is not necessary, great role play Your skills.

For the profession established official salary and the percentage, that depends on the sales results.

Education supervisor

The entry-level leaders are not born, and become. Supervisor – this is not a profession, the post.

If You graduated from high school with a degree in management, then You have all chances to get the post of supervisor.

There are all kinds of trainings, aimed at increasing sales efficiency. Also there you can learn the basics of ethics, to understand how knowledge in psychology, and use business communication to increase revenue.


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