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Profession Builder

Profession Builder
Автор статьи
Александр Юрьевич
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The construction worker, who is building anything.

The main objective of the profession – quality construction of: houses, bridges, roads, educational institutions, stores.


Builders usually divided into several categories:

Engineer is a specialist, who runs the entire project. He picks the performers, and further engaged in their organization and control.

Performers employees, which include a diverse range of construction specialties:

  • masons;
  • crane operators;
  • roofers;
  • electricians;
  • electricians;
  • painters;
  • the facing workers;
  • finishers.

Basically the facility is staffed with several builders specialties builders, performing different tasks. They are all United by the brigade.

History of the profession

Profession Builder appeared in ancient times. After all, even then people in need of shelter, protection from rain, snow, predators and other threats. At that time, for the buildings used common materials, which did not require additional treatments.

But the passage of time, began to rapidly develop construction processes. There latest technology and materials. Every year built more large-scale and global structures. Modern business-centres, incredible skyscrapers, the stunning beauty of the buildings – it all came, thanks to the work of the builders.

Professional holiday

Builder's day began to celebrate in the USSR 12 Aug 1956 year. In Russia the holiday is celebrated now on the second Sunday of August.

This day usually spend a lot of gigs for specialists in this field and even handed out awards. But, and the builders themselves, in the holiday, give gifts to the residents – pass the new objects: educational institutions, clinic, bridges.

The pros and cons

In the work of the Builder has significant advantages:

  • high wages;
  • profession are always in demand;
  • possible flexible schedule;
  • creative work.

However, there are downsides:

  • danger;
  • hard physical labor;
  • long working hours;
  • work in different conditions: on the street, at the height of, in the rain or in the cold.

You should also consider another factor – quite difficult to get used to the specifics of people with a poor physical preparation.

Requirements for the role

The applicant should meet the following requirements:

  • know safety;
  • to have a specialized education;
  • technical thinking;
  • good health;
  • medical book;
  • experience.

The applicant should be free of medical restrictions: heart disease, respiratory and musculoskeletal.

Job responsibilities

Obligations of the Builder are as follows:

  • the construction work;
  • preparation of work area;
  • test equipment;
  • required sequence.

Builders, senior project, must determine the materials and money, required to work, and also choose to form teams.


The Builder is usually responsible for:

  • default and abuse of official duties;
  • failure to comply with job descriptions and contracts;
  • technical standards;
  • damage or loss of property, transferred to use;
  • security breaches;
  • the rules of labor protection;
  • fire safety.

Builder – head, responsible for time, the quality of work and ill-treatment of subordinates.

The credentials of the Builder

The Builder has the right to:

  • the enjoyment of rights and freedoms;
  • getting in proper sequence of materials;
  • occupational health, health, security;
  • refresher training;
  • participation in the consideration of issues and proposals.

The features of the profession

Who is the Builder? It, first and foremost a hard-working man, which has a technical mind and can think logically.

Meet the leaders of the builders, and performers. The main is the Director, but he has at his disposal and Vice.

Directs the construction foreman. He gives instructions to foremen. And they work, which are, directly, construction works.

The work is a collective work. After all, workers have to work in team and to learn from each other. Thanks to this specifics, master, working in the group, easily perform several kinds of construction works.

The profession of the Builder is not uncommon, in our country it is quite common. It is in high demand and is an interesting, creative.

Professional skills

The Builder should know:

  • how to use professional tools;
  • how to use the equipment;
  • construction technology;
  • safety.

Well, the Builder, the Manager must know, how to effectively organize the work teams and to choose the right workers.

The personal qualities of the Builder

A good specialist has the following personal qualities:

  • physical strength;
  • endurance;
  • visual acuity;
  • flexibility and mobility;
  • sociability;
  • good coordination;
  • accuracy;
  • balance.

Каждый строитель должен уметь довольно долго и чётко сосредотачивать своё внимание, а также находить общий язык с коллективом.

Career Builder

A profession in high demand. She is highly paid and quite popular. There is also the prospect of career growth – the opportunity to become a foreman or a foreman, and increase the discharge.

Также специалист может воспользоваться прекрасной возможностью – стать частным предпринимателем, который оказывает строительные услуги населению.


Builders can easily find their place of work at its discretion. They have quite a selection: construction site, plant, production company, or private order.

Однако стоит запомнить, что востребованы строители будут гораздо больше в тёплое время года, чем зимой.


How much does the Builder?

To answer this question, taking into account the following factors:

  • experience;
  • the nature of the work;
  • experience;
  • the post;
  • existing projects;
  • region.

The average wage of the specialist in Ukraine in the range of 400 – 1000 $ . In Russia – 500 – 1500 $ .

Большое значение на заработок оказывает место работы – дорогостоящие объекты предполагают и более высокую заработную плату работникам.

Education, как стать строителем?

To become a Builder it is not necessary to finish the highest educational institution in the chosen specialty.

Enough to and vocational secondary education College or technical school. And sometimes you can even attend special training courses.

But if you want to open your own business – higher education you need to be sure.

Данная профессия всегда была, есть и будет одной из самых актуальных. Она постоянно будет пользоваться спросом, тем самым, обеспечивая специалистов постоянным наличием места работы.

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