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Profession Secretary

Profession Secretary
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Secretary — enterprising office worker, entrusted with a broad range of responsibilities: that and answering phone calls, and registration of correspondence, and organization of meetings, and record keeping, as well as the fulfillment of all instructions of the head and make independent decisions within its competence.

The purpose of the labor Secretary – to provide effective management and administrative activities of the company.

Varieties of profession

The term "Secretary" are people of different professions:

  • Secretary at the reception – receives and distributes phone calls, greets visitors and performs errands head. The position does not require special education. Sometimes such employee is charged with the acquisition of water or stationery. The prestige of this place is on the lowest rung of the career ladder.
  • Secretary-referent is a pretty responsible position and in many ways similar to the work of the office Manager. Required to prepare design solutions, edit documents, writing for presentation at various events. Control over the work of other employees is also on the Secretary-referent. The profession can obtain after training at a specialized school, training center or after the completion of secondary special educational institutions.
  • Assistant Manager – to take the place of assistant is considered honorable. The account Executive must not only establish trust with the head, but to have the ability to handle stress and confidence. The expert of such level it is necessary to solve organizational and administrative problems, to organize the work of staff.

In addition to the above major fields of work of the Secretary, additional distinguished names of the profession, which are some of the features.

  • So, technical Secretary you need to be able to print 145 characters per minute without looking at the keyboard, using all ten fingers at once. This person needs to automate their work with office equipment and the phone service.
  • For Secretary-translator besides the basic functions, professionally it is important to speak a foreign language to participate in negotiations with foreign business partners.
  • Responsibilities clerk includes rationalized documentation companies, as well as working with files, registration of correspondence, billing.
  • Administrative questions fall on the shoulders office Secretary. In addition to business correspondence, need to do reservation of tickets and hotels, welcome guests and partners, to comply with the orders of the head.
  • Position with a slightly unusual specifics of this profession – judicial Secretary. Place of work of such a specialist – the court. A worker checks the voter turnout caused by people at the hearing, maintain the record of the court session, prints judicial acts, executes all the instructions of the judge.

History of the profession Secretary

If you lift the curtain of history and go in search of the answer to the question: where did the beginning of the profession "Secretary", it, most likely, the path will lead us to the clerks and chroniclers. These people were engaged in correspondence, led the entry of the orders and decrees of the king, fixed events in chronological order.

State and political figures are also difficult to do without an assistant. In Russia, secretarial work introduced by Peter I in 1720 year, presenting to the profession the high demands. The work of the Secretary was entrusted to people with knowledge of the laws, the presence of education and knowledge of all the subtleties of the profession.

With 1840 year, the leaders of many enterprises began to assign to his assistant personal Secretary. However, people without special skills to this position did not take. So, began to open secretarial courses. Interestingly, at first they appeared in Kharkov, and in the U.S. just eleven years later.

Scientific and technical progress was developing rapidly: carbon paper and typewriters in the past, giving today's workplace Secretary modern computers, Fax and other office equipment.

The official "Secretary" is usually celebrated on the last Wednesday of full week of April.

The pros and cons

Profession, no doubt, has the advantage in the benefits:

  • the possibility in some cases of combining study and work;
  • lack of exercise;
  • comfortable working in a warm room;
  • useful communication skills and the acquisition of profitable relationships;
  • you can always use a photocopier for personal purposes.


  • the need is constantly on the mind of the chief;
  • you want every day to look perfect, because of the solidity of the company is often judged by the appearance of staff;
  • the uniformity and routine of work ( in small institutions);
  • in some companies it is difficult to fulfill your potential;
  • ненормированный график работы.

Требования к профессии секретарь

Кандидат на данную профессию, first of all, должен:

  • располагать средним или высшим образованием;
  • to own a personal computer and be able to work with Microsoft Office programs;
  • know the basics of record keeping;
  • to have basic knowledge in the sphere of activities of the Secretary;
  • know standard office procedures;
  • if you need to speak English.

The duties of the Secretary

Managers of small firms want, to the Secretary:

  • was looking through correspondence;
  • sorted and recorded incoming and outgoing mail;
  • answered phone calls;
  • ensure the functioning of the office (ordering water);
  • communicated with clients;
  • supervised the execution of different tasks.

More reputable companies the responsibilities of the Secretary may be much wider. The clerk asked:

  • to organize the reception or meeting;
  • plan work time of head;
  • to buy stationery and other things;
  • order to officer or servants of the hotel, or tickets;
  • keep a record of the meeting;
  • to prepare negotiations with business partners.

The Registrar has to do the paperwork.

The responsibility of the Secretary

In some companies, the post of Secretary to be responsible for anything not necessary, in others, it encumbered the material and disciplinary liability, in addition to the workload of their duties.

In case of loss by the Secretary of any important documents, to administrative responsibility will be involved not an expert, a legal entity, ie. company.

The Secretary may be a financially responsible person to monitor the presence of material assets, located in the office in his sub-report: furniture, office equipment and other.

The powers of the Secretary

The Director is obliged to provide all necessary information in order, to the Secretary could cope with the task. This also applies to confidential data.

The Secretary may discuss with the head of questions about his vision, how to improve their work and the work of the organization.

He has the right:

  • ask the employees of the company the necessary documentation for compliance with sections of their job descriptions;
  • to require the Director to take steps to ensure the safety of documents and valuables;
  • to solve production issues within its competence.

The features of the profession

Должность секретаряпривилегия женщин. Именно их руководители хотят видеть своими помощниками. Это объясняется женским умением проявить гибкость, предотвратить агрессию шефа, to capture his attitude and personality. Beautiful half will be able to do a comfortable business office and impress the partners.

However, мужчина может претендовать на должность помощника руководителя, устраиваясь на работу в крупную фирму.

Профессиональные навыки и умения секретаря

Для работы секретарём важно:

  • to be "you" with a personal computer;
  • to have a culture of communication;
  • to be able to approach visitors;
  • to demonstrate the accuracy and punctuality.

Некоторые компании видят на должности секретаря человека со знанием иностранных языков.

Личные качества секретаря

Если задать вопрос руководителям различных предприятий, what character traits should be endowed with his personal Secretary, we can assume , their answer will be unambiguous:

  • communication skills and responsibility,
  • punctuality and organization,
  • tolerance and stress tolerance.

In addition, note presentable appearance, beautiful speech, a good memory.

After communicating with the company Secretary the visitor will have to be sure, here will help him to solve his question.


The position of Secretary of enveloped in myths about the difficulties, related career. Partly, it is. But this is only partly – it all depends on each person.

Someone is already using 1-2 years manifests itself from the best side and confidently moves forward to meet the numerous prospects, and someone and the post of Secretary is a lot.

Умные и инициативные сотрудники могут подыскать себе место посолидней внутри той же компании, став например помощником менеджера, а после менеджером или даже директором.

Where to work Secretary

The secretaries need:

  • various organizations and firms;
  • the courts, lawyers and notaries.

Secretary needed in a large company, and in the enterprise, working in small business.

What is the salary of the Secretary

One cannot call what is a fixed amount, if we talk about average salary of people, occupying the position of Secretary.

State institutions do not treat their clerks high wages and pay them about 300 $ . But, if you go to work in big foreign company, it is possible to increase the income to 1000 $ .


When applying for a vacancy as an assistant Manager treat people with higher education or a certificate of completion of a specialized training centre for secretaries. Иногда обучение можно пройти в компании, которая согласна принять Вас на работу.

Работать секретарем можно и без высшего образования, но солидные компании хотят видеть в своей команде дипломированных специалистов со знанием делопроизводства, этики делового общения, психологии, стенографии и скорочтения, умением работать в 1С и мастерски управляться с оргтехникой.

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