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Профессия программист

Профессия программист
Автор статьи
Александр Юрьевич
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In simple terms, the programmers are people, which use mathematical models to create different programs and algorithms.

The main task of a programmer is to develop computer programs and algorithms, revision and simplification of the existing ON.

At the modern level of development of technologies in virtually any firm is interested in, to automate processes, which occur in the enterprise, such as:

  1. intra-company work,
  2. the exchange of information between departments,
  3. inventory of products,
  4. supply Corporation,
  5. the sale of goods through Internet technologies.

In these matters the main role of these professionals, as programmers. They create such apps, which take into account the specifics and focus of any enterprise, from travel companies to sports venues.

The history of the profession of programmer

Programming is beginning to emerge for a very long time, and in the beginning of his career was very similar to the art, because they do not have yet any laws, rules.

The first computer programmer, oddly enough, there was a woman. Her name was Ada Lolas. It all started, in 1833 year, the famous British mathematician Charles Babbidge constructed the first so-called "analytical" machine. She did the simple math. What the Hell Lolas in turn was able to write several programs for new invention.

A new round of development, the profession has received in the early forties of the twentieth century, with the advent of the first digital electronic computers. They were created by the American mathematician, von Neiman. Program, made first car, was very detailed, and they considered every computed operation, each logical step. The unit had its own unique language, other than that the machine does not understand any other.

Further the creation of a special programming language has allowed to bring the industry to a new level, that is to make programs with algorithms, the special symbolic forms, which matches a specific language. In the development process was also devised special programs, transforming languages from algorithmic to native.

At the present time with the constant development of science and technology there are many latest developments in this area and every day the industry gets more and more development.

Professional holiday

Programmer's day is celebrated in different countries in different ways. For example, in Russia and in Ukraine it is celebrated in September. In the Russian Federation it is celebrated 13 Sep, and in Ukraine, every first Friday of that month.

Varieties (specialization)

All members of the profession can be divided into three categories:

  • Experts in the application programs. These people make up specific programmes for certain enterprises. Such developments concerns the accounting program 1C, or logistics – ABM Rinkai TMS.
  • System programmers are employees, who has been programming operating systems, interface to databases of data distribution, networking.
  • WEB-programmers as well, as representatives of the previous category working in network field, however, in a more global scale. They create different sites, web interfaces and dynamic web pages and so on.

The pros and cons of working as a programmer

Like all other profession, this has its advantages and disadvantages. Consider some of them…

The pros of the specialty:

  • the ability to constantly evolve, to progress and improve;
  • a high level of self-expression and self-realization;
  • big demand in the labour market;
  • vysokooplachivaemoi;
  • the prospect of work without receiving a diploma of higher education, you need a certificate of completion by a certain direction;
  • huge scope for creativity and the creative possibilities of the person.

Cons of the profession:

  • the complexity of perception data, since not every person can understand something, he understands the programmer, therefore, very often have a lot of time to explain certain points;
  • sometimes you have to work in the mode of lack of time;
  • permanent computer a negative impact on health, particularly suffers vision and musculoskeletal system as a consequence of the so-called sedentary work;
  • very often the work is routine and monotonous;
  • also often suffer from human nature, who is getting nervous, short-tempered and abrupt in their actions and judgments.

The requirements for the profession of programmer

As with any work, applicant positions must meet certain requirements, that can change, but have similar basic principles, which are approximately those:

  • necessary knowledge in the sphere of modern technologies and programming languages, such as HTML, SQL, PHP and other;
  • experience writing and programming;
  • the ability to create and read technical specification;
  • the ability to decipher and adapt someone else's code;
  • to deal in auxiliary programs;
  • proficiency in English on a technical level.

Duties of the programmer

The range of employment programmer includes a variety of different actions. Among them are such:

  • on the basis of various mathematical models and algorithms to compile and run according to the given tasks;
  • test and debug pre-written product;
  • develop technology solutions in all stages of information processing;
  • to determine, which existing information is to be processed using computer tools;
  • to select a programming language, which in the future will be written by the program;
  • to identify the data from control examples, in order to see whether the program its purpose;
  • to launch the debugged application and enter the source information into it on the basis of the tasks;
  • to adjust the program based on the analyzed data;
  • to determine, is it possible to use any ready-made software products;
  • to prepare technical documentation, and also how to work with the program;
  • to carry out maintenance and support of software tools;
  • to ensure uninterrupted operation of computers and equipment linked to them;
  • to train technical tools to work, as well as to monitor their health and condition;
  • timely repair of equipment;
  • to provide timely audit of.


Like anyone, programmers make mistakes. However, the big advantage of this profession is the fact, even in the Commission of any defect or defects, all of it can be detected during testing and solved on the stage of debugging the program, application.

Do not forget about the violations of the legislation of copyright and interference in personal data, that is a criminal, or administrative liability.


Simultaneously with the official duties, also pay for the rights of employees in the IT Department. So, what are the rights of the representatives of this profession:

  • has the right to take certain actions, when the situation may arise, in which there are obstacles to the implementation of employee its activities;
  • to propose management measures, to improve the work of the enterprise in the IT field.

Features of the programmer's profession

The labor market is growing faster, than the industry IT technologies, that is caused by a large number of experienced professionals, in the interest of the company.

Feature profession can be considered that, what it allows you to have a so-called free schedule, and not to be in the company and work remotely. There is also the opportunity to earn extra income, work with, which allows you to earn good money.

Professional skills

When applying for a job, the programmer must have set of skills and abilities, among them such as:

  • knowledge of the English language at a technical level;
  • psychological stability;
  • creative thinking;
  • high emotional balance;
  • perseverance and patience.

Personal qualities

Essential qualities in the work of the programmer are patience and endurance, they help him to focus on work and accurately perform it.

Given, that IT technologies are developing very fast, the representative of this profession must constantly acquire new knowledge and skills, to improve in your business, in order, to then be able to quickly adapt to the situation. In the absence of this factor in the Arsenal of the programmer, can significantly decrease the value and relevance of such employee.

Large role played by objectivity in the assessment of technologies and their applicability in each specific example. That is, each new design must be applied appropriate to its purpose and to simplify, and not to complicate the work.

Career programmer

There are plenty of good examples to start a career programmer, as example, the ability to join the development of any new project.

Russian experts are very talented, accordingly, their projects on the market have a relatively high cost. Therefore, they are popular with Western investors, which often offered good money for projects. In this regard, frames are valued and we have, as the importance and usefulness of the profession in recent years has increased several times.

Where to work professional

IT-specialists are in demand in almost all spheres of society, because in the modern world is very large, the value of computerization and all, connected with it. Without the help of professionals, in this sector of society it can not do.

Programmers are needed everywhere, from the banal housing area to a large oil Corporation.

What is the salary of the programmers

One of the most lucrative and popular is the field of programming. Advantages are high wages, social package, the opportunity to work anywhere in the world.

The highest salaries have Java and NET programmers, and on the contrary, less all pay for work of system administrators, technical support specialists and so on.

The average salary of a programmer in Russia is 625 $ , however in major cities of the RFP can reach up to 5000 dollars a month.


If you want to become a programmer and to devote himself to work in this field, this requires not so much effort. They all boil down to getting a certain certificate, which is issued at the end of the course, the duration of which is usually from three months to a year, depending on the orientation.

Further development of the programmer is limited to their own perfection? personal qualities. Причем от вас не требуется создание программ взмахом руки. However, those people, you already have experience with computer, it will be significantly easier to navigate in the field of programming.

Also do not overdo it with creativity. Because of this, sometimes situations may arise, in which there will be some misunderstanding between the people concerned.

It is important to understand, that's not always necessary to "start from bottom", possible, there are options for improving any development.

In determining specialization and trends in the industry sometimes it is necessary to choose a computer science. This specialty is an innovative, and here is an opportunity for self-realization and creativity. This will allow you even when you perform a homogeneous task to act in isolation.

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