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The profession of the seller

The profession of the seller
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Александр Юрьевич
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Seller – is an employee of the trading point, who releases the goods to consumers.

The main objective of the work the seller of any specialisation to serve customers and to satisfy its customers ' needs.


Changes in trade activities could not affect the profession of the seller. Today the seller is a qualified merchandiser, and consultant and assistant of the consumer.

Vendors may sell food or industrial products, and also to work at universal trading enterprises.

Salespeople vary in their specialization and work in the Department of food products, in confectionery and groceries. The demand for furniture, clothes, shoes and production of household appliances has led to the demand of the profession of the seller of industrial goods.

History of the profession of the seller

No one can say for sure: where did the origins of the profession of the seller. One thing, she appeared before the emergence of money. In those days, people exchanged goods, over time, they began to form markets, and with them commodity-money relations.

In Russia it happened in 8-9 Q.. There were such things, as internal and external trade.

The role of sellers was accomplished merchants. They sold, bought and sold goods. Were the buyers, which are purchased from the villagers eggs, meat, fish and profitably marketed to big merchants. Began to open retail shops.

The first cash register was invented in 19 in. the owner of a small café James Ritty. This invention is an important part of our lives and today we cannot imagine, before people did without it.

Day of trade workers – one of the most popular holidays, which is celebrated the last Saturday in July not only workers trade, but buyers.

The pros and cons

To be the seller on the one hand well:

  • the demand for this profession in the labour market;
  • you can find a job, having a rich experience;
  • staggered;
  • the opportunity to purchase discounted goods.

However, like any other profession it has negative sides:

  • tired of its monotony;
  • frustrating small income;
  • there is a danger to meet one on one with the robber or crook.

But the most important minus – the seller is responsible for all product and proceeds of funds.

Requirements for the role of the seller

The applicant should meet the following requirements:

  • you need to have a secondary education;
  • to understand the specificity of the product;
  • welcome the presence of the experience;
  • knowledge of PC at a confidence level user.

Sometimes, employers want to see on the position of the seller a person with knowledge of the English language, experience at the checkout and the ability to work in the program 1C .

When working with the foods you need to undergo a medical examination.

Job responsibilities

The seller shall:

  • serve customers;
  • to apply for a showcase;
  • to provide buyers with succinct information about the product;
  • to take from the consumer the amount of the cost of production;
  • to perform the packaging of the goods;
  • monitor the shelf life of food products;
  • to make an order for the replenishment of the product range;
  • to monitor the relevance of price tags.


The seller is responsible for:

  • timely display of products and its quality;
  • the availability and accuracy of price tags;
  • the suitability of their products and compliance with deadlines for its implementation;
  • preparing of receipts and expenditure statements;
  • violation of labor discipline;
  • correctly appeal to buyers;
  • failure to comply with the requirements of the administration.

The seller is entrusted with the collective material responsibility for the entrusted goods.

The powers of the seller

With the aim of improving process customer service and optimize trade point the seller has the right to make suggestions.

The features of the profession

We live in the era of the service sector. The modern shopper wants not only to obtain the desired product, but decent service. So today became a sought-after position of a sales assistant.

The hallmark of such employee from the average salesperson is his ability to give solid and competent advice to the buyer about the characteristics and properties of the product.

This person helps Orient the client to make the right decision when making a product. Its tasks also included the design of the warranty card. In addition, he needs to pack purchased goods. However, this does not relieve the specialist from the above-described obligations of the seller.

6 truths about the post of sales assistant.

  1. For the vacancy sales assistant take people, who know how to win over a client.
  2. Important part of the work – greeting. To meet customers needs with a smile.
  3. Professional can find approach to any person. Most importantly genuinely want to help the buyer to purchase the product, which will satisfy the customer's need.
  4. Need to work so, the buyer wanted many more times to come in Your store.
  5. Sales – it, first of all, psychologist, which is able to hold the customer's attention and direct his thoughts in the right direction.
  6. The specialist should be able to gently push the customer to buy.

Professional skills

The seller need to learn:

  • to handle the cash register, conveyor or tape;
  • to be able to correctly complete the necessary documentation;
  • to know the program 1C;
  • be able to identify the counterfeit banknotes.

The personal qualities of the seller

Communication and honesty – the main features of the nature of the seller with a capital letter.

  • Without the ability to be sociable it is impossible to become a good worker in the sphere of trade. Polite attitude like all, and the buyer already perceives him as a tribute.
  • The seller must also be honest to the customer. Incorrectly calculated the amount of the purchase or fraud with the delivery would be revealed. As a result, because of the bad reputation: and Your and store.

In addition, useful physical endurance, the ability to be able to shift attention;

The position requires poise and tact in dealing with customers, personal organization and activity.

The seller must be endowed with psychical resistance, the ability to quickly calculate in mind, competent clear diction, endurance, good hearing and vision.

Career seller

The profession is in good demand. If the specialist belongs to the buyers, своей профессии и администрации с должным уважением и при этом еще и работает над развитием своих деловых качеств, he has all the chances to rise and walk with dignity the path from Junior specialist to senior seller.

It is not excluded, your career will not stop: You can assign the shift supervisor, in the future, even a store Manager.

Get closer to the dream and direct your skills in the right direction with the help of trainings. There You can not only learn a lot, but to try to take advantage of new opportunities in practice. This will be especially useful for the profession of a sales assistant.

If on the horizon loomed the opportunity to move to the position of sales Manager – do not miss it. Because this position will give You new career perspectives.

There are no shortcuts, only self-development, and hard work can turn an ordinary seller in the Director of the salon or to elevate to the position of commercial Director.


In the job of the seller to date the deficit is not observed. Every minute in the labor market there are new opportunities. An increasing number of trading kiosks and other outlets. Like mushrooms, grow stores and shops, supermarkets and hypermarkets.

Among the related professions include work:

  • a waiter, bartender, a controller–cashier, a merchandiser;
  • the administrator of a trading hall, sales representative, merchant.


The income of the seller consists of two components: a fixed portion and a percentage of sales.

The second part is often superior to the first at times, but in order for this statement to work you need to work hard and well. Usually large incomes can boast an active and purposeful people.

Again, the capital's sellers who have to order more, what is the sellers from the province. Sales consultants receive approximately 80 dollars more, than the seller, who works at the checkout.

Средняя заработная плата продавца варьируется в пределах 530- 600 $ .


To become a seller of higher education is not required. You can get training at the preparatory courses or retraining.

The seller will need the knowledge of mathematics, Russian language and literature within the school program.

To become certified by the seller after the end of College or College. Though, the owners of many private shops and commercial establishments train specialists in the course of work, after a short training, You will be able to work on cash register and to understand product labeling.

Высшее торговое образование нужно там, где требуется реализовывать сложные технические товары и в любом случае станет дополнительным плюсом на пути к вершине карьеры.

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