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The profession of firefighter

The profession of firefighter
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Александр Юрьевич
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Fire – it's a hack of fire protection, who is engaged in fire fighting and rescue.

The main objective of the work the fire safety of the residents, their protection and salvation.

History of the profession

In historical Chronicles, has been found information on, that the fire groups appeared in Ancient Egypt. The Roman Empire also had such-and-rescue team, their founder was the Emperor Augustus.

Russia began actively and seriously to approach the issue of fighting fires in the late eleventh century. Then people, who was involved and convicted of arson, subjected to a terrible trial. As a punishment they were deprived of all property. But later decided, that's punishment enough, and decided to resort to the death penalty.

1504 the year was marked by the emergence of the first fire brigade. It consisted of soldiers, who were armed with axes and halberds. This weapon helped them only at the rubble.

Was officially considered as, the profession of a fireman appeared in 1649 year. This year the king issued a decree on the appointment of people, responsible for fire safety. It was specified duties and powers of the first fire, and, the number of units.

Professional holiday

Day of workers of fire protection – 29 Jan. On this day in Ukraine all employees of the fire service celebrate their professional holiday.

But also The day of the rescuer, celebrated 17 Sep, is considered a holiday and fire officers. In this day of specialists of this direction be awarded with medals and diplomas. For them there are plenty of festive concerts and programs.


Fire protection can be divided into the following types:

  • The state fire service. Its core business is fire control.
  • Municipal fire protection. Its main task – to organize and conduct fire prevention and extinguishing.
  • The fire safety Department. It is organised by the Federal bodies of Executive power, in order, to ensure fire safety.
  • Private fire protection. It is organized in certain places under contract.
  • Voluntary fire brigade. This is an additional form of protection, it is generated from rescue volunteers, which showed a sincere desire to participate in the activities for fire prevention.

The pros and cons

The profession of fire has its advantages:

  • a pretty in demand profession;
  • is a heroic and honorable profession;
  • pretty convenient schedule;
  • good earnings.

Delight, respect, and boundless gratitude for saving my life, perhaps – these are the most important advantages of this profession.

But, still, this profession has its significant disadvantages:

  • danger, which is present every day;
  • huge risk;
  • extreme working conditions;
  • small career prospects;
  • strict discipline;
  • possible frequent exercises and visits to different cities.

The most important minus – this is the experience of loved ones. After all, every day the squad leaves for a heroic, but such dangerous service. And whether he will return safe and sound they know.

Requirements for the role

The applicants can submit the following requirements:

  • full secondary education;
  • the passage of fire training;
  • excellent knowledge of fire safety rules, current building standards;
  • excellent health;
  • knowledge of legislative, legal and normative acts;
  • knowledge of methods of localization and liquidation of fires;
  • knowledge of various tactics of extinguishing fires.

Firefighters must always be prepared for uncomfortable working conditions and irregular working schedule.

Job duties of a firefighter

A good firefighter – professional, which has a universal skills work.

It needs:

  • to be able to respond quickly;
  • well to navigate the terrain;
  • to be able to provide first aid;
  • to find a psychological approach to victims;
  • to be able to stop the spread of panic;
  • a thorough have a professional equipment.

The rescuers, possible, you will need to interact with search dogs, quickly to clear the debris, and carefully pull people out of the fire.


A firefighter is responsible for:

  • the non-compliance of orders;
  • false information about the work done;
  • safety, and instructions on labor protection;
  • violation of labor discipline;
  • failure to comply with their professional duties.

Powers of fire

The lifeguard has the right:

  • to provide work, due to the labor contract;
  • the organization of the workplace, which will meet all state regulatory requirements and conditions;
  • to obtain complete and accurate information about working conditions;
  • to training, retraining and improvement of their qualification in the prescribed manner;
  • to materials and documents, that relate to the issues of their activities;
  • interact with all departments of employers;
  • use cell phone for official purposes.

Features of a profession of firefighter

  1. When in the village there is a fire, dispatchers receive a call. Defining the terrain, they determine the nearest fire station. If the fire is small, the Manager is enough to send one car from the nearest part.
  2. If you burn large areas, then sent two huge machines. If the case is heavy and serious – routed all the cars from all the surrounding parts. And sometimes even from neighboring towns.
  3. The fire starts, when lights siren alarm, rescuers wearing protective clothing, and arrive on the scene. Все спасатели находятся отличной форме и знают специфику действий, поэтому работают они максимально быстро. Собираются они за двадцать секунд, ведь каждая секунда ценна.
  4. Когда пожарные приезжают к месту возгорания, они за пару минут должны подключить шланги к ближайшему источнику воды, ведь есть пожары, которые могут тушиться несколько дней. Далее пожарные направляются в источник возгорания, чтобы спасти людей. Они очень рискуют жизнью, но это составляющая их работы. That's why this specialty is suitable only for the strong, bold and self-confident people.
  5. Further work investigating, they define, who was responsible for the fire, and constitute acts of pravomernost fire.

The work of fire inspectors is also not to be underestimated. They check ognestoykost enterprises, conduct informational interviews with staff and children. It is often the child after school remains one, and susceptible to all sorts of dangers. But if he is warned and informed is forearmed.

Профессия пожарныходна из самых опасных профессий мира. Каждый день молодые ребята борются с огнём, спасая жизни, но при этом подвергая себя огромной опасности. Они знают на что они идут, но несмотря на это, они готовы отдать жизни за спасение людей. Пожарныенастоящие герои нашего времени! Их благородный труд, всегда высоко цениться и вознаграждается.

Professional skills

Пожарные должны уметь:

  • обращаться с техникой пожаротушения;
  • оперативно и верно провести эвакуацию людей с опасной зоны;
  • ознакомиться с тактикой борьбы с огнём;
  • придерживаться техники собственной безопасности;
  • оказать грамотную доврачебную помощь пострадавшим.

Главное – это самоконтроль и выдержка спасателей. Ведь пожарный МЧС должен уметь справляться с психологическими и физическими нагрузками, и при этом ещё суметь поддержать и успокоить пострадавших.

Личные качества пожарного

Пожарный – это героическая профессия. Каждый день спасатели рискуют жизнью, выезжая на очередной выезд. Риск в данном труде присутствует постоянно. Поэтому пожарные должны быть наделены многими qualities, которые будут помогать им в этом нелёгком труде:

  • стальными нервами;
  • physical endurance;
  • ловкостью;
  • смелостью;
  • быстрой реакцией;
  • взаимовыручкой;
  • дисциплиной;
  • wit;
  • responsibility.

Данная специальность требует и психологической уравновешенности и спокойствия. Невзирая на опасную обстановку, необходимо всегда оставаться в трезвом рассудке и не терять уверенности в действиях.

Карьера пожарного

Простые рядовые пожарных подразделений имеют все шансы дорасти до должности командира.

Если же пожарные имеют higher education, то они могут стать пожарными дознавателями, экспертами, инспекторами по пожарной безопасности.

Главное – это упорство и терпение, и тогда абсолютно у каждого работника появится шанс добиться значимого успеха в данной сфере.


В основном пожарные служат в частях и подразделениях Госпожнадзора и МЧС. Но также данные специалисты востребованы в муниципальной пожарной, частной и ведомственной охране.


Доход пожарного обычно стабилен и зависит от степени звания, и от того, где именно он работает.

  • So, in Ukraine, a firefighter can earn around 300 – 400 $ .
  • In Russia, a firefighter can earn 600 – 700 $ .
  • And in Moscow 800 – 900 $ .

This profession is quite dangerous, but at the same time honorable and well-paid.


  1. To be a fireman, it is sufficient to obtain primary or secondary vocational education.
  2. You can get trained in specialized courses, but to go through them, possible, only after serving in the army.

In order to occupy more important positions in this field, you need, to obtain a higher education at the University, Academy or Institute.

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