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Profession cook

Profession cook
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Александр Юрьевич
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The cook is a specialist, who prepares food for catering.

The main objective of the work of chefs – cooking, according to the recipe with the observance of technology of cooking, which should be in good taste and beautiful appearance.

Varieties of profession

  • Chef is, first of all, production Manager. Is preparing the applications, gets warehouse food, monitors the quality of the product and supply volumes. What happens today in your menu – only solves the chef, taking into account the wishes of consumers. Job Junior cooks and other workers, also distributes chef. This man is following: observing sanitary food preparation requirements, controls the proportions raw material for dishes. The chef adjusts the output of employees to work according to written schedule, and a track record of products, prepares reports and implements improvement suggestions, to improve work activities.
  • Pastry chef. Prepares pastries of all kinds. Cake, roll, cupcake and cake – the handiwork of chefs – pastry. He can cook any filling, whip cream delicious, roll out the dough. Chocolate, fruits and nuts such chefs create masterpieces. They are also involved in the manufacture of semi-finished products, can skillfully determine the weight of the finished product.
  • The cook-technologist. Manages the entire process of procurement of raw materials. He is responsible for quality control, caloric daily intake of food, the preparation of menus and the provision of price lists. The distribution of tasks among team, creates brand recipes with routings. Cooks conducts training and maintains documentation. He is responsible for accounting for basic materials, goods and cooked food.

Chefs are different: chef, Baker, the cook on the ship, pastry chef, cook – sushist.

The profession of a cook

The roots of the craft go in those days, when people learned to make fire and cook it the raw meat and fish. Delicious food especially appreciated by the nobility of Ancient Rome and Greece.

In 17 century in Russia was engaged in cooking chefs, and 19 century is famous for its cooking schools. In chronicle, we can find the mention of the Magi, which to this day is considered the first chefs. Whatever you say, a chef is appreciated at all times. The demand for qualified specialists today dictates the restaurant business, making the chef profession more popular.

Worldwide 20 Oct chefs celebrate their professional holiday – "Day cook".

The pros and cons

Cook's profession has a number of advantages:

  • there is scope for creativity;
  • qualified chef will not be left without work;
  • a decent income;
  • the ability to cook delicious and healthy food for their loved ones, friends, favorite.

On the culinary field chefs are beset by certain difficulties:

  • is hard on the feet throughout the day, Yes, and to perform physical activities, lifting weights;
  • lost vigilance, the result – got a cut or burn;
  • the need to prepare multiple dishes in parallel leads to fatigue of the whole body by the end of the work shift.

The requirements for chefs

  • Hiring cook, recruiter primarily, interested in the education specialist. People with secondary education have all chances to get a job.
  • The employer wants to recruit the person, who would understand the recipe of cooking, mastered the technology of production of culinary and semi-finished products.
  • The applicant needs to understand the compatibility of products, the storage timing and the results of cooking.
  • The cook is obliged to be guided in the marking of the used raw materials, possess merchandising skills.
  • Know the basics of proper nutrition and methods of cooking dietary dishes.
  • A qualified technician must sniff to be able to determine the quality of the products.

Appreciated people, who follow the innovations in the culinary field.

Job responsibilities

Wherever the work activity, but if Your profession – cook, so You must:

  • to products;
  • to comply with the General technology of food preparation;
  • properly use kitchen appliances;
  • to ensure proper accounting and storage of raw materials;
  • to prepare the dish, stated in the menu;
  • to know the nutritious details of product and to monitor the shelf life;
  • to observe cleanliness and order in the workplace.

The main task of chefs – prepare a variety of dishes, arrange them, to develop my own new recipes.

The responsibility of a chef

A specialist in the field of culinary is responsible for:

  • compliance with safety standards;
  • the quality of the cooked products;
  • the sequence of preparation;
  • weight portion at the output.

The responsibilities of the chef determined by the employer organizations, who has the right to amend the job description of the necessary amendments.

Powers chef

A qualified technician is authorized:

  • to interact with related organizations and their units;
  • to make decisions and give orders at any force – majeure circumstances by the nature of its activities;
  • to participate in the inventory of.

The cook has the right to act within its competence.

Features chefs

Be a good qualified technician is not given to everyone. First of all, the chef must love his job, to possess imagination and to have creative potential. Chefs are talented, organized, neat and attentive to detail people.

The main feature of the chefs – a very developed palate and sense of smell, as well as a good memory.

Professional skills of a cook

A qualified technician must learn:

  • how to handle kitchen appliances;
  • to cook strictly by prescription;
  • the processing of food;
  • to determine the quality provided for raw materials and additional components;
  • artfully arrange ready-to-eat product;
  • determine the value of prepared meals.

Preference is given to cooks, who know how to use production equipment and facilities, and to observe the technology of preparation of flour, confectionery and other products.

Personal qualities

A good chef has the following character traits:

  • the presence of olfactory and tactile sensitivity, developed eye, rich imagination;
  • activity, responsibility, endurance , well-developed motor skills.

Chef, led by courage and inventiveness can be called a professional, because to create something worthwhile and to present on court of strict judges your meals not everyone is capable of.

Career chef

Assistant chef can be arranged in another College years. Have to do a lot of the dirty work: to remove, clean, cutting, wash. Most importantly it is good to prove yourself. Then everything goes by itself: simple meals gradually will represent for You interest, Your knowledge and experience will improve every day. Over time, You will be able to increase your skill category, and when you reach the sixth, it will be a contender for the place of chef.

After reviewing all the subtleties of the craft can safely open their own restaurant business.

Jobs chef

  • The service sector today is gaining momentum, so, chefs needed in restaurants and bars, cafes and shopping – entertainment agencies.
  • You need to prepare food in kindergartens and schools, the workers ' canteens, hospitals.
  • To work as personal chef to a wealthy people are not less prestigious, what to cook for a fancy restaurant.

A good cook is needed in any industry and will never be without work.


How much You will earn while working as a chef, depends on many factors.

The owners of popular venues, in order to lure the best professionals, not to offend the cooks and are willing to pay for their work good money. Also, much depends on the location of the institutions and pricing policies of food.

Of course, if You are preparing for budget organizations, schools or canteens, rely on a large income is not necessary. A lot of work, a big responsibility, and pay a little. Well, if 500 dollars get your hands on. In large cities usually income 200 higher.

The average salary of a chef is 800 $ . The higher the discharge, the more income.

Education chefs

To become a chef you need to learn, learn and learn again.

  • If there is no education, will have to work up a sweat in the most difficult work.
  • More ambitious candidates may start with the training of the assistant chef of the famous restaurant. You will need to perform the same dirty work, but there is a bonus – at the same time You'll acquire skills and experience. If you're lucky, possible, You will be asked to take study abroad or in a good culinary school.
  • To learn how to professionally cook, after graduating from culinary courses or courses of cooks, where You will learn Italian or become a master at preparing sushi.
  • Good knowledge provide relevant post-secondary educational institutions, but aerobatics – it is a complete Institute of Food industry, specialty "chef engineer".

The secrets of high cuisine can be mastered, learning from chefs of Michelin restaurants of the world famous international culinary schools. There developed a special training program, which will be useful both novice and experienced chief- cook.


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  1. Medet

    I wanted to know, I am a disciple “11” class, and I'm interested in can I become a chef if you go to the Institute of technology power, as? where? whether English cook, it is welcome?

    • Marina

      You can become a chef, even if courses just go, if, at the Institute – it will be a technologist (chef), at least on education. Everything else depends on the skills and practices… English is not needed if run locally, and if you go abroad to work – need to know yeah, particularly on cruise liners etc. But still have to go through additional courses in language, which will be spoken.

  2. Lyudyna

    Згоден. Кухар дійсно затребувана професія. Навіть вивчитися не складно. Головне хотіти!

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