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Profession operator

Profession operator
Автор статьи
Александр Юрьевич
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Operator — the many specialties on the adjustment and control of equipment and installations of various kinds and functions; on the exercise videos of varying difficulty, as well as a number of the group of military occupations to control combat and air vehicles, stationary objects.

PC operator – specialist, который набирает и обрабатывает какую-либо информацию на компьютере.

The main purpose of the PC operator – processing of all the data on the computer.

Varieties of profession the operator

To the profession are relevant not only PC, but the cameramen, radio operators, cameramen, videographers, the call-center operators, операторы на заправочных станциях (АЗС).

Each of these professions has its own specific activities.

  • The cameraman – they are engaged in shooting of films and serials through a camera, pick the color, the scale of the image, the frame composition and shooting angle.
  • The cameraman – relieves the television program and may combine the duties of a cameraman.
  • Videographer mainly engaged in private activity: shoots weddings, cooperatives and other festive events.
  • The radio operator evaluates the quality of radio signal, records audio clips, selects music.

History of the profession, the operator

What came first: computer or the profession of the operator. Well, of course, PC. Modern man cannot do without his help. All business documents were written manually on Fox paper, and then sort by folder. All calculations were done by scientists and statisticians.

The first electronic computer was created by the American mathematician von Neumann in the 50-year. It was called a computer, a man, she ran, called a computer operator. The machine had a huge size.

In 1973 year created the first microcomputer, the Frenchman françois Gernel. Then everything began to develop very quickly.

Professional holiday

The position operator is closely connected with programming, and these people celebrate their professional holiday on 256- day of the year. This figure is chosen for a reason and carries the number of values, you can represent eight-bit byte. Usually it falls on 13 Sep, and only in a leap year it is celebrated 12 Sep.

The pros and cons

Every job has its advantages and disadvantages. The positive side of the profession:

  • in the modern world people with the knowledge of the operator are very much appreciated;
  • the possibility of additional earnings.

The cons of the profession of steel:

  • low mobility;
  • back pain and cervical spine;
  • strain on the eyes.

Requirements for the role

Operators of the television sphere of activity be creative and creative people

  • with the availability of secondary education or diploma of graduation;
  • experience more than 3 years in this specialty;
  • skills with video equipment and optical devices;
  • knowledge of fine properties, lighting;
  • sense of style.

The operator of the contact center or the operator of the personal computer, you can even work with a secondary education, just having the skills work on the computer and required personal qualities. Suitable candidates will undergo training directly in the workplace.

Higher education is the operator of the PC of course useful, but diligence and care are valued more.

Job responsibilities

The PC operator must perform the following functions:

  • manage information database;
  • process data — account, false, incoming and outgoing mail, electronic message, client applications and other documents;
  • maintain documentation and archive them;
  • to work with printer, a photocopier, Fax and other office equipment;
  • to compile and create documentation.

Sometimes employers expand the responsibilities of the operator.

You need:

  • to work with the bar codes and enter them into the system;
  • to contribute information to the site;
  • answer phone calls;
  • to advise clients regarding services, prices and shares of the company.

The liability of the operator

The operator may be subject to disciplinary action under labour law for:

  • violation of labor regulations;
  • failure or poor performance of his job description;
  • failure to apply in practice their powers;
  • failure of internal orders and orders for the enterprise.

Financial responsibility provided by the legislation in case of damage to the enterprise in the course of employment.

The powers of the operator

The position allows the employee:

  • prohibit the use of devices and tools , which are in a failed state;
  • to offer the head of their maintenance work optimization;
  • collaborate with all departments;
  • to ask the Manager and employees the necessary data to ensure smooth operation;
  • to ask for senior management assistance for compliance with sections of their job descriptions.

The features of the profession of the operator

The profession has become, popular not so long ago. She was born with the advent of the age of computer technology.

The operator not only makes computer text and data, but also engaged in the sorting of materials, performing arithmetic calculations, preparation of tables and summaries.

Repetitive posture in a stationary state of the monitor during the working day is very tiring.

Professional skills of the operator

The valuable workers, which

  • can print with high speed;
  • confident using a personal computer: the package of office programs and 1C;
  • have well spoken when dealing with customers.

Personal qualities

Among the personal qualities of the operator, necessary for the successful operation, include:

  • sociability and friendliness;
  • the organization and care;
  • perseverance and poise;
  • punctuality and responsibility;
  • diligence and desire to improve.

In addition, it is important to have good eyesight, accuracy and coordination of movements, the ability to focus on the main, a good memory.

It is not recommended to operate operator people with bad eyesight and a problematic spine.

Quarry operator

The profession of the operator of the PC will be a perfect part time job for students in beginning a career in the field of computer technology. Former students if you have the desire to become programmers, IT-specialists of different qualification, graphic designers and other.

The operator can also expect career growth within the organization.

Where to work to the operator

Each organization, that works with a large amount of data, includes in the staffing the position of the operator.

The demand for such professionals in various fields:

  • in trade and medicine;
  • on television and radio;
  • in the field of transport and logistics;
  • in medicine and in construction companies;
  • in the banking industry and other areas.

Possessing the profession of a computer operator, specialist will never be without a livelihood, so how can always find work in the specialty.

What is the salary of the operator

The PC can not boast of a big income. The salary for this profession or low, or slightly above average. On the level of income affects the prestige and the financial situation of the enterprise, where the affected employee, as well as the professionalism of the employee.

Cameramen, cameramen on average earn from 1000 to 5000 $ . Income according to the positions determined by the place and experience, the specifics of the movie or program.

With private operators is another story: the more clients they have and above professionalism, the greater the amount of their earnings. A significant role plays the reputation of the specialist.

Where to study the operator

To master the specialty of operator of film and television in the University or, after training at the Studio or television station. A portfolio for admission is sure.

Specialty "computer operators" to learn in school. But recruiters pay attention not on the diploma, and knowledge.

To master the profession of the operator PC is also possible in special courses lasting up to three months. Some companies, in need of workers, take people without experience and train them yourself.

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