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Profession logistician

Profession logistician
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Александр Юрьевич
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Logist — man, which controls the movement of goods from point of manufacture to point of delivery. It specialist, which finds an optimal path of movement of the goods.

The main task of the logistician is to save company resources and ensure timely delivery of goods to the consumer, and to keep costs to a minimum.

Varieties of profession

Logist can work in two directions: warehouse and transport.

  1. Складская логистика – business processes, associated with receiving and storing goods in logistics terminals.
  2. Транспортная логистика – охватывает все действия, regarding the movement of goods from points of production to points of storage and distribution.

Possible profession:

  • Manager – optimizes costs and reduces the cost of the organization: planning an optimal route, calculates the cost, supervises the delivery and shipment, customs operations, arrange for the custody and accounting of goods in warehouses;
  • Customs agent – work in the structure of customs: inspects and prepares goods, maintains supporting documentation, prepares customs Declaration;
  • Specialist FEA (foreign economic activity) – collaborates with the customs service, control over the payment process: analyzes demand for specific types of goods, expands client base, concludes contracts with foreign partners.

This activity also needs to be procurement specialists and multidisciplinary logistics.

History of the profession

The term "logistics" has Greek roots, and means "reasoning and calculation". Ancient Greece, and later the Roman Empire took widespread participation in wars and applied the teachings of logistics for the transportation of military weapons. Over time, the science of logistics has acquired a civil character. Today's managers can learn in the face of merchants and trade organizations, who traded away from the place of residence.

Their professional holiday logisticians annually celebrated on the last Friday of November.

The pros and cons

Profession logistician pretty interesting. Its advantages include the following factors.

1. The lack of employment problems.
2. Interaction with different people.
3. Work in the office, alternated with visits to the object.
4. The opportunity to improve their knowledge.
5. You can get a job in this specialty, without having specialized education, but having certain skills.

The negative side of the profession is

  • a big responsibility;
  • at the initial stage of the career a small salary;
  • in small organizations, no career growth;
  • a limited number of Universities for quality education.

Requirements for the role

When considering candidates for the position of logistician, preference is given to

  • specialists with higher education;
    experience in this field or related areas.

Valued applicants, versed in regulatory documentation freight, the basics of document management, I own a PC and know office programs and 1C.

In addition to mandatory requirements there are a few additional:

  • the presence of citizenship;
  • knowledge of foreign languages (often English, but sometimes you need French or German);
  • basic understanding of inventory, and system management of storage.

Employers are interested in experts, who were engaged in international transport are in the customs system.

For the position of logistician is aged 23 to 35 years.

The duties of a logistician

Because of their official duties, the logistician needs:

  • organize and coordinate transportation;
  • to make the route of movement of products;
  • coordinate the work of drivers;
  • to organize accounting and storage of goods in warehouses;
  • control of contract and invoice, report;
  • to keep documents in the program 1C;
  • make and control vehicles;
  • monitor and analyze the logistics costs.

In addition, the logistics specialist may perform additional work:

  • to generate stock reports, analyze debt funds for accounting;
  • to distribute goods in stock;
  • to foreign economic activity issues;
  • interact with importers;
  • to monitor changes in the cost of goods and services in the partner companies and to report to the.

The responsibility of the logistician

Wrong actions logistician may entail not only a reduction of the customer base, but financial losses.
The specialist must comply with the labor regulations of the enterprise, to carry out the orders, instructions and orders of their superiors.

The logistician is responsible for the violation of safety, as well as standards of fire protection.

The powers of the logistics

Logist has the right:

  • to give orders to subordinate units according to the questions, regarding his functional duties;
  • ask the personnel necessary materials, reports and other information, necessary for the smooth functioning of the logistics Department;
  • to offer options of placement and interaction of the personnel of full-time employees;
  • to make proposals for the alignment and interaction of the participants of the logistics process companies;
    collect meetings to discuss and solve problems of their competence;
  • put forward his vision of improvement of work.

The features of the profession

Logistics industry is not standing still and is constantly changing: price hikes and deadlines. After working as a logistician week you can learn much more, than a year to study the theory. In search of high-paying jobs may take more than one year.
A logical sector can be divided into several sections: warehouse, transport, product purchase.

The main feature of the profession – to work in this field without experience, for example, a database administrator or operator. If You want to grow and develop in the industry, what to study at University in parallel with the work.

Professional skills

What would be faster to adapt to new positions is desirable

  • to navigate in the main lines of roads in the region;
  • have a basic knowledge of working in office programs of Word, Excel, Access;
  • to be able to use all types of e-mail and IP-telephony;
  • to understand the principle of primary documentation and document management in General in the enterprise.

If You have no knowledge – do not despair, over time You will learn to understand all the issues.

Personal qualities logistics

You should think about the profession of a logistician people, which have

  • strategic thinking and determination;
  • persistence and creativity;
  • ability to convince and to find solutions to complex issues.

In addition, you must be active, sociable, friendly people with which to work.
Valued employees, who have a good memory, responsibility, observant and analytical mind.

In order, to become a good specialist, you want continuously to improve my knowledge.

Career logistician

The ideal option, to start a career logistician, will work in any large firm with a structured logistics processes and the latest technology.

After five years we can grow to the mid-level in one of the directions of logistics, provided, if You prove yourself as a hardworking and proactive specialist.

It is worth noting, it's much easier to build a career in the field of warehouse logistics. Often, a simple storekeeper becomes the head of a major Department of the company. If you show a good side, you can reach the top of the career ladder within a short period

Managers are derived from simple specialists, who came to work, skillfully negotiate with clients and have managerial skills.

How quickly You will build a career, depends on You personally: who will succeed using 2 years of work, another ten years will not be enough.

Where to work the logistics

The specialists of such a plan is needed in logistics and trading companies, industrial enterprises and forwarding companies, and organizations, engaged in the storage of goods in warehouses.

Все фирмы, которые работают с грузоперевозками, нуждаются в логистах.

What makes Logist

The amount of the income of the logistician affects

  • qualification;
  • the specifics of the company and its size;
  • the sales of the company;
  • region of residence.

Many employers, who want to save on the salary of employees, prefer to take on the job of two people without experience, than to pay big money to a qualified specialist.

Месячный гонорар может составлять от 500 to 1600 $ . Доход опытных специалистов достигает 2500 долларов ежемесячно. Средняя заработная плата логиста равна 740 dollars.

How to become a logistician

For the logistician to have higher education is rather important, but it is much more you need to know, obtained in the process. The activities of logistics is based on the ability to build personal relationships with shippers, carriers, recipients. And it can be done only in the course of employment.

Рекрутеры отдают предпочтение специалистам с высшим экономическим образованием по специальности “Логистика”

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