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Profession engineer

Profession engineer
Автор статьи
Александр Юрьевич
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Engineer – highly skilled, develops new and optimizes existing technology. This is the seeker and inventor, able to implement any technical idea.

The main task of the engineer is to create new working designs, which will benefit the people.

Varieties of profession

Engineers are needed in various sectors of industrial activity, which requires knowledge of the exact Sciences. Aviation, construction, research organizations, military and aerospace.

Among engineering activities conventionally distinguish between 4 orientation:

  • designer – works on projects of devices and mechanisms, individual parts;
  • technologist – involved in the optimization of production processes of various products and finds their weaknesses;
  • the economist – analyzes and plans economic indicators;
  • organizer – handles issues of economic activity.


  • physicist – uses knowledge about the physical properties and laws for the development of new technological discoveries;
  • engineer-electrician – designs, develops, adjusts and installs industrial electrical equipment;
  • chemical engineer – engaged in the development and improvement of the existing technological norms of production;
  • engineer – estimator – determines and verifies the estimated cost of works, negotiates contract prices for construction and installation works, is acts of the executed works;
  • engineer – designs the various buildings, bridges and roads;
  • programmer – wrote algorithms and computer programs to automate various processes;
  • military engineer – designs and builds developments of a military nature, and automatiseret management of military equipment;
  • environmental engineer – develops and improves with the help of computer technology equipment, aimed at the protection of nature;
  • bioengineer – direct knowledge of biology to create new technologies in the field of medicine, the environment and seeking solutions for issues of a different nature in this direction.

The profession of engineer allows you to choose a major that you love. All these people are connected by one goal – to develop the device, structures or algorithms, that will make our lives better. Their responsibilities vary by specialization and the specifics of the enterprise.

History of the profession

Originally the title of engineer was assigned to people, who created war machines. People will never forget the famous inventor Leonardo da Vinci. In the mind of this man had a lot of useful technical ideas, that was ahead of its time and could not be implemented due to lack of opportunities of that era. He invented a diving suit, thought on the creation of a parachute, glider, helicopter, car and bike. In his writings you can find ideas to create floodlight.

In 16 century, the notion of the engineer began to apply to people, involved in construction of roads and bridges.

Professional holiday

In Russia 30 Oct is for employees of engineering-technical specialties – professional holiday. In Iran the day the engineer is considered to be 24 Feb (day, when was the great Persian mathematician, astronomer and mechanic Tusi).

The pros and cons

On the positive side can be attributed:

  • the demand for this profession in various fields;
  • people, operating engineer, if desired, can understand almost everything: from setting up equipment to design houses;
  • opportunity to implement own ideas, having professional equipment.

The profession is often accompanied by negative aspects:

  • the difficulty in teaching – due to the large number of complex narrow technical subjects;
  • the need to increase their knowledge and to keep abreast of the latest scientific and technical achievements;
  • the monotony and painstaking work, as most of the time you have to work with the technical documentation;
  • we have a lot of work done at the computer, that adversely affect vision and lead to pain in the spine.

The main disadvantage – small wages, established for employees of state enterprises

Requirements for the role

When applying for a job to a specialist have the following requirements:

  • the presence of higher technical education;
  • the ability to read drawings and diagrams;
  • confident PC user;
  • possession of office equipment: Fax, printer, scanner and photocopier equipment.

Job responsibilities

The main responsibilities of the engineer include:

  • activities, associated with the design, the creation of an information base, technical control, the provision of equipment and other scientific and technical work;
  • perform a feasibility analysis of the data;
  • research;
  • the solution of production tasks;
  • the development of normative materials, of manuals and technical documentation, as well as projects and programs;
  • introduction of rationalization proposals and scientific achievements in production processes;
  • testing of the developed devices and decision-making regarding the introduction into service;
  • documentation.

The liability of the engineer

On the shoulders of the specialist of this level is the responsibility of many tasks. Error and unfair approach to work may affect the life of thousands of people. For the quality of design sometimes you have to answer their own life. For example, when testing the railway bridge in tsarist times, engineer was the first test to stand under it.

The history of known cases, when mistakes inventors become fatal: turning high financial costs for the state, innovations have brought more harm, than good.


The engineer has the right:

  • require all sorts of support from senior management for the development and implementation of ideas, but within the job description;
  • to request to address issues regarding the supply of equipment and tools to conduct testing;
  • to request the necessary projects, diagrams and other documentation;
  • to improve their skills.

The features of the profession

All the activities of the engineer can be divided into 4 item:

  • to put the problem;
  • to find information to solve;
  • to develop data on innovation;
  • to control the production process.

Engineer – for the most part "men's profession". Should be well versed in technical devices and mechanisms, possess a deep knowledge in physics and other exact Sciences.

Professional skills of the engineer

The position includes:

  • work with modern means of communication;
  • knowledge of material specifications;
  • the ability to make projects, create drawings, to read diagrams;
  • to be able to organize their work and activities entrusted to You employees;
  • know the working principles of various electric mechanisms;
  • skills contracts and additional agreements;
  • processing of tender documentation;
  • handling technical languages ( Russian, Ukrainian, English).

Personal qualities of an engineer

The position requires that the technician have analytical skills and a mathematical mind.

For people it is important to possess such qualities, as

  • hard work and perseverance;
  • dedication and accuracy;
  • literacy and responsibility;
  • curiosity and erudition;
  • creativity and creative approach;
  • spatial imagination and ingenuity.

An engineer's job requires a good memory, attention and active thinking.

Career engineer

Get a job as a technician, you can in a couple of years to reach the position of engineer.

If it is good to prove yourself, then after 1-3 years the specialist has the right to raise their category to the level of the first, and then to the desired place leading specialist. But this power of the engineer are not limited to.

Man, the position, can invite in place of the head of Department, head shop, chief engineer or even the Deputy head of the enterprise, but all this is assuming, that specialist possesses many talents and organizational skills.

The engineering profession gives ample opportunity for career growth.

Where the engineer

People in this profession will be in demand

  • in construction organizations;
  • in academia;
  • in manufacturing plants;
  • in food companies.

The engineer can work with anyone, anywhere, but working as an engineer not everyone can.

What is the salary of an engineer

The income of a specialist depends on where you work. In state enterprises the average wage is the average 260 $ .

Private companies are willing to pay a competent inventors a lot of money.

How to become an engineer

To get a job as an engineer, a prerequisite is a diploma of higher education.

However, одного образования вряд ли будет достаточно, работодатели хотят видеть в своей команде толковых специалистов, которые хотят принести пользу обществу и внести свой весомый вклад в общее дело.

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