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Profession mechanic

Profession mechanic
Автор статьи
Александр Юрьевич
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Mechanic – specialist, which specializiruetsya in the repair and maintenance of motor vehicles.

The main objective of the labor mechanic – diagnosis and repair of the car.

Varieties of profession

The workshops are always a lot of work, one person cannot perform. That is why the car is running a few specialists, each of them engage in certain activities.

  • Electrician – fixes a problem in the electronics, responsible for the basic commands.: start, turning on and off lights and air conditioning.
  • Autorestart– working on straightening the body in the event of dents and irregularities and other defects of the car by extruding and drawing the surface using special tools. He engaged in the plaster of the car and prepare it for painting works.
  • Painter – performs paint work. He handles the car anti-corrosion agents and polishes the vehicle for paint.
  • A mechanic for diagnosis – identify the cause of damage to the car through full diagnostic.
  • Master engine repair – thoroughly versed in the motor. Able to determine the damage, руководствуюсь звуками и основными симптомами при работе агрегата.
  • Мастер по ремонту коробки передач – умеет настроить обороты двигателя при переключении скоростей коробки передач.

Профессия автослесаря тесно переплетается с обязанностям автомеханика.

Автослесарю под силу сделать работу любого из вышеперечисленных специалистов, но не настолько профессионально. This specialist will be able to perform simple repairs of motor, align minor chips or install the radio. However, to avoid large-scale damage will require expert assistance narrowly focused specialist.

History of the profession mechanic

In 18 eyelids began to appear the first vehicle. They very often broke, so people, able to fix them. The need in such specialists has become more acute in the second half 20 century, when car production took a massive.

Become valuable to people, who could understand the complex automotive device. It was the auto mechanics and car mechanics. To date, these professions have fragmented into niche specialists.

Professional holiday

On the last Sunday of October, all road transport workers celebrate their professional holiday – the day of motorist.

This includes not only drivers, but maintenance and engineering-technical workers and executives of transportation organizations.

The pros and cons

The main advantage of the profession: people, understand the structure of the car, will never be without work and can always have a "living penny".

The disadvantages include:

  • the trauma profession (the possibility of burns, fractures, contusions and sprains as a result of falling of heavy items or when carrying out welding works);
  • the pernicious influence of noxious fumes on the eyes and respiratory system;
  • sometimes work in a cold room.

Requirements for the role

If You want to work as a mechanic, you should:

  • mandatory to have a medium- special education;
  • a thorough understanding of the structure of the car and the characteristics of parts and materials;
  • to be able to handle instruments and tools, and other equipment, necessary for car repair and diagnostics.

Job responsibilities

The mechanic a sufficient amount of work.

  • It needs to accept incoming vehicles, knowing the cause of treatment to the service center.
  • Using precision equipment mechanic is required to diagnose the vehicle.
  • To find the damage and repair the devices, whether it's gearbox, fuel system, suspension or other components and assemblies
  • The mechanic also prepares a car for painting works and produces painting.
  • The duties of the specialist include receiving cash for the performed services.
  • The employee is obliged to keep clean your working place.
  • The mechanic must perform the orders and instructions of the mechanic.

The duties of the mechanic can also include welding.

What is the responsibility of

The mechanic is responsible for:

  • the veracity of the information relative to completed works;
  • the performance of their duties;
  • failure to comply with instructions;
  • violation of safety and fire instructions;
  • violation of the working rules.


The mechanic has the right:

  • to require the head of parts and tools for car repair, and it is required for work documentation;
  • interact with other departments, engaged in the same kind of activities to enhance their competence.

Features of a profession mechanic

The complexity of vehicle mechanisms endowed the profession of a car mechanic a vast classification and the various activities.

Profession mechanic involves the presence of physical activity, therefore, for the position of mechanic only accept men.

Professional skills of the mechanic

It is impossible to work as a car mechanic without a deep knowledge of the structure of the car and possible faults.

Should be able to use diagnostic equipment.

We can say, что жизнь владельцев и пассажиров автомобилей находится в руках автослесаря. Любая ошибка может привести к необратимым последствиям на дороге.

Therefore, the mechanic must first be a professional in his field:

  • to be able to quickly and reliably determine a malfunction of the car;
  • to understand and know the scope of lubricants and fuels;
  • to know the principle of operation of devices of all models of cars;
  • to possess the skills to work with hand tools and other repair equipment;
  • the mechanic must be able to drive the car.

Personal qualities

For the position of mechanic requires people with:

  • good memory and attention;
  • precise eye and an analytical mind;
  • good eyesight and observation;
  • neatness and discipline;
  • ingenuity and thoroughness;
  • communication skills and honesty.

Top quality mechanic physical endurance and responsibility.


In the profession of the mechanic plays an important role skills.

  • After graduation, graduates can go to work as a trainee with experienced mechanic. You can become a master after a few months of internships.
  • People with a technical mind, big ambitions and expect career prospects. The next stage is the post of mechanic.
  • Over time, you can become a shop supervisor or service station.

Specialist, who hasn't run for anything and doesn't want to improve their skills can work for a car mechanic all my life.


Working as a mechanic can be at the motor company:

  • on the carpool or taxi pool;
  • to be involved in a bus depot or any company, which deals with road haulage.

The mechanic may be:

  • in the state of housing and communal organization;
  • the mechanic on rolling stock repair;
  • the mechanic on repair of road construction equipment;
  • worker automotive service;
  • employee one HUNDRED or Manager.

The mechanic can work in motor sport.


Mechanic have a good income. It varies from 150 to 1400 dollars a month. It all depends on the region and places of work.

Самые большие заработки получают специалисты крупных мегаполисов.


To become a car mechanic higher education is not required. Today, knowledge, required car mechanic, you can get in specialized courses. Для освоения профессии понадобится не более 3 months.

However, большинство автомобильных сервисных центров предпочитают брать на работу дипломированных специалистов. Mechanics and machinists are prepared in colleges, and professional technical schools.

Высшее образование может пригодится, если Вы хотите работать автослесарем в крупной и престижной организации и получать соответствующий оклад.

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