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The profession of auditor

The profession of auditor
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Александр Юрьевич
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Auditor – this is the same accountant high qualification, specialist and independent auditor, which as an entrepreneur, provides organizations with a number of services for verification of documents and statements of accounting. Specialty auditor remains in demand at all times, so individuals, who have excelled in this field, are always price.

The task of the auditor to check the financial and tax reporting of the enterprise, evaluates financial performance of its activities, advises company management, how to fix the detected errors in accordance with their recommendations.

You'll have no questions after watching this wonderful video about the work of the auditor:

The types and varieties of auditing

Auditors are private and public.

  • Private auditors work in accordance with the interests of the company, which check. Examining financial records and identifying the bugs and inconsistencies, специалисты подсказывают руководителям компании, как сделать правильно в соответствии с требованиями бухгалтерского учета. The right to provide this kind of service gives the license for auditing activities, today very popular.
  • Auditors, representing the interests of the state, appear at the company to check the accounting and tax statements with the aim of identifying illegal transactions, errors in reports and fraud at the conclusion of contracts, as well as other documents reflecting income and expenses of the company. Their responsibility is to conduct the audit of the financial activities of the enterprise and revealing of various unlawful actions and violations.
  • Tax auditor aims to determine the correct tax amount calculation, to be paid and to prevent possible claims and penalties, associated with the misconduct of the relative contributions of taxes and levies enterprise. Он обязан проинформировать руководителей и сотрудников государственной организации о наложении на них штрафных санкций при выявлении нарушений.

Distinguish between internal and external audit:

  • Internal – typical for large organizations with branches. Large companies and holdings introduce specialists of internal audit in the state, where auditors perform the role of auditor.
  • The external audit is inherent in small businesses. To monitor financial records are specifically invited representatives of audit firms. Specialist for a fee, identifies mistakes and suggests, how to fix them. The external auditor is an independent expert, in contrast to the inner, who checks the activities of the company, on which he himself works.

Auditing activities can be conducted as physical, and legal entities, representing the audit firm. And those and others must be licensed, which gives the right to exercise financial control of enterprises.

In addition, the auditing activities of individuals possible for persons who received a Qualification certificate of the Ministry of Finance. Он выдается при наличии стажа работы в сфере аудита наряду с юридическим или экономическим образованием после сдачи экзаменов.

Work auditor

The profession is considered one of the highest paying and prestigious. It is time-consuming, complex and at the same time an interesting occupation. The work of the auditor is designed to ensure financial stability and detect possible errors in the financial activity of the enterprise.

The pros and cons of the profession

The position of auditor is characterized by multiple positive sides:

  • high wages;
  • in a large company with career progression;
  • prospects of the profession and the demand for highly skilled auditors.

However, everything in our world is balanced, therefore, there is a profession pitfalls.

  • the need for frequent business trips (financial accounting is usually seen on the spot);
  • the presence of irregular working hours;
  • difficulty applying for a job with no experience;
  • processing large amounts of information in a short time;
  • no errors: if a tax audit would reveal deficiencies in the financial documentation after work with her auditor, check the company will appoint a penalty. In addition, the audit firm will lose the reputation and will be responsible for his mistake.
  • the vague wording of the laws and the frequent amendments to them.

Requirements for the role

The leaders are bringing the specialist to the position of auditor of the following :

  • work experience as auditor or accountant:
  • completed higher education in Economics;
  • should know the methodology of inspections, to understand international standards of auditing;
  • skills in accounting programs, confident use of a personal computer;
  • must know regulations and principles of accounting, tax and management accounting.

Some companies have individual requirements to suit your needs.

Duties of auditor

Per person, engaged in audit activities, the following are the responsibilities:

  • conducts audits, prepares reports and conclusions for their results, advises clients;
  • checks the correctness of financial and tax documentation of the company (primary documents, tax and financial statements and other);
  • evaluates the effectiveness of the internal control system of financial reporting, develops recommendations on improvement of the business activities of the company;
  • provides CEOs practical assistance and advises in the management of accounting and financial management Affairs;
  • assesses the alleged financial transactions, their effectiveness and risk.

However, the responsibilities of the auditor is not limited to this and may include the following items:

  • controls costs by district;
  • monitors changes in legislation, improving the management of financial and accounting activities of the enterprise;
  • monitors the efficiency of the sales agents of the company;
  • identifies and assesses potential risks, arising from the work of the enterprise. Finds a solution to reduce them;
  • monitors the efficiency of the sales agents of the company.

What is the responsibility of the auditor

  1. Civil – the obligation to pay damages in case of wrong, or intentional violation of the agreement on the contract.
  2. Administrativeзаключается в достоверности своих предписаний и заключений актов проверки, при ошибочных выводах он должен уплатить штраф, предусмотренный компанией.
  3. Уголовную – for abuse of power, in the form of a fine of the amount of wages, or by deprivation of liberty for up to three years and a ban on certain activities.

The features of the profession

The profession compels the specialist to continuously develop professionally and be able to handle large amounts of information.

Professional skills

To qualified auditor, who expects to get a decent pay for their work, has the following requirements:

  • specialist needs to know and domestic, and the Western system of accounting – GAAP;
  • knowledge of IAS (in accordance with the requirements of the employer);
  • skills in an accounting program SUN (the automated translation system of the national system of accounting to the foreign standard);
  • the applicant must have available the certificate of the auditor;
  • proficiency in English level Upper Intermediate.

Personal qualities

The work of the auditor requires:

  • responsibility,
  • integrity,
  • integrity,
  • accuracy.

People, decided to dedicate yourself to this profession should have a:

  • mobility,
  • analytical thinking,
  • resistance attention,
  • patience.

Among the personal qualities the auditor must be attributed:

  • communication skills,
  • a good memory,
  • thoroughness.

Professional should be:

  • flexible,
  • attentive to detail,
  • stress,
  • to be able to keep commercial secrets.

Career auditor

Valued experience, purchased when working in the "Big four". This is the most bigger in the world PricewaterhouseCoopers, KPMG, Ernst & Young and Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, which provide consulting and auditing services.

Где может работать аудитор

На первом месте можно отметить востребованность специалистов, которые получили аттестат по общему аудиту. Лица, специализирующиеся на банковском аудите, audit of exchanges, extra-budgetary funds and, as well as insurance companies and investment institutions are needed to a lesser extent.

Auditors and audit firms are forbidden to engage in any business activities.

Лица, have chosen the profession of an auditor, can work in audit firms. Они востребованы в государственных налоговых службах. Их хотят видеть в финансово-экономических подразделениях всевозможных предприятий.

Сколько может заработать аудитор

The profession is a responsible and highly paid. The income specialist, engaged in audit activities, in most cases, is caused by the experience.

If we talk about working in the "big four", the minimum wage as an auditor is 900 $ . After a few years the work of this employee will be assessed in 3, and then 4 times more. It provided, that specialist over the years has shown itself from the best side.

Employment in internal auditing has a large dispersion value of the services provided. Here the great role played by the generosity of the organization. If the average company is ready to pay You from 1100 to 1400 $ , the foreign company metropolis the same work will be evaluated approximately 5500 $ .

However, economic crisis always has a significant impact on the work of audit firms. But most skilled professionals, who are employees of representative offices of foreign accounting firms and the scope of internal audit of companies with foreign assets, get good money regardless of the economic and political situation in the country.

Note, that person, who have no certificate of the Ministry of Finance, and there is no experience in Western accounting system, willing to work for minimum wage, even if it is only five thousand rubles.

A sample form and a summary of the auditor

How to become an auditor

The auditor should have higher economic education. For this you need to apply for a Department of "Accounting, the analysis and audit". Just enough to find out, какие Вузы наделены этой специальностью.

В России эта сфера деятельности достаточно востребована, поэтому ей располагает много учебных заведений. Among them "Moscow state technical University. N. E. Bauman", "Russian state University of oil and gas. I. M. Gubkin", "Adygei state University" and many others.

In Ukraine, the audit activity is valued not less. Such institutions, such as "the Dnepropetrovsk branch of the University "University of Economics and law" or "Kyiv national University. T. Shevchenko" offered to undergo professional training in this specialty.

To become a real professional you need to work hard and improve. To improve their professional level, the auditor may with the help of special training courses.

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