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The architectural profession

The architectural profession
Автор статьи
Александр Юрьевич
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Architect — specialist in design and construction of buildings.

It engineer, a programmer and artist in one person. These people dream to build palaces, and in real life, design stores and homes. Architects are developing interior and working on the planning of buildings.

The main objective of the profession to safe, the original and unique architectural structure, which can be effectively used area of.

Varieties of profession architect

The position has several types in accordance with occupation:

  • lead architect of the project – manages the process of construction;
  • architect at landscape design – drafts the farmlands, gardens and parks, creating a unique design.
  • architect and urban planner – designing urban areas or large complexes, leads the development of planning documentation and master plans of settlements;
  • the restorer of architecture – revive architectural monuments;
  • the chief architect of the city or district a state employee, developing local regulatory documents and monitors its execution on the part of urban planning;
  • historian (theorist) architecture – engaged in scientific or teaching activities for parts of the architectural construction.

Architect – creates interesting ideas, developing project documentation and performs construction drawings. Monitors the project on an authentic level.

History of the profession

The architectural profession is very ancient and originates from the construction of churches, palaces and fortresses. The first known architect, Imhotep think, which presided over the construction of the Egyptian pyramid of Djoser.

The architecture starts to develop rapidly in the Renaissance, which came in 15 -16 century. This is an important period for Italy, which leads to the development of education in the arts, the formation of new styles of architecture.

To date, the office of the architect very much in demand. Contemporary architect no longer leads the construction of the facility, and only develops his project.

Professional holiday

World war II brought the devastation. To restore the monuments and buildings of enterprises in 1946 year was created the international Union of architects.

With 1996 year, the world architect's Day is celebrated on the first Monday of October.

The pros and cons

Architect's work is difficult to name easy.

  • Very often have to work in sitting position, that accompanied by pain in the neck and back.
  • Sometimes for the exercise of supervision have to travel to the construction site. Not safety can lead to injuries, as well as the poisoning of construction dust and other respiratory diseases.

Architects often complain of sleepless nights, for unscrupulous customers, on the negligence of the builders and not actual rules. However, very few people decide to change their profession: the calling of an architect remains with a person for life.

Have a profession and positive aspects.

  • The architects respected companies.
  • The fruit of Your creation is tangible.
  • The architect can build a good career.
  • The position provides extensive opportunities for freedom of expression and creativity.

Working as an architect can be run between the various spheres of activity: working for the benefit of large and small firms, to try residential, office technology or in designing interiors.

Requirements for the role

When applying for the position of architect for the applicant have the following:

  • the presence of higher professional education;
  • work experience of two years;
  • ability to work AutoCAD and other specialized programs;
  • reading and drafting of project documentation..

Duties of architect

Specialist should be engaged:

  • the design of buildings and structures;
  • design estimates and drawings;
  • elaboration of project documentation;
  • performing calculations and entering data into tables;
  • creating design layouts;
  • negotiations with sponsors and customers;
  • the implementation of author's supervision of the building process.

In addition to the responsibilities of the architect may enter:

  • creating 3D visualization of construction projects;
  • work on the design – projects;
  • coordination of project documentation.


This profession requires from its owner a serious attitude to work. On the shoulders of one man has a great responsibility for the quality of the construction and subsequent operation of the object.

Offences and material damage, incurred in the course of official duties, punishable by law.


  • The architect has the right to negotiate with the management of the turnaround time and report the issues on its implementation.
  • To request the departments the necessary information, related posts.

A good architect does not wait until he will provide on a silver platter. He may require the leadership necessary documentation, as well as to make proposals and develop the designs.

The features of the profession

The most difficult thing in the work of the architect – constant load. Have to work in excess of the working days, but still need to come in on the weekends. Sometimes you want to sit on a project all night long, and in the morning again to go to work. The constant lack of time: whether You're working on, hours half more, than allotted to complete the task.

For the architect to be inspired, but true talent should be able to create masterpieces, not having a state of mind.

Professional skills

The knowledge an architect should be impressive.

You need:

  • know building regulations;
  • work in automated design programs Autodesk, Graphisoft ArchiCAD;
  • to be able to develop the basic design solutions, the necessary working documentation, create architectural drawings;
  • to navigate in the method of designing and calculation;
  • a developed aesthetic and artistic taste;
  • know the basics of ecology, geodesy, cartography;
  • to have the artistic skills to create drawings, charts, songs;
  • have analytical mind and ability to mathematical calculations.

Preferred knowledge:

  • English language at a conversational level;
  • nuances of development of building projects for shops;
  • features of modern building materials.

Personal qualities

It is recommended to choose the profession of architect people with the craving to draw, which on the "short leg" with the computer and have developed spatial thinking.

In addition, appreciated:

  • ability to work in a team and have organizational skills;
  • responsibility, creativity and vigilance;
  • the sense of taste and harmony;
  • a good memory and punctuality.

Для профессионального архитектора важно:

  • любить заниматься черчением;
  • иметь развитое цветовое восприятия;
  • умение мыслить абстрактно;
  • обладать хорошим глазомером;
  • уметь сосредоточиться;
  • to be a stress;
  • to create images according to verbal description and Vice versa;
  • to be the owner of intuitive thinking.

Career architect

Eminent experts are not in one day. Many begin with a simple Builder or engineer. Then You can entrust the design of wooden houses and baths.

Well, if You do a bit of work assistant or architect to become a member of their team. To obtain a position as a senior architect, if you well-behaved zarekomenduete from a professional point of view, in about a 5 – 7 years.

In the architectural sphere of activity opened the way for the engineers and technologists, working in the field of construction. It is enough to pass courses of improvement of qualification.

Engineers – designers, interior designers and builders can be not only a successful architects, but they have the potential to be the heads of large construction projects.

Where to work

In small towns it is very difficult to be hired as a architect. But in large cities such people are valued and can be successfully employed in construction companies or project organizations.

Experienced architects also need the project organization and the design Studio.

People in this career can work in the state bodies:

  • in committees;
  • the city-planning commissions;
  • regulatory organizations.

How much money does an architect

In architecture, there are no low-paid posts. Of course, earnings depends on the region and level of projects under construction. On average, the amount earned is 850 dollars a month. An architect can receive from 500 to 1650 dollars a month depending on the qualifications of the specialist.

Successful architects can count on good fees.

How to become an architect

Professionals of this profession produced by many Universities. A great start – design or construction education.

Important items, which is not to shirk, drawing, visual art and math.

For the development of spatial thinking will be useful knowledge of history and literature.

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