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Profession administrator

Profession administrator
Автор статьи
Александр Юрьевич
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Administrator – the position of a qualified professional, who runs the people and production processes of companies, and also disposes of the property of the company in the interest of.

The main goal of administrator – to properly organize the activities of a specific institution, effective work team, work with visitors.

History of the profession

History of the profession gets in the old days. Then the cafes and restaurants had the name quite different – a tavern and a tavern, the hotel was called a coaching house and a pub. In those days, and started the profession of an administrator.

In the institutions of the administrative functions performed by the owners, and occasionally using the assistants. They welcomed the guests, commanded the employees, come up with rules, themselves and monitor their compliance. Later workers, who performed these duties, steel heads are called.

Official mention of the position of administrator is fixed in 1995 year and noted in the classification of professions.

Professional holiday

Their professional holiday administrators dedicated to the activities, involving. Possible, Day administrative assistant, to be noted on Wednesday last full week of April, considered to be Day administrator, but it is not clear.

However, there is no doubt, что последняя пятница июля является Международным днем системного администратора, abbreviated Day of a sysadmin.

The founder of the festival – American, which works as a system administrator. It was he who decided: need and system administrator at least sometimes to feel the appreciation from users. There is a perception, this profession is very similar to the medical profession – when everything is working correctly, about technician forget, but when something comes crashing, then all at once remember and require assistance. The festival has already become international.

Activities administrator

The sphere of activities of the institution dictates the duties, performed by a person occupying the position.

Profession administrator has many varieties:

  • Hotel Manager. This is the first person, which visitors see. He is responsible for creating the first impression for restaurant guests. It is necessary to do so, so it is certainly a positive. The main objective is to competently coordinate the work of hotel. The hotel Manager is responsible for personnel actions, giving orders, advises. It needs to settle guests, to familiarize them with the policies, to issue and collect room keys, if necessary, to be able to consult them.
  • The cafe Manager. It can call the hall Manager or Manager. This specialist manages the institution as a whole. The main task – the organization of work of all café employees. The administrator must monitor the quality of service, to resolve conflicts, advise guests and create a pleasant atmosphere to visitors.
  • Restaurant Manager. The employee is considered to be one of the main, after all, he is responsible for all, what is happening in the school, it can be called the Manager of the restaurant. The administrator can carry out recruitment and even training, meeting guests, workflows. He is responsible for the efficient operation of the whole restaurant. Monitors the cleanliness, politeness of staff, kitchen and atmosphere in General. Sometimes have to solve challenging questions, which can occur quite often.
  • Administrator of beauty salon – it is a responsible profession. Specialist coordinates the work of many employees: cosmetologists, makeup artists, massage therapists, and he is the face of the salon. It is the administrator – this is the first person, which begins with a visit to the salon. His responsibilities: meeting attendees, assistance in the selection of the suitable procedures, presentation of additional services, work cash payments. Administrator, which has a sufficient experience and good looks, skilled in organizational issues will always be gold!
  • Store administrator is a specialist, exercising control over production, people, product, and distributing the work process between departments. He directs sellers, cashiers, the acceptors, movers, is the interactive link between the different departments of the store. Thanks to him, is addressing issues between employees and management.
  • System administrator. The sphere of activity of the employee is to ensure the working state of computer equipment, the maintenance of Central servers and local network administration. He is responsible for the smooth operation of the computers of the employees of the company, for setting access rights to the Internet. The main task of any system administrator – this is to prevent the failure of any component of the system, and proceed with the liquidation of consequences of failure, in order not to prejudice the work of the organization.
  • Administrator at artist involves the establishment of communication with the public, planning his / her work schedule, the organization of meetings, control of PR and advertising, the decision of questions of life.

It should be noted, that administrator can work on a private client or is in the state of the legal entity.

The pros and cons

Working as a Manager is considered to be quite prestigious and profitable:

  • High income;
  • the relevance of the profession;
  • possible employment in many countries;
  • continuous development and improvement;
  • development of communication skills;
  • useful contacts.

The main disadvantage of a profession in constant contact with conflict-minded people.

  • Possible increased emotional stress due to stressful situations. This often happens, if dissatisfied customers.
  • A lot of time spent on the feet.
  • The need to keep in mind many tasks of the production process.
  • A big responsibility, mainly because all the solutions of problems of the enterprise lie on the shoulders of the administrator.

In recent years, many wanted to become leaders, this was the reason for the decline in demand for specialty, after all, there is a clear oversupply of certified personnel. But, if you have a diploma and have a couple of years working in the correct direction, that is, all chances of getting the position of administrator.

Requirements for the role administrator

The administrators can meet the following requirements:

  • experience;
  • patience;
  • excerpt;
  • confidence in themselves and their actions;
  • knowledge of the culture of speech and communication.

Also, administrators should be aware of the English language, wine list, have experience in organization and conducting of banquets, knowledge of the behavior of VIP customers. For the job take up those, who can keep under control and organize time and work entrusted to staff.

For work administrator-useful self improvement. Because this profession offers a wonderful opportunity: growth, development, the discipline and self-control.

Job responsibilities

Administrator's responsibilities are quite extensive and depend on, in what area do they work.

The restaurant Manager needs:

  • greet visitors;
  • to maintain the comfort and pleasant atmosphere for guests;
  • to manage staff;
  • to work with documents, reports and inventory;
  • resolve conflicts;
  • to organize and conduct banquets;
  • to checkout;
  • run errands for executives.

The administrator shall:

  • to handle booking of rooms;
  • make, to register, and write the guests;
  • to provide full information about the hotel services;
  • to monitor compliance with the rules of stay at the hotel;
  • to control the quality of service;
  • coordinate the work of staff;
  • promptly with conflict situations.

The system administrator must:

  • follow the information;
  • to protect information;
  • to correctly make the necessary changes, if necessary;
  • consult.

The administrator of the beauty salon needs:

  • to monitor the work of staff;
  • receive calls;
  • to advise clients;
  • if you need to sell cosmetics;
  • conduct presentations services;
  • resolve conflicts;
  • to calculate employee payroll.

The administrator needs to correctly answer a variety of customer questions. The questions may affect the process of the company, discounts, stock, and other details of the institution. Must thoroughly understand all the intricacies of their work.

  • The administrator of a private clinic have to deal with customer service: answer calls, lead the patient card, take the calculation with clients. The employee must perform all tasks, set by the management from sending a Fax to any serious issues.
  • A specialist in the field of management solves production issues, fills the office documentation and provides the necessary information to visitors and employees, works with the Supervisory bodies of the institution.


Ask the administrator for absolutely everything he did, and what not to do. It needs to monitor the work of staff and room, office or salon. The administrator is also responsible for the safety of material values.

Usually the responsibility of the administrator is to:

  • improper performance of their duties;
  • offences, committed in the process;
  • material damage;
  • the violation of labor discipline;
  • incorrect appeal to visitors.

If anyone- staff ruined the property, guilty will remain an administrator.


The administrator has the right:

  • To require the establishment of proper employment conditions.
  • The position allows you to make proposals for improving the operation of the enterprise.
  • Obtaining information, necessary for the efficient performance of their duties.
  • Indication of the orders and take necessary actions, which will help to eliminate the causes of conflict situations.

The Manager has the right to make their own decisions regarding production issues and resolve conflict situations within its competence.

The features of the profession

The administrator is a popular profession in the modern time. To underestimate the work of this expert is not worth it, after all, it is the administrator who supervises institutions, supervises the work of all staff, and in case of unpleasant situations is always to the rescue. He tries his best to do so, the client was pleased with the service and by the school.

The administrator will gladly help you, if you can not determine the choice of services in the beauty salon or massage parlour. He will consult on all questions and offer the most suitable option.

  • The position of administrator involves constant communication with people: employees, customers, guests. Therefore, students must have developed communication skills, tact and care.
  • If there is a critical situation, he must, as soon as possible, make the decision and take responsibility for it themselves. Therefore, the administrator always needs to keep calm and sound thinking, even in cases of force majeure.
  • When working with clients it is necessary to identify all the needs and wishes of the guests, to ensure their desired, but to relate it with the real possibilities of the institution.
  • Observance of corporate ethics and rules of conduct is also an important part of the work of the administrators.

Basically, the demand for administrators is observed in the institutions, visited by a lot of people: catering, the club, theatre, hypermarket and other.

  • Determination, impartiality, business acumen, communication skills, restraint and stress must have that man, who wants to qualify for a position.
  • If you have neat, well maintained, have a competent speech, and hardworking – it will significantly increase your chances of getting the position, and will allow you to obtain a good salary.
  • Practitioners must be aware of all, what is happening in the school, where they work. They should perfectly know the specifics of your institution. All of his pros and cons, if it is necessary to emphasize the advantages and skillfully hide the shortcomings of the company.
  • The administrator is very useful knowledge of psychology. Thanks to her, he will be able to better understand people, their true needs, and of course, will be able much easier to resolve any conflict situation.
  • It is also necessary to gain credibility in the honest team work and resilience, and become a role model for so many employees. This will help him will power and focus on results.

The process administrator is full of daily challenges, spontaneous decision-making, which should not be delayed for tomorrow. But to cope with the difficulties, you will be proud of yourself, and your work will notice and appreciate.

Professional skills

In summary the position of administrator it would be appropriate to specify:

  • the ability to communicate with visitors;
  • organizational skills;
  • work with office and accounting programs;
  • the level of knowledge of foreign languages;
  • understanding the specifics of institutions and the ability to provide its vital functions;
  • skills design advertising in the Internet and other sources of information;
  • knowledge of the techniques of personnel management.

You need to have competent oral and written speech, good organizational skills, to be punctual and energetic.

Personal qualities administrator

In addition, the strengths of the person can be:

  • competent speech and the ability to handle stress;
  • sociability and interest in the work;
  • the attentiveness and friendliness;
  • initiative and accuracy;
  • determination and erudition;
  • accuracy and diligence;
  • diligence and self-organization;
  • ability to work in team.

A good specialist, first of all, must possess organizational skills.

Career growth

Profession administrator is already considered a leadership position. This means, that specialist will not be able to advance further up the career ladder in a small company.

A worker can have a very pleasant prospect – wage increases. But there has recently been a surplus of graduates, what is delaying the increase.

If the company is quite large, you will be able to qualify for a leadership position. Over time, gain experience, the specialist can and to start their own business.

Where to work administrator

Employees of this kind may be managers in

  • hotels;
  • private clinics and beauty salons;
  • medical centers and offices;
  • in showrooms and beauty salons;
  • in social institutions with a large number of visitors: cafe, restaurants, sports complexes, clubs, large stores.

Even on the Internet there is a demand for specialists. Their position is the administrator of the online store.

What is the salary of the administrator

Wage administrator mainly depends on the following factors: from region, from experience, in what school works specialist. So, administrators, working in the fashion institutions of the highest class, get much more, than those that work even in large hypermarkets.

Administatory chic restaurants can get in 2 times more administrators, working in normal cafes. Therefore, the salary they are so different.

In Russia the average wage the waiter ranges from 200 up to 700 $ . The farther from the capital, the earnings decreases. So, somewhere on the outskirts of the province of experts can get around 100 $ .

Education (how to become an administrator)

To get the position of administrator you must have a diploma of higher professional education. You can apply for any specialty, associated with the management of institutions (for example, faculty of restaurant business).

The post of administrator is usually the female sex, though men are not prohibited to take this position.

The profession of system administrator can learn, after graduating from information technology UNIVERSITY, as the Manager of a trading hall it is necessary to study in trade-economic institution of higher education.

People with secondary education is rarely put in this position.

But not every job is on a job of the administrator will bring the desired result. Details in the video:

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