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Cover letter lawyer

When you write a cover letter, first and foremost, you must treat it with respect. Then you have to say, why you are interested in this position, continue to share their knowledge prospects why you should interview. Your letter should be nice and properly designed, should not be nothing superfluous. After you finish the letter, you should thank the company for, she is considering your candidacy.

Examples of letters to the summary of the lawyer

There are two types of cover letters: brief and detailed. In most cases it is better to write a short letter, since recruiters often don't like to read much, but sometimes you have to make some important points and then fit more detailed information, read more at the link: how to write a cover letter.

An open letter

"Good day!"

Your company posted a opening for the position of lawyer. Sure my knowledge and experience will suit you. I have a higher education and a couple years of probation. Confidently use computer programs and is well recognized in the law. My legal experience is ... . Worked in different companies and can provide recommendations, the robot on the front was connected with the documents and legislation. Also consulted on the law. Well find a common language with the team and not against team work- quick and qualitative execution of tasks, aiming for the top. I am responsible , confident personality.

If you are interested in my resume, I'd be happy to interview at your company.

With respect Alexander.

Short letter


My name is Alexander, I am interested work in your company for the position of Lawyer. I have finished legal Institute. Knowledge in the field yuristiki I have a good, but there is experience in working. Good to know the laws, computer programs. I'm sure in their knowledge and abilities. I am responsible, temperamental, competent. Easily find common language with people. There is also a desire to target. I would love to work in your company, since you have a very demanding and promising vacancy.

With pleasure would like to get to the interview.

Quick example # 2

Dear Vladlen Shipchenko Of Ruslanovych!

I was interested in the vacancy for a paralegal in your company. I took into account all the requirements needed by your company and be sure, I can go. I have not full education, but with good knowledge and advice. I have excellent knowledge in legal laws and I own all batch computer programs. With confidence transgress to work and well it performed. Can also advise people in legal matters.

I hope you are interested in my summary, ready to go for an interview at any time.

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