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Cover letter Secretary

You decide write a cover letter the position of Secretary. The first thing you turn to company, and then tell us about yourself and your knowledge. It must be brief and on topic. After you have finished writing the letter, you need to thank you for taking the time.

Examples of letters to the summary of the Secretary

"Good day!"

I was interested in your advertisement on the website of the Secretary. After reading your requirements I'm sure, I will do this job. I have a higher education. So not a bad experience and recommendations. There is knowledge of all computer programs, literate vocabulary in conversations, not a great knowledge of the English language. Well find a common language with new people. I am responsible, hardworking, have the pursuit of goals. Pleased to work used in your company. Hope away cooperation.

With respect, Anya!

Example No. 2


My name is Lera, saw the ad about the job Secretary. I'm sure that will suit you. I have not complete higher education. Of course you do not have experience. Know computer programs at the secondary level work. Good knowledge of Russian and Ukrainian language. Correctly and clearly unable to answer phone calls and write texts. I'm honest, responsible girl, ready to work, but to learn. Thank you for the time, I'd be happy to be interviewed.

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