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Cover letter sales Manager

Cover letter to resume is the element of business correspondence, which many job seekers neglect: or not write it at all, or are not enough serious writing. It is worth noting, this approach is fundamentally wrong, because. cover letter to resume is a great chance to assert themselves among many similar, to attract the attention of the employer and to interest him is his candidacy. Applied to summary cover letter will show your knowledge of business etiquette, will be the manifestation of good taste.

The main purpose of writing a cover letter is to answer the question: "Why extras should give preference to me?". The text of the covering letters to write a short summary, without acrimony, literate, correct in relation to previous jobs and managers. Also, do not praise the person – send resume already described your knowledge, experience, professional achievements.

The cover letter must contain the following information: who's writing and for what purpose it was written; source of information about jobs, why are you interested in this company, you can be useful for her.

Special recommendation to make a cover letter applicants, who do not have experience in their resume a small amount of information for the employer.

An example structure for writing a cover letter for resume

  1. The first thing to greet a man, to which you sent your resume. In greeting to use the word "Hello" or "Good day" by full name or name and patronymic. If the name and patronymic of the employee of the personnel Department unknown, in this case, welcomed staff from the personnel Department: "Dear employees of the personnel Department", "Dear HR Manager", etc.
  2. Next is the disclosure of key moments of your treatment: what position you want to take in the company, than you can be useful, what interested you in the activities of this company, mention their positive qualities, not described in the summary.
  3. The letter concludes with an expression of respect and an indication of contact information.

Item number 1 and 3 are mandatory, because. this rule of etiquette. They are, as a rule, one or two sentences and should be written on a new line. The total amount of text must fit in a maximum of four paragraphs, be read easily and quickly, not contain difficult speech turns. You should not write a cover letter template – text to expound freely, in your own words, but adhering to spelling and literacy.

Examples of cover letters for resume sales Manager

Dear Inna Ilinichna!

On the website employment (- – – – – – – – ) I became interested in the vacancy of sales Manager, which offers your company. Taking into account the presented suggestions to the candidate for this position, I am confident, my experience and expertise in this field correspond.

In addition to the submitted requests, I also own (to transfer the possession of additional skills and knowledge).

Sincerely I will be glad to interview.

Thank you for your attention to my summary,

with respect, Borisov Andrey. Bodies. 3-56-56, El.mail _______________.


Good day, Oksana!

I sent to You in the attached file my resume. I would like to take the post of head of the sales Department in Your company, which I learned from the newspaper "Employment".

I'm ready to apply for the benefit of its experience in the trade, as well as a wide range of clients.

Gladly accept the invitation for a personal conversation.

With respect, Legumes Christina. Bodies. 78-98-99.


"Dear employees of the personnel Department of the company "rainbow"!

After listening to the vacancy announcement for the post of Manager sales in your firm on television, send your resume. The work your company has attracted me with possibilities for professional growth and the opportunity to apply your wealth of experience.

I should be grateful for reading my summary, it provides information about my achievements in sales at a previous job.

With respect,

Kolosenko Maria. Tel. 90-90-89."


The head of the personnel Department of Barykina A. R.

Dear Antonina Romanovna!

I'm interested in the vacancy General Manager sales dairy products, which I learned from the site "Work.ru". About myself I can say, they have extensive knowledge in this area, because. have two higher educations – economic and meat and milk direction, and 5 years of experience in this field. Read more this information is provided in summary.

At the moment I run a sales Department of the company Ferma. Unfortunately, currently, our company does not have the capacity for increasing production, while your company has prospects.

Thank you for your attention to my summary, I will be glad to accept the invitation to the meeting.

You can contact me by phone. 77-66-00.

With respect,

Golubev Veronika Petrovna.

When drafting a cover letter to the summary it is important to remember, it could be just the clue, due to which could change your life.

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