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How to write official letter

How to write official letter

The service letter referred to documents, distinguished by its content, topic, which serve to communicate between organizations, structural divisions within the organization, customers, business partners. They convey to the addressee different information – notify, warn, remind etc.

Exchange of official letters – the kind of business correspondence, as well as clearly defined forms management letter no, should pay attention to the style of speech and writing in the letter, because depending on this, one gets the General impression on the addressee. There are, however, templates, under which are official letters. In addition, there are a number of details, which necessarily appear in letter.

The text of any letter should be concise, literate, carrying clear and accurate information.


Depending on the information, which is presented in the letter, it can be:

  • The information of the addressee about something inform;
  • Cover – if the recipient sent, in addition to the letter, some documents;
  • Notification – the addressee notifies the sender of receipt of his departure (documents, parcels, money transfer, etc.);
  • Warranty – if it is confirmed by the implementation of the commitments. This kind of official letters have legal force. Information should be presented clearly, without ambiguity. Also in contrast to all other types of official letters, warranty present the visa of the Director and accountant and the seal of the enterprise.
  • Message – the recipient communicated the facts, of interest;
  • Invitation – the addressee is informed about public events – conferences, seminars, competitions, etc., and invited them;

These types of official letters – basic. Types there are many looking at the above information:

  • The request is sent to the organization with a request to provide any information;
  • Requirement, in which I encourage you to fulfill any prior taken agreement;
  • The answer, compiled in response to the request, request, offer;
  • Claim, indicating the inconsistency of the implementation of agreements. Its purpose is to encourage the recipient to cover the penalty, incurred in connection with this;
  • Congratulations, sent to the official festive occasions, such as important events in the life of the company or its leadership;
  • Gratitude may be addressed to the company or its employee, or individual as a response to any actions, having a positive impact;
  • Request – one of the most common types of business correspondence, because. in the process of activity of the company there is a lot of situations, when it is necessary to Express the request of any;

As a rule, the management letter covers only one question. One recipient sent so many letters, how many questions need to be resolved. The Association in a letter a few questions, only if they're related.

For some types of official letters can not answer, for example, to invitations or information. But there are types of letters, basically, from government agencies, which set the terms of response message.

The form of an official letter

The management letter is written on letterhead of the organization, specially designed for this type of correspondence. And in the state. structures their shape develops and maintains a special service, and in private and small companies, the clerk and the Director.

Mandatory on the form of an official letter is supposed to specify the following details:

  • Company name (organization, company),
  • Department, where the management letter,
  • The position of acting person, his name,
  • The address of the recipient,
  • Date, outgoing number of the letter, but if this letter is a response, then the numbers and dates of those documents, on which I write the answer,
  • Title, written in one sentence. If short, the title is not required.

Stamped on the official letter mark on execution, resolution, signature of the guide are also details of the letter.

Details of "outgoing and incoming number of the document" are recorded in the logs of outgoing and incoming correspondence.

As a rule, blank management letter is a A4 sheet and include details in the top corner. In the middle of the Blanca details have rarely, basically, this form is used by state institutions. For letters with a small amount of text (not exceeding 8 lines) allowed format A5.

The structure of the management letter, its content and the necessary information

The main condition, which is strictly adhered to in the conduct of all business writing is conciseness. Before writing the letter should consider its content in the most understandable and simple way to present the subject matter. According to accepted norms, the management letter should not take more than one size of sheet. Title do not write short letters, which size to 7 lines.

The management letter is divided into two parts – opening and closing. In the introduction discloses the subject of the letter, reasons, induced him to make, excerpts from the documents. In the final part of the specified actions, to make the addressee read: to satisfy the request, to accept the invitation, to consider the proposal, to fulfill guarantee, to draw conclusions, to fulfill the requirement. There are such situations, the letter consists only of the conclusion and there is no any explanation.

To simplify the work with a large number of emails with the same content to create letter templates, in which empty fields are filled with your specific data.

How to make official letter

Making the management letter, pay attention to the following points:

  • It should be written on company letterhead;
  • The form should contain all details of the organization;

Ready to send your letter must contain all the mandatory details: date, reference number, recipient, title, the actual text, an indication of the applications, if any, need signatures, в отдельных случаях – печать. В число реквизитов служебного письма также входят пометки о согласовании и резолюция.

  • В организации, куда было направлено письмо, after his performance on it a mark about it and mark the direction to the archive;
  • Made right, the letter shall be signed by the;
  • All information, provided in the letter, must be reliable;
  • The management letter prepared in two copies, one of which is sent, and the other remains in the organization;

Script issue, исходя из изложенной в нем информации – письмо-запрос, письмо-напоминание и т.д.

Шаблон служебного письма

Составлять служебное письмо можно по такому шаблону:

  • Center Blanca include details of the organization;
  • Details of the addressee is placed on the right side at the top;
  • Center Blanca appeal to the addressee, при этом используется оборот «Уважаемый» или «Уважаемая»;
  • Изложение причин, побудивших написать письмо;
  • Изложение фактов, событий, предложений и т.д.;
  • Предложения, outbound from the previous point;
  • Signature and initials of the signatory.

The text of the management letter should be brief, clear, contain true facts.

How to write official letter

  • Первым делом следует конкретизировать цель, с которой будет написано письмо;
  • Обозначить вид письма;
  • Излагать свои мысли кратко и понятно;
  • Четко определить действия, которых вы ожидаете в качестве исполнения письма;

Также следует указать адресату, какая срочность у вашего письма. Если оно срочное, it is better to send it by registered mail or electronically.

Sample business letters

Name, address, Bank details of the organization of the sender


Director of Khlebozavod №5

Ivanov, P. T.

Date of the letter

The reference to a preceding document

About visiting the bakery (the title of the letter)

Dear Peter T.!

According to our agreement we confirm our visit to the younger students (3-And, 3-B, 4 class) bakery 25 Mar 2016 year 13.00 to 15.00.

The request to allocate specialist, which held members a tour of the bakery. Количество учеников 35 people.

Приложение: Список учеников на 1 листе в 1 экземпляре.


Директор школы Подпись Н.П. Крутая

образец служебного письма


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