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How to write a business letter

How to write a business letter

In any organization, there is this kind of activity, as business correspondence. It is the basis of writing a different kind official letters: letters of invitation, cover letters, letters requests, letters notices etc. Special attention is given to writing such letters, as a commercial letter.

What is a commercial letter

Commercial letter is used, when invited to any agreement or transaction between the two organizations, issues, associated with turnover. Be divided this way can be divided into three subspecies:

  1. The letter of offer (or business proposal) – the meaning of the text of this letter is to offer the agreement. Although the letter-offer like advertising, because. it describes the firm and its products are manufactured, there is a significant nuance: it describes the terms of the contract, on the basis of what can be done deal.
  2. A letter of complaint (or claim) – directed side, not fulfilled or has violated obligations, the terms of the contract. The writing of such letters serves as a warning before filing a lawsuit by the injured party. It indicates the complete data of the organization, these persons, which sends a letter, reasons, which gave rise to a claim, of justice claims, of foreclosure in connection with a claim, date, signature of the head.
  3. A letter of acceptance (or contractual) – this email contains a direct call to make a deal. In the text of the letter of acceptance contains information, what products and under what conditions the company would like to purchase. Quite often a contractual letter is positioned as a cover letter to the agreement.

As with all types of business correspondence, the style of writing commercial letters should be brief, very clear, contain extremely accurate and reliable facts.

How to write a business letter

When writing sales letters should follow a few generally accepted norms:

  • The subject needs to interest the person, which it is addressed, and to cause in it interest to read the letter fully;
  • It is not necessary to dwell on the activities of the firm in its niche of marketing, it is better to provide specific information about our products and services;
  • When composing email, you should avoid the use of terms, that may be understandable only to specialists. The text should be as close to the perception of a wide audience;
  • You should also justify your suggestion, putting on the advantages of the products, distinguishing it from similar.

The design and structure of the letter

Blanca commercial e-mails does not exist, it is issued on a company letterhead or on a plain piece of A4. The recommended amount of text – one sheet. With a larger volume commercial e-mails there is a risk that, that the recipient of the letter may simply not read the message until the end.

So, an exemplary design of commercial letters might look like this:

  • The text is printed on letterhead, where are all your organization's data-addressor;
  • The name of the addressee organization, position and initials of the person, which is sent a letter;
  • An indication of the type of the message – the letter of acceptance, a letter of complaint or letter of offer;
  • Appeal-to-face preferably by name and patronymic;
  • Below are the contents of the letter, the style of writing which must conform to the style of writing business documents;
  • The signature of the sender, his name and initials.


LLC "textile"
(e-mail address, postcode and postal address,
Bank details)

Mironov And Yu..
The letter of offer

Dear Yuri Andreevich!

After reviewing Your proposals for joint work, we decided to adopt her, adhering to these conditions:
1. ______________________________
2. ______________________________
3. ______________________________
(an enumeration of the terms of the contract).
These conditions are the main, additional questions may be to discuss with a representative of Your organization.

I hope for cooperation, with respect
Director of "textile" Karpov I. T.
Date, signature

commercial letter


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