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How to make a letter

How to make a letter

A cover letter is the kind of business letter, which is attached to an outgoing document, trade offers, summary.

Making a cover letter is not a requirement of the office, but it is desirable for the sender, as it contains a number of necessary details:

  1. Date of departure, that, if necessary, prove, the documents were sent in time;
  2. the list of sent documents, that will allow us to trace the presence of the recipient;
  3. the recipient is required to register it, that allows you to monitor the deadlines.

To be safe about getting, the documents can be send by post by registered letter, what guarantees personal signature.

How to make a cover letter, sample preparation

  • Membership, which indicates the title of the letter, his goal, an appeal to the addressee;
  • A key part of, which contains a description of the main idea of the letter;
  • The end, where indicated the details of the sender – his position, Name, signature.

The cover letter has no binding form, but there are unspoken rules:

  • cover letter to the documents include a list of documents, which are sent;
  • the text of the letter to the resume should interest an employer;
  • the text of the letter to the commercial proposition to attract the attention of the buyer.

To make a cover letter on letterhead, which lists all the details of the organization or individual, and on a clean sheet.

How to make a cover letter stylistically, help tips:

  • The list of sent documents must be in the singular or in the text of the letter, in the;
  • The letter and accompanying paper sent to him in one way – either on paper, or in electronic form;
  • The name "cover letter" do not write, use the title "About.".

How to make a cover letter to the documents

The covering letter to documents – letter, which States sent the documents and measures, to be taken by the recipient in respect of those documents.

When making a cover letter to the documents adhere to the following structure:

  • In the header write the name of the addressee, the name of the company;
  • Then write the date, reference number and the title of the letter;
  • After this appeal to the addressee, using the word "send", "allocated", introducing", after which lists the titles of the documents, their numbers and dates;
  • Next point, what should be done in respect of the documents;
  • The letter may contain a request regarding the package of documents, for example, on their return, or the other;
  • Then follow mark on applications;
  • Conclude the cover letter name of sender, his office and signed.

A cover letter typically, issued on the letterhead of the company.

Sample cover letter

The post
The name of the company
Date Ref.N


Sent You _________________ documents (the title of the document, its number and date) with ______ (specified application). It is further specified manual, you need to do with these documents.


In a numbered list to indicate the names of the documents, the number of instances and total number of sheets.

The sender's position ________

Signature ________________

Initials, surname _______________

letter to documents

How to make cover letter for resume. Sample

In the cover letter to the summary of the sender presents information about its professional qualities, success, the best sides of your personality. All of this is intended to interest the employer.

For example, to make cover letter for resume can:

  • In the header of the document indicates the name, the position of personnel representative or Director of the company, company name.
  • This is followed by treatment: "Good day!", or "Hello!".
  • Further, it should be written, what position I would like to take the applicant, as it became known about it. You can also tap positive aspects of the company.
  • Then it should be mentioned, why have you chosen this firm, to describe the qualities in the profession and other useful knowledge.
  • Then to be commended for their attention to the letter.
  • In conclusion, I Express my respect, indicate the name, communication method.

Sample of writing a cover letter for resume

Hello, dear(th) _____________ (the reference by name or by name and patronymic)!

On the website (to specify the source of information about jobs) I learned, that free vacancy _______.

Taking into account the presented conditions to the candidate, I made, that can work in this position at Your firm, taking into account, what experience in this field I have.

Wages, I expect, _________.

Details about my professional accomplishments included in the summary. I'd be happy to meet in person to tell about the experience. You can contact me _______ (specify contacts).

Thank you for the attention and dedicated time.

With respect, (surname, name, first name and patronymic).

sample cover letter for resume

How to make cover letter for sales proposal

In the cover letter to the trading proposal in condensed form to present the invitation to cooperation. It consists of, if the trade offer has a large amount of.

  • Start writing letters of appeal to the representative of the company.
  • Then describe the firm, her offer, what will be a mutually beneficial collaboration, contacts.
  • Make writing a letter an expression of respect and indication of the origin of the sender.

Sample cover letter for commercial proposal

Good day, dear(-th) ___________ name, middle name!

Glad to welcome You firm (the name of the company), next narrated about the kind of activities firms. Send for Your consideration the terms of our partnership.

Our offer:

  • An enumeration of the main characteristics of the proposal.
  • Applications are (listing subdocuments).
  • We will be glad to answer questions on (point contacts).

With respect,
The sender's position
Surname, name

covering letter for commercial proposal

To make cover letter for sales proposal preferably on the letterhead of the company.

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