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How to write a cover letter

How to write a cover letter

What is a cover letter for resume is the chance of the applicant to interest the employer, to attract his attention to your resume. Writing such letters is widely practiced in Western companies, as well as in domestic, having adopted the Western tradition. With great seriousness to relate to manner of writing cover letters, which is sent to a foreign organization with a worldwide reputation.

Cover letter to the employer with a profitable summary will demonstrate your candidacy for a prospective vacancy, as it deployed more interesting and provides information about his personality, qualification achievements and qualities.

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The text of the cover letter to the CV is written in freestyle form, only issued by the rules, accepted for business records, ie. compliance with all of the details: it is obligatory to specify the date, title, name, signature, the address of the recipient.

When sending a resume in printed form, cover letter be on a separate sheet. In the case of a transfer of securities in electronic format, the text of the cover letter write in the message, a summary I send in attach file.

Penetrating the essence of that, how to write a cover letter for resume, the opportunity to become visible among other applicants and to show their respect and interest to the tenant.

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Template writing a cover letter to the summary consists of the following parts:

  1. Chapeau, in which you greet the employer or HR person;
  2. The main part, in which you write about your skills, knowledge, as well, what benefits you can bring to the organization for the proposed positions. In this part you can also specify the approximate amount of earnings, to which you are applying;
  3. The final part, which is to be commended for taking the time to read your documents, to refer to the more complete information in the summary. A prerequisite is the existence of contacts, which we can contact you, it can be phone numbers or email address.

What to write in a cover letter for resume, structure:

  • To start a letter with greetings, for example, "Good day!"or "Hello!";
  • Next, write the reference to a specific person, use full name or name and patronymic. If accurate information, to whom is addressed letter, the use of General circulation, such as "the Lord" or do without them;
  • After that, go to, whence it became known about a vacancy, about the firm, it is also useful to mention the positive aspects of the organization;
  • You also need to write about, why the choice fell on this organization, and why do you want it to occupy this position. In this part of the letter is to tell you about their additional knowledge and skills, experience, and to make it clear, you have a commitment to professional growth and professional development, as well as the desire for productive work for the benefit of the company;
  • An important point, which should be considered when drafting a cover letter is not to repeat the text of the summary;
  • Matters, and how will the finished letter: in the final part of a good form to Express our gratitude for reading the letter and to Express hope for cooperation;
  • Make the letter an expression of respect and an indication of their name, as well as a phone number or email address.

Making a cover letter, remember, what information should be presented in summary form, without excessive florid verbal turns, and also pay attention to literacy.

Examples of cover letters

Before, how to write a cover letter with your resume to the employer – you need to decide its form: serve it in short and expanded form.

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Example of writing a brief cover letter to CV


Send your CV for the vacant position of HR specialist, on which was placed information on the website rabota.com. If You will be interested in my data, will provide more detailed information. I would be grateful, if You will note on my resume.

With best wishes, Albina Kuznetsova.
Phone: (485)8787878


Dear Inna Ivanovna!

Please note the attention my resume for a vacant position of branch administrator.

I would appreciate an invitation for an interview.

With respect, Derevyanko Nicholas!
Phone: 8-456-323-33-33


Good day, Elena!

To this letter the attached file, which contains my resume for the vacant post of a hotel Manager. Information obtained from the site rabota.com.

I would be grateful for your attention to my summary.

With respect, Korableva Angelica.

El. mail: mail @mail.ru.
Phone: 8-456-323-33-33

Deployed examples of cover letters for resumes

Good day, Ekaterina Andreevna!

Reviewing the information on the website of your organization, I learned, you need specialists for legal consultations.

In view of this present its candidacy for this position, which involves impeccable knowledge in the field of jurisprudence.

I think, my skills and expertise in this field will be useful both as a legal Advisor, and as head of legal Department.

Thank you for the attention,

With respect, Evgenia Konovalova.
Phone: 345-67-89

Sample cover letter for resume when changing activities


When I read "labor Market" Your ad is about finding the employee to the position of an economist, I decided to send You my resume.

Quickly settle into the new position I will help my previous experience, he said persistence in achieving goals, the ability to control and resolve various issues, careful attention to the intricacies of the workflow, specialized education. The desire to work in your organization, occupying a leading position in the market, will be an additional incentive for development in new posts.

Please pay attention to my resume, which presents more details about my experience, professional achievements. Appreciate your time, given read summary.

Call me by phone: 345-76-09

With respect, Perov Alice.

Letter to CV, if no experience

There are cases, when free vacancy apply people, not having experience, ie. just graduated from school and therefore experiencing difficulties in drafting cover letters. Nothing complicated, in this case, a written brief covering letter with an indication of the level of education.

Here is a sample text of the cover letter of the applicant, not having experience:

Good day, Anastasia Pavlovna!

On the exchange of vacancies, I learned, what you need nurses. I have an honours degree in this specialty, propose to consider my data on this place.

Grateful for the attention!

With respect, Olga Karpenko.
Phone number: 56-67-34

A cover letter without a job

How to write a cover letter for resume, if a vacancy in the organization was not declared, and man strives to get a job in it? In this case, the submitter of the summary should be as fully as possible to present their professional skills, to declare a desire to interview and personal meeting, and to arouse the interest of the employer their superiority to possible competitors.


Bochkin Yuri, bodies. 777-98-99

Firm "Akvafish"

Verhoturova Maria Platonovna

from 12.03.2016 g.


I, Bochkin Yuri, technologist food production, I have experience in this field 15 years. He held the post of chief technologist at different companies in the region. I have created and successfully implemented into production the unique recipe canned. Also with my help, established business relations with foreign partners.

Your company has attracted me with its innovation, and I want to apply my knowledge and experience, working with you.

Attached to the letter, summary and its development, thank you for your attention, hope to work together.

With respect, Bochkin Yuri.

When composing any cover letter it is important to remember, what is the key to success is to evoke a positive reaction of the recipient.

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