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How to write a letter

How to write a letter

Often situations, when one person is required to authorize another to do something: to, send, to solve, etc. due to the fact, he may not be in the right place. In this case, comes to the aid of a letter, or a power of attorney. It allows you to address issues of financial, legal and other plan.

Trust is the essence of writing is to allow another person to make decisions in situations, when your presence is impossible.

How to write a letter

As a rule, when compiling a confidential letter involves three parties:

  1. The copyright holder,
  2. A legal or natural person, which from the right holder any relationship of any plan,
  3. realtor.

The letter is addressed to the other party and include information on, what authority is vested in the mediator, to act on your behalf.

A document of this plan can serve as a good enough argument in legal disputes, therefore, its drafting should be taken seriously:

  1. first, it is better to type the printed text, instead of writing by hand, because. it can be read without effort;
  2. second, the text of the confidential letter should be well planned, without unnecessary phrases and ambiguities.

In organizations, where the common practice of eating a letter, they are printed on letterhead or use specially established forms power of attorney form.

In the text of the confidential letter should be the following information:

  • Right, which are assigned to the intermediary, should be clearly spelled out;
  • The beginning and the end of the term of office, vested in the mediator. If it is not possible to specify the exact date, then write, for what period of time is really a letter.
  • You can specify, for some reason, was drawn up a letter;
  • In a confidential letter you can also mention about the limitations of the powers of attorney.

The signing of a confidential letter it is better to make in the presence of a witness or a notary, and they are in the document does not mention.

To prevent unforeseen situations, it is better to make a copy of the confidential letter for yourself.

Confidential letter to receive the cargo

In a confidential letter, made for the receipt of the goods, it must include the following information:

  • Date and place of registration confidential letter;
  • The full name of the copyright owner – for legal, and for individuals;
  • Then determined the representative of the organization, which makes their actions under its Charter;
  • After the phrase "who trust this letter authorizes" specify the surname and initials of the mediator, as well as the data of his passport – during the procedure of receipt of the goods a document, which was issued a letter;
  • Then write "to .... (specified, where the intermediary is able to receive the goods) goods, coming to the name (the name of the legal entity or physical person) with the right signing receipt".
  • At the end of the letter puts his signature head of the organization and affixed the seal of the organization.

Download: Confidential letter for shipment

Download: Confidential letter form CM-1

Sample confidential letter

confidential letter to receive the cargo

If you write a power of attorney from the organization, to assure it never need! Enough of the signature of Director and seal of the organization. To avoid problems please be forms of powers of attorney. For powers of attorney on receiving TMTS (inventory value) there are two forms form № M-2 and form № M-2A. The issuance of warrants shall be subject to registration in the magazine of registration and accounting of the issued powers of attorney. The easiest way to fill them automatically with the help of accounting software (1With or SBIS++). When filling do not leave the column empty

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